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Castel Sant Angelo in Rome

The Castle of the Holy Angel or the mausoleum of Hadrian (Italian name Castel SantAngelo) is located in the eponymous Adrian park of new Rome, just behind the Eliev Bridge over the Tiber River. The castle can be easily reached on foot from the center of old Rome, from the Vatican city Hiking path is just 10 minutes and Trastevere district, generally five minutes.

Castle of the Holy Angel in Rome

Castle Sant Angelo is a monument of history and architecture of the Ancient Rome period. Not a single guide to Rome will bypass this lock and put it on one of the first places on the recommendations to visit.

Over its long history the Castel Sant'angelo was used as a fortress, papal residence, mausoleum, vault, and even as a prison. Currently, however, the former mausoleum of Hadrian is open to everyone and is a Museum depicting the history of the castle. And the terrace of the last floor offers a beautiful panoramic view of Rome and the Tiber river with its famous bridges.

Sant Angelo Castle in Rome

The castle building is a high cylindrical structure of the red earthy color. Originally the castle Sant Angelo was built by order of Roman Emperor Hadrian, as a mausoleum, as well as the tombs of other emperors, the last of which was buried Caracalla (217 year). The original structure was conceived as a fortress, which was to become the tallest building of Rome, that was, of course, is no longer the case.

Later the fortress was captured by barbarians and completely ruined. Those residues that were still suitable, subsequently taken over the Vatican. Inside and outside was a large-scale reconstruction, the room with the urns of Hadrian and his descendants turned into the luxurious papal apartments, and at lower levels was one of the toughest prisons in Rome. Perhaps this is why the castle is also called the Sad castle. In this period the fortress became a castle. In those years the castle of Sant ' Angelo taught the Romans the whole of the boundless power of the Holy see and was an integral part of papal authority.

Hadrian's Mausoleum in Rome

His interesting and affectionate name Castel Sant'angelo, the fortress received in 590. During plague epidemics and total extinction of the inhabitants of Rome. Pope Gregory the Great saw on the roof of the castle of the Archangel Michael, putting the sword back in the sheath. This vision is explained to the Pope as a sign, signifying the end of the raging disaster. It was after this fortress was called Castel Sant'angelo.

Entrance to the castle is free, but a paid, the ticket costs around 10-12 Euro per person. To be honest, for such attractions, it is expensive, especially as entrance to several museums on the castle grounds is also paid. The only thing that makes an impression in the mausoleum of Hadrian to Rome from the landing and a beautiful sculpture on the top of the castle. However, the price is bent due to the fact that today the Castel Sant Andila is one of the most visited architectural monuments, not just in Rome but throughout Italy.

Sad castle in rome

Something to tell you about the castle?

On its territory there are several levels connected by staircases and passages. The passage from floor to floor of the castle sometimes is a narrow stairs going up, or a small stone arch.

the interior of the castle of the Holy Angel in Rome

Sant Angelo Castle in Rome

in the castle of Saint Angel, Rome, Italy

Castel SantAngelo

Walking around the castle as if you go in a circle, lifting up while moving from floor to floor which is the observation deck with the exhibition exhibits, and museums. In the museums we visited because the entrance is for a fee, it is not expensive, but looking inside we immediately see a small room with several exhibition copies. So we decided it is not worth the money.

On one of the open areas of the castle you will find a military history Museum. It exhibits defensive guns, of the core.

Military History Museum in the Castle of Sant'Angelo, Rome, Italy

view of the cannonballs from the upper platform of the castle of Sant'Angelo

There is a small cafe with panoramic views of the city

cafe in the castle of Saint Angel, Rome, Italy

Walking around the grounds of the Castel Sant'angelo can be seen standing here and there are statues and monuments

sculptures in the castle of the Holy Angel, Rome, Italy

architecture of the castle of Sant'Angelo in Rome

That's basically all the fun. Then climb to the upper platform of the castle Sant'angelo.

climb to the top platform of the castle of Saint Angel in Rome

Castle of the Holy Angel

And here the most interesting that can boast a castle: panoramic views of Rome, the Tiber river and the famous Roman bridges. On the bridges of Rome, we will tell in the following article, read and see pictures here.

Rome panorama from the top of the castle of Saint Angel in Rome

Rome from the observation deck of the castle of Sant'Angelo

View of Rome and the Tiber River, Italy

view of the fabulous bridges of Rome from the castle of St. Angel

In this photo, the big white building on the left is the Palace of the Vittoriano on Piazza Venezia, near Rome's Termini train station. So all in the centre of Rome, close, easy to walk around all the sights of the city.

white large building on the left - Palazzo Vittoriano

The area near the castle Sant Angelo

square near the castle of Sant'Angelo, Rome, Italy

Another beautiful exhibit of the castle is the statue of the angel at the top of the mausoleum. Initially, the statue was a stone angel with iron wings, but in 1753 it was replaced by a bronze sculpture because the stone angel was badly damaged by a lightning strike.

In front of the statue of the angel and strive to be photographed tourists

statue of angel on top of the castle of St. Angel in Rome

This new statue really makes a lasting impression, it's like she's floating in the air hanging over you. And it seems that the angel removes the sheath, lacking a sword to protect and restore fear. The feeling is due to the fact that the eyes of the angel turned to the weapon, not from him.

statue of an angel on the top of the castle of Sant'Angelo, Rome, Italy

In the dark castle of Sant Angelo and its bridge near the castle over the Tiber river are lit with warm lights.

Sant'Angelo Castle at night, Rome, Italy

Park of Hadrian in Rome

As we mentioned above, the castle is the mausoleum of Hadrian is located in the same Park in the evening. The Park around the castle and is a beautiful green gardens with lawns and tall trees almost entirely composed of the crown.

The Park entrance is open and free, you just need to go to the castle and down the stairs.

Descent to the Adriana Park, Rome, Italy

In these gardens the locals relax and sunbathe on the lawns, walk with the kids and just having a little chat, and tourists and then photographed.

A view of the green gardens of Hadrian from the Castel Sant'angelo

Adriana Park in Rome

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