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Most beautiful and famous Bridges of Rome - the Holy Angel and Victor Emmanuel II

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This article will discuss two of the most famous and beautiful bridges of Rome, over the Tiber river:

1. Ponte Sant'angelo, also called Aliev Bridge

2. Bridge Victor Emmanuele II

and on the river Tiber.

These two bridges connect the right and left banks of the Tiber river, as well as New and Ancient Rome. Do in Rome over the river Tiber, very many bridges, the bridges are literally every 100-300 meters and they are all equally good, represent the historical and architectural value and each of the bridges are beautiful in their own way.

Ponte Sant'angelo or Aliev bridge in Rome

The Sant'angelo bridge/ponte Sant Angelo or bridge Aliev, this is one of the oldest pedestrian bridges in Rome over the river Tiber, built in 134-139 years of the Emperor Hadrian. Initially the bridge was called the bridge of Hadrian, as it was in the immediate vicinity of the mausoleum of Hadrian. Currently, the mausoleum is the official name of Sant'angelo castle, in this connection, and the bridge near it is called Porta Sant'angelo. The bridge length of 135 meters, from the outside it is a marble.

Originally the bridge was not sculpture. But in the sixteenth century there was formed the custom to hang on the bridge the bodies of executed criminals. It was then on the bridge there are statues of the apostles Peter and Paul. Later the statues of the two apostles already installed with the filing of Bernini added another ten statues of angels. Two of these original statues are kept in the Church of Sant'andrea delle Fratte. For this reason, the bridge is popularly known as the bridge of Angels.

This bridge is considered the most beautiful and principal bridge of Rome, like a magnet, attracting hundreds of tourists. In addition, the Ponte Sant'angelo is a famous and one of the most visited attractions of Rome, a favorite place for wedding photo shoots.

Ponte Sant'angelo leads directly to the main entrance to the Castel Sant'angelo. About the Castel Sant Angelo we described in the previous article, read here.

On a bridge very like to be photographed by tourists. He is depicted on many postcards and posters of Rome.

The bridge from the Castel Sant'angelo to see people in suits guard the castle and the bridge, and just entertainers entertaining honest people hoping for generous handouts. The outfits of these people is beautiful and attracts attention, just walked away, not paying attention to them is almost impossible.

The bridge of Vittorio Emanuele II in Rome

Bridge of Victor Emmanuel or Emmanuel and Emanuele second/ponte Vittorio Emanuele II is very near the bridge of Angels, just a few steps away from it, downstream. So over time it is possible to see at once two of the most famous and beautiful bridge of Rome.

The bridge of the Victor is of course also famous, but not as much as the bridge of the Holy angel, but that doesn't make it less beautiful, perhaps even the opposite, depends on how you look at it. It is also a pedestrian bridge over the Tiber river decorated with sculptures on both sides. The edges of the bridge there is a bronze statue depicting a Winged Victory with a military Arsenal, a broken chain and a wreath of flowers. On batteries the Central arch there is a marble sculptural group of allegorical figures, symbolizing freedom and unity. In addition, the bridge is richly decorated with relief detail and anthropomorphic images.

The bridge Vittorio Emmanuel II, named after the first king of Italy. At the present time is a historical monument and a masterpiece of architectural creativity. It connects the historic city center with the Vatican. The bridge designed by the architect Ennio De Rossi and opened in 1911 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the reunification of the country.

Emanuele the second bridge is a very massive trekaroo design with four columns. Its length is 108 meters, width - 20 meters.

On the bridge of Victor Emmanuel 2 less people, so it is comfortable to walk on it. On the bridge, and next to it are also doing Bridal and formal photo shoot. And the tourists do not mind a couple of pics))

Both bridges offer beautiful views of the Tiber river, on which walking walking water buses and ride in a canoe. The water in the river course muddy and quite dirty.

Tiber river/Tiberis it is the third longest among the rivers of Italy. First, the river was called the Albula/ Albula, but according to legend, the legendary king Tiberin Silvius, ninth in the list of the kings of Alba Longa, was drowned in the Albula river and then the river was immediately renamed in his honor and since then bears the name of Tiber.

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