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Beaches of Taormina, Sicily

Taormina is a small tourist town located on the Eastern coast of Sicily, the coast of which is washed by the Ionian sea.

In addition to the amazing beauty of the streets and major attractions in Taormina also has marvelous beaches, the main feature of which is their beauty and stunning landscapes.

The height of the tourist season falls on the summer months, at this time of year on the beaches crowded. Traditionally, the number of people begins to subside in September.

The sandy beaches of Taormina

Sandy beaches in Taormina no, all beaches of Taormina and the nearby communes, mainly gravel, in some parts of pebbles mixed with coarse sand.

However, in the area of Taormina, in the small resort towns have bulk sand beaches, the most visited of which is the beach of Giardini Naxos (Giardini Naxos Beach), located in the homonymous resort, 5 kilometers from the centre of Taormina, down the coast towards Catania. The beach is quite long and wide. On the beach sand, has all the necessary beach infrastructure. This beach is very popular with tourists directly in Giardini Naxos, than decided to spend your vacation in Taormina, still a decent distance.

Giardini Naxos Beach, Sicily

The beaches of Taormina

Close to the centre of Taormina there are several pebble beaches. All beaches are well equipped beaches: wooden decking, sun loungers and parasols, several cafes and bars located directly on the beaches and in close proximity thereof. The cost of renting a sun lounger - 10 Euro/day. You can also bring your own umbrellas and towels, as do many vacationers.

On the beaches there are free sections and paid (Lido) well - equipped area coast. On these beaches you will be offered sun loungers and sunshades, toilets and showers, free Wi-Fi and even a soft drink.

To be precise, it is geographically in Taormina only one beach of Spisone, all the other beaches belong to nearby areas and cities. However, this is not so important, because at a walking distance from the centre of Taormina has some good beaches.

The beach of Isola Bella (Isola Bella) - the same beach nature reserve, located close to the beach.

The beach is small pebbles, mixed with stones of larger size and coarse sand. The entrance to the sea stony, at the bottom there are big boulders, you need to be careful. However, sea water is so clean and clear that all the shortcomings of the bottom are clearly visible. Depths in the Bay are almost there, so if you like to swim, this beach is hardly suitable.

Isola Bella Beach

Isola Bella Beach, Taormina

Isola Bella Beach, Taormina, Sicily

Isola Bella Beach, Sicily

Isola Bella

Isola Bella, Taormina

Isola Bella, Taormina, Sicily

Isola Bella Beach

Beach of Isola Bella, Taormina

View of the beach and the island of Isola Bella, Taormina

The descent to the beach from the street Via Nazionale

Descent to Isola Bella Beach from Via Nazionale

Descent to the beach of Isola Bella, Taormina

Isola Bella, perhaps the most popular beach in Taormina, in the high season it is always crowded.

Isola Bella in Taormina

The beach is small, has the form of two crescents, which is located between the homonymous natural reserve, which is a tiny island. To reach the island with a beach you can walk along the narrow sandy spit washed by the sea waters. Entrance to the island and paid is 4 Euro. Close to the beach, on the hillside, there is even the eponymous 3-star hotel Isola Bella, from whose Windows offer beautiful views of the Bay and the island after which the hotel got its name.

Nature Reserve - Isola Bella, Taormina Island

Isola Bella Island, Taormina

More developed left (Northern) part of the beach, it is also the longest right - quite small and not very popular, there is a rental water craft for entertainment.

The southern part of Isola Bella Beach, Taormina

The southern part of Isola Bella Beach, Taormina, Sicily

This piece of the shoreline, in our opinion, the most beautiful in Taormina.

View of Isola Bella, Sicily

The second beach is located near the center of the Taormina - Mazzaro, also known as Mazzarò or Mazzaro (Mazzaro Beach).

Located in the homonymous Bay, is the beach of Mazzaro is considered the best in Taormina. On both sides the beach is framed by steep cliffs, making the beach is also very picturesque.

Mazzaro Beach

Is the beach near Mazzaro beach of Isola Bella, a little further North along the coast. On the beach and nice smaller pebbles than on the beach of Isola, mixed with coarse sand. Also there is all necessary infrastructure and beach activities, there is a cafe. The water is clean and transparent.

Mazzaro Beach, Taormina

Mazzaro, Taormina


Mazzaro, Taormina

Mazzaro Beach, Taormina

Mazzaro Beach, Taormina, Sicily

Mazzaro Beach

Mazzaro Beach, Sicily

Directly at the beach (first line) are some excellent hotels and apartments, for example, apartments with views of the sea of Mazzarò Suite and Il Delfino located 200 metres from the beach.

Apartments near the beach of Mazzaro, Sicily

Hotels near Mazzaro Beach, Sicily

How to get to the beaches

This topic is very relevant as Taormina situated on the slopes of mount Tauro, the accesses to the beaches of the town centre are carried out on the slope. You can walk down on equipped roads, where the sloping pavement combined with steps.

The road to the beaches, Taormina

Or hop on the cable car - the cable car Taormina-Massari. The upper cable car station is located near the bus station at Via Luigi Pirandello, 22, 98039 Taormina ME, Italy. The cost of the cable car one way € 3; adult day ticket - € 10,00; adult day ticket - € 30,00; adult monthly ticket is € 50,00.

Funicular of Taormina-Mazzari

Funicular in Taormina

The funicular takes you to the lower station, located opposite the beach of Mazzaro, in Via Nazionale (aka the waterfront), which can reach above two beaches of Taormina. In the street cafes and souvenir shops.

Via Nazionale street, it is the promenade, Taormina

The beaches near Taormina

If you follow along Via Nazionale up (North) from the beach of Mazzaro, just 7-10 minutes you will come to the long beach strip. Here, a single beach strip connected to several beaches: Spisone (Spisone), Mazao/or Mazzeo Mazzeo (Mazzeo) and Letojanni (Taormina).

Mazzeo and Letojanni is a small tourist towns, it is here, at its core, the tour operators offer the most vouchers.

If you follow from the lower funicular station, the Park Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay, there are stairs down to the beaches.

Parking for the Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay, Sicily

Descent to the sea behind the Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay, Sicily

Immediately after the descent, on the right side there is a small stretch of beach belonging to the hotel Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay.

Beach of Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay, Sicily

Beach Hotel Atlantis Bay, Sicily

Beach Hotel Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay

And if you go left you will come to the rest of long beach.

Path to Spizone Beach, Taormina

All the beaches of the area, visually represent a single long coastline, it is more narrow, then expanding and in some places interrupted by rocks. Distance from Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay to the coast of Letojanni, a little more than three miles, so this distance can be easily overcome on foot along the beach, seeing thus all the beaches of Taormina and the surrounding area.

On the pebble beaches, where the larger where smaller, and mixed with coarse sand. There are equipped areas and there are more wild and secluded beaches. In this place the sea is more open, and the sea water is cooler than in the bays near the centre of Taormina. But and beaches abound, you can find quite a secluded place. It is for this reason, these parts of the beaches so loved by holidaymakers. For us, these beaches were the best in Taormina for swimming, there is more calm, open sea, has a depth that allows you to fully enjoy the sea.

Spizone Beach, Taormina

Spizone Beach, Taormina, Sicily

Spisone, Taormina

Beaches near Taormina, Sicily

Beaches near Taormina

Beaches near Taormina

Beaches near Taormina, Sicily

Beaches of sicily


Sicily, Italy

Sicily beaches, Italy

East coast of sicily

That part of the coast that stretches South of Isola Bella, which is less suitable for a beach holiday and not equipped. Here are mostly wild pebbly coast. A small area equipped beach is close to the railway station (Taormina-Giardini), there are also several accommodation facilities. However, to stay in the area, tourists do not prefer, still far from the center of Taormina.

View of the south coast from the center of Taormina

Making conclusions about the beaches of Taormina can say the following: the main advantages of the beaches is that they all are washed by crystal clear waters of the Ionian sea and look very picturesque, just for the sake of the gorgeous view it is possible to arrive to Taormina.

Таормина, Сицилия

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