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Church of the Most Holy Savior in Palermo. Climbing the Dome and 360° panorama of Palermo

The Church of the Holy Savior, also called the Holy Redeemer/Savior (Chiesa del Santissimo Salvatore/Santissimo Salvatore) is a Baroque Catholic Church located in the heart of the historic part of Palermo, on the Central tourist street of Vittorio Emanuele, near the Royal Palace and the Cathedral of Palermo, at Via Vittorio Emanuele, 392, 90134 Palermo PA, Italy.

Basilica of the Holy Saviour was founded in the Norman period (1071) next to the Royal monastery of S. Basilio (vasylianok) as a place of worship for the nuns of the monastery. Throughout its rich history, the Church has undergone restoration, the Basilica was also restored and completed. All work on the improvement and restoration of the Church, of course, could not affect her present appearance, as a result Basil has absorbed the traits of different styles.

Besides its rich history and Central location, the Church of Santissimo Salvatore is also notable for its rich interior that has a sharp contrast with the appearance.

So, outside the Church is not so remarkable, however, is clearly evident.

Chiesa del Santissimo Salvatore, Палермо

The interior impresses with the singularity. Semi-circular room with rich decor, more like a concert than at a Church, entirely decorated with polychrome marble, stucco and frescoes. The main hall of the Church for a reason has such an unusual look, the fact that it is used as an auditorium, called the "ecclesiastical theatre". Despite this, the Church, and to this day has not lost its religious function.

Entry fee - 1.5 Euro.

Церковь Святейшего Спасителя в Палермо

Сантиссимо Сальваторе

Церковь Сантиссимо Сальваторе, Палермо

The second feature of the Church is that decorating the Church is elliptical dome you can climb.

To climb the dome can be the side entrance of the Church, the left side of the main entrance. The entrance fee is € 2.50. A spiral staircase will lead you to the dome, which offers 360-degree views over Palermo.

Вид на Палермо с купола церкви Сантиссимо Сальваторе

Вид на Палермо с купола церкви Святейшего Спасителя

Вид на с купола церкви Святейшего Спасителя, Палермо

Вид с купола церкви Сантиссимо Сальваторе, Палермо

Палермо, Сицилия

On the way up you can rest

Отдых под куполом церкви Сантиссимо Сальваторе, Палермо, Сицилия

Here we see the street of Vittorio Emanuele and the dome of the Cathedral of Palermo

Улица Витторио Эмануэле и купол Кафедрального собора Палермо

Вид на Палермо, Сицилия

And this view of part of the street Vittorio Emanuele, leading to the opposite side of the Cathedral, to the famous Pretoria fountain and the sea. As you can see, in Palermo's historic centre, all major sights, Church, promenade and port located near and walking distance from each other.


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