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Mondello, Sicily - beach resort near Palermo

Mondello - beach resort, which is the district of Palermo. The resort of Mondello is situated between two cliffs Gallo and Pellegrino, near the Sicilian capital, only 10 km from Palermo centre. Thanks to the convenient location, Mondello is a very popular place of recreation for residents of Palermo and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Once Mondello was a small fishing village, located in a swampy area. However, in the beginning of the 20th century nondescript village began to develop: marshland was drained, the territory of the town expanded. Later Mondello attracted the attention of the local bourgeoisie and aristocracy, so it began to build villas, and the town itself is richly green. King Ferdinand of Bourbon called newfound place "Paradise". In the end, born on the beach of Mondello. All this led to the fact that at the present time Mondello is one of the most developed, beautiful and popular resorts of Sicily.

What makes Mondello a much-coveted place to stay? First of all, it's clean, sandy coast, washed by the turquoise waters of the Tyrrhenian sea, developed infrastructure, vibrant and "living" historical centre as well as a serene atmosphere at the resort. Arriving at Mondello, you can fully enjoy a relaxed and spiritual rest, while breathing in the clean sea air. The day is primarily a beach pastime, but in the evening - the promenade along the beach and visit the historical centre, where is concentrated the bulk of attractions.

Mondello Beach

The homonymous beach of Mondello (Mondello beach) is a Bay, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches and the main resort of the province of Palermo.

The beach is completely sandy and quite long, its length is slightly more than a mile. All six kilometers of beach, covered with fine sand of light colour, very pleasant to the touch, and the color of sea water is impossible to look, here she is in a saturated turquoise color, exactly like from the movie about paradises.

The sea water is not only beautiful but also clean and clear, the sea flat, depth is gradual, but there not small and have the opportunity to swim. At the bottom of the sand, no holes and stones. That's only in the high holiday season on the beach is very crowded, what can be the garbage left by man. In any case, the beach is regularly cleaned and the sand dub.

On the beach there is all necessary infrastructure beach: rescue towers and medical facilities, showers and toilets, wooden floors and litter bins, the place for an active beach holiday, there are water sports, loungers and parasols, a cafe located directly on the sandy beach strip. Sounds perfect, right? However, there is in all this idyll and negative - a great part of the beach is taken by paid areas, which are protected by low fences. Entrance into such a comfort zone paid, at the entrance you will have to pay not only for the sun loungers and parasols, and for the entire range of services. Price category tickets are different from the Lido to Lido, in the photo examples:

For those who want free access to the beach, between the paid areas and selected sea a narrow strip of sand, which, even with small waves, or tide completely beneath the water.

It is also possible to accommodate in the narrow aisles between the paid areas

Or to stay in the area of small wooden booths. These "houses" are rented, mainly local residents of Palermo, which for the whole season store personal beach equipment: chairs, tables, sun umbrellas, sunscreen etc. Handy without having to carry all the Essentials of a house on the beach and home.

Free part of the beach - a small piece of the beach located in the northernmost part of the beach, the one that is closest to the historical center. Here is a café bar, showers, bins, toilets, children's play area, Bicycle water entertainment products, you can rent sun loungers and parasols.

That somehow looks the beach. Very beautiful, no doubt, but, unfortunately, for people with their beach towels not quite comfortable.

The Promenade Of Mondello

Along the beach runs the promenade - the promenade Viale Regina Elena, is a very popular place. The embankment is narrow and more like a normal sidewalk. On the waterfront places to stay, urns, there are a couple of cafes on the opposite side of the road.

Across the road in graceful row lined villas and apartments, some of them very interesting and colourful architecture, of special interest is the art Nouveau style. Here you can rent apartments and villas, is considered the first line.

Sights Of Mondello. The historic centre of Mondello

Mondello is a small resort area, so the attractions are not so much. However, those that are, can boast the historic and architectural values as well as their individuality and uniqueness, and some even very funny solutions of the creators.

Antico Stabilimento Balneare - a vivid example of art Nouveau. Building, the Villa, is a historical and architectural landmark of Palermo. Interesting and unique property, it is located right in the sea water, on stilts. The Villa itself and the embankment links the bridge with the front colonnade and the Villa now houses the restaurant "Alle Terrazze" with a view of the sea.

Of particular interest is the old part of Palermo, with its historic centre, located just behind the beach, on the North side. Here at sea coast, is a small square with Seating, where you can see one of the guard towers. Watchtower Mondello was built in the XV century as part of the coastal fortifications of the village.

Behind the tower is a small fishing port, which to this day leave their boats the fishermen. There are small yachts that can be rented.

In front of the port lies a small Central square - Piazza Mondello (Mondello piazza) in the center with a fountain "Sirenetta" (the little Mermaid), little mermaid have two tails, they are the same two feet. Around the fountain there are benches for rest, and around the square concentrated the abundance of cafes and restaurants, small shops and retail stores.

Near the square - elegant and low-key Church-parish Parrocchia San Girolamo "Nella Chiesa Maria SS. delle Grazie". The interior of the Church is very modest but also elegant. In the walls of the Church are service and married local residents.

What else is notable in the historical center of Mondello? Here you can see a few cute streets, in characteristic style.

Is, to move from the Church and Central square North, we can see the rocky coast and steep cliffs, this is the beginning of the natural reserve of Capo Gallo.

Another attraction of the surroundings Mondello is Monte Pellegrino (Monte Pellegrino), located East from the city center. The mountain offers spectacular views of the Gulf of Mondello, here is Addaura cave (Grotte Dell of Addaura).

In the centre of the city, in its historical part, there are several notable churches. One of which is located under the open sky, and the second is quite impressive for such a small resort is a Catholic Church Parish Sessanta Maria (Parrocchia Maria Ss.Assunta).

City, streets and shops in Mondello

The city streets are narrow, both sides of which are mainly located in villas and low houses, buried in verdure. Generally Mondello is a very green city, there are an abundance of trees and flowering shrubs.

Outside the historical centre there is a small children's amusement Park

Streets shops, bakeries, retail shops, food stores and supermarkets. Fairly large supermarkets Carrefour (Carrefour Market - Supermercato), Conad city supermarket discount Lidl, etc. Shopping malls Centro olimpo, Conca D'oro Città Nuova Mercato/Centro Commerciale.

Where to stay in Mondello

Locations in Mondello abound. Basically, it's an apartment, there are villas and hotels and Guesthouse, located on the first line, close to the beach, and more remotely from such. The town is small, it is easy to get around on foot, so whatever the means of accommodation and wherever you choose, in any case, all main touristic places are within walking distance.

All accommodation in Mondello, from budget to expensive and trendy, you can view and book here.

How to reach Mondello

To get to Mondello from airports faster, more convenient and more comfortable way is by taxi. To order a taxi/Shuttle service in advance, even from home. At any time of the day, at the airport, you will meet your driver with a sign, which will be written your name and surname. For taxi is enough to tell us your flight details.

Public buses from Palermo

To get to Mondello from anywhere in Palermo on regular city buses. Walking buses often leave every 10-15 minutes, and even more often, almost around the clock. The fare is 1.40 euros one way, takes about 30 minutes, tickets can be purchased at kiosks, the drivers are not selling tickets, although they say that you can buy from the driver, but when we went to buy a ticket from the driver it was not possible, so one time I had to be sneaky (and what to do on the bus we went). Stay in Palermo located at almost every turn, and each have signs indicating which buses stop there and where to follow.

Buses to Mondello stop at bus stops, located in Vle Regina Elena along the beach, which is very convenient and can go in any convenient place. Night bus No. 12.

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