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Vienna Gate Square, Buda Castle, Budapest (Becsikapu ter)

The Vienna Gate Square or the square in front of the Vienna Gate (Becsikapu ter) is a public space located on Castle Hill, in its northern part, and part of the Buda Castle District (Buda Castle).

The sights of the Vienna gate square

The building of the Hungarian national archives (Hungarian National Archives, Hungarian name Magyar Nemzeti Leveltar) whose history dates back to the middle ages.

Royal archive existed during the dynasty of Arpad, from the end of the 12th century and is constantly evolving. In 1874, when it created the national Royal archives of Hungary, was a plan to build independent archival buildings. Construction began in the fall of 1913 and lasted until 1920.

Exterior stone sculptures of the building were made by Ferenc Mikola. The rich interior decoration has been developed in accordance with the ideas of Klebelsberg. The Minister personally consulted with the artist Andor Dudedom on the subject of the painting.

Near the building of the Hungarian national archive, the center of the square, the Vienna gate, is the memorial fountain.

The fountain is notable historic buildings:

house No. 6, built about 1730, combining Baroque and a plaque on the facade. Statue of St. John Nepomuk is located in the alcove between the upper Windows;

- the facade of the house No. 7, built about 1807, decorated with bas-reliefs of philosophers and poets of antiquity. In the 1930-ies in family hosted Thomas Mann, who was invited by the then owner Baron Hatini;

the house at number 8 in the classical style with notable frescoes from the middle Ages Bay window on the corner (closed corner balcony). The yard is notable for the vineyard, which emerged from the ruins, approximately in the years 1945-1947, and is now a protected natural value.

On a photo the first of three buildings - the house №№ 8, 7 and 6

Gates of Vienna (Vienna Gate, the Hungarian name Becsi kapu).

In the middle ages, Vienna gate, also called the Sabbath of the gate, because the gate was held Saturday of the fair.

In the 19th century the gate was demolished and rebuilt in 1896. To mark the 250th anniversary of the liberation of Buda (1936) was completed on the current gate, which have more of a symbolic value and determine the northeastern boundary of the Buda castle.

Before the gates are installed automatic barriers designed to restrict the passage of vehicles, apart from buses, taxis and hotel guests with cars entering the territory of the former castle.

The views of the Vienna gate square

View of gate from outer side the Buda castle

At the gate you can climb. With gate, views of Vienna, a part of the district of Vizivaros (Vizivaros) and district Orszagot (Orszagut), located at the foot of the hill of Buda castle.

Outside the district of Buda castle, near the Vienna gate in the walled city, in the Park is a monument to the Royal pair Anjou Hedwig and Ulla Jagiello (Monument to Jogaila and Jadwiga, Hungarian name - Anjou Hedvig es Jagello Ulaszlo emlekműve).

The monument celebrates the historic ties between Poland, Lithuania and Hungary.

View of the building of the Hungarian national archive, the Vienna gate and the walls of the Park near the monument.

The internal structure near the Vienna gate and the Eastern side of the facade of the Hungarian national archives is a monument to the "repatriation Budavari" or angel statue (Angel Statue, Hungarian name Budavar visszavetelenek emlekműve), dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the liberation of Buda from Turkish rule.

Lutheran Church Budavar (Budavari evangelikus templom), built in 1895 and was the first Church of the Lutheran community in Bude.

The facade of the Church facing the center of the square and in the style of neo-Baroque. The main portal is framed by two Corinthian columns. Square, slim and tall tower of the Shrine rises above the façade.

From the Church in the centre of Buda castle district (to Matthias Church, Fisherman's Bastion, Royal Palace etc.) are two of the most vibrant streets of old Buda: Fortuna utca and Tancsics Mihaly utca.

On both sides of the streets with dense rows of historic buildings with colorful facades, in which there are cafes and restaurants as well as museums and hotels.

Where to stay near the Vienna gate square in the Buda castle district

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