Pest Broadway - Nagymezo street in Budapest (Nagymező utca)

Nagymező street (Nagymező utca) is a popular tourist destination of Budapest.

Street located in the territory of pest (East side of Danube river) and crosses Andrassy Avenue.

The length of the street is around 800 meters, it stretches from the streets of Kiraly (Kiraly) to the street Baiqi-Zhilinskoe (Bajcsy-Zsilinszky).

Along the street there are houses 19th and early 20th centuries.

Due to the large number of existing theatres, located along the unextended segment of the street, namely, from the intersection with Mosser (Mozsar) and to the intersection with Andrassy Avenue, the segment, with a length of only 120 meters, often called the "pest Broadway" ("Pest Broadway") or the "Budapest Broadway" and even street theatre.

This section of the street is not only the most beautiful and elegant part of the street Nagymezo, but also one of the most beautiful places in Budapest.

Along the "pest Broadway" is located:

- Budapest operetta theatre (Budapesti Operettszinhaz) with a special Playground called theatre named Imre Kalman (Kalman Imre Teátrum).

The building was built in 1894 by renowned Viennese architects Fellner and Helmer.

Subsequently the building was rebuilt together with the alteration of the internal layout to provide more space.

Before the First world war, the building was a cabaret Orpheum. In 1923 it was decided that the Budapest operetta should be your home.

Currently, the theater is a music theater, working in two directions - setting and implementation of the Hungarian classical operettas and modern musicals as well as several literary and historical musicals for young people.

The walls of the theatre are about 500 performances a year. Besides, in the building of the operetta organize various programs, dinners and other events.

In front of the main entrance to the theatre is a monument to Imre Kálmán, in which Hungarian composer and conductor is depicted sitting on a bench and gaze and ran towards the theater.

Address of the Budapest operetta theatre: street Nagymezo, 17.

The website of the Budapest operetta theatre: operett;

- the theatre "Thalia" (Thalia Szinhaz), founded in 1961, is located in front of the operetta theatre at the address: street Nagymezo, 22-24, at the beginning of the 20th century.

The website of the Thalia theatre: thalia;

- art gallery and house of Hungarian photographers - Mai Mano (Fotografusok Magyar Haza - Mai Mano Haz) in which to hold exhibitions.

The building was erected in 1894 by order of the photographer Mai Mano. In 1931 it was bought from the son of the photographer composer Sandor Rozsnyai and his wife Missy Rozsnyai. After the war, the building served various purposes, it was a school, exhibition hall and was used by the Hungarian automobile club in Budapest for 30 years.

Since 1996, the Hungarian Foundation of photography has acquired lease rights.

Today the estate May Mano is one of the most impressive buildings in Budapest. In the upper space of the building hosts art exhibitions, book launches and corporate social events.

Address Mai Mano: street Nagymezo, 20.

The website May Mano: maimano.

On a segment of street Nagymezo, stretching from the Andrassy Avenue to Cirali, is remarkable:

- the theater, Radnoti Miklos (Miklos Radnoti Szinhaz), founded in 1985 on the former site of the Literary theatre.

Near the theatre is a sculpture of the Hungarian poet Radnoti miklós.

Address of theatre: street Nagymezo, 11.

The website of the theatre: radnotiszinhaz;

- the Roman Catholic parish Church of St. Teresa of Avila (St. Teresa of Avila Parish Church / Budapesti Avilai Plebaniatemplom Terez Nagy Szent), which was constructed in honor of the Holy spirit began in 1801 on the basis of the wooden chapel. By 1809 the building became operational.

In 1811, Luring the Danube made a statue of St. Theresa on the facade of the Church. The interior was designed by Michael Pollack between 1824-1831 years. The tower was designed by Miklos Eblom (1871).

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