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Church of St. Lorenz, Nuremberg (Kirche St. Lorenz)

The Church of St. Lawrence or the Church of Lorenz (Kirche St. Lorenz / St. Lorenz), also known as the Lorenzkirche (Lorenzkirche) is one of the most impressive churches in Nuremberg, which is one of the three outstanding church buildings in the city.

The other two significant churches are the Church of the Virgin Mary or Frauenkirche (Frauenkirche) and the Church of St. Sebald or Sebalduskirche (Kirche St. Sebald / Sebalduskirche).

St. Lawrence Church is one of the first churches in Germany to become Lutheran (since 1529). Today the church belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria.

The construction of the church took place in the period, presumably between 1243 and 1315, on the site of a former Romanesque chapel dedicated to "St. Lawrence the Holy Sepulchre", which belonged to the parish church of the city of Fürth and was mentioned in documents of the first half of the 13th century.

From the point of view of urban planning, the Lorenz Church was and is an analogue of an older church - the Church of St. Sebald, located in the northern part of the old town.

Subsequently, the Church of St. Lawrence was expanded, and the choir of the late Gothic hall was also erected - between 1439 and 1477. The church acquired its modern appearance in the 15th century.

During the Second World War, the church was badly damaged, but was later restored.

Today, the Gothic Lorenzkirche is one of the most outstanding buildings in Nuremberg. It catches the eye against the background of other nearby buildings of the city and undoubtedly dominates the surrounding ensemble.

The richly structured western facade stands out in the exterior of the church.

The two tall towers of the bell tower of the church, framing the main portal, are directed to the heavens and stand out with bright diverse tips.

A stone rosette window (rose window), which has a diameter of nine meters and is called the "Star of St. Lawrence", as well as an openwork pediment with small perforations and a turret, determine the main Gothic appearance of the church.

The imperial coat of arms can also be seen on the facade.

The southern facade of the church

The northern facade of the church

The interior of the three-nave church impresses with its rigor and abundance of details. Powerful columns with arched ceilings complement the overall Gothic ensemble.

Famous Nuremberg artists and sculptors have contributed to the precious decoration of the Lorenz Church.

The walls of the church today contain important works of art, including altars, sculptures, choir, organs, stained glass windows, frescoes and bells.

Of particular note are two masterpieces of late Gothic sculpture related to the original decoration of the church:

- carved linden composition "Annunciation" or "English greeting" (Englische Gruß) by Feit Stoss, 1517-1518.

The Annunciation hangs on a metal chain in the center of the choir of the main altar. It depicts large colored and, to a large extent, gilded figures of the Virgin Mary and the Archangel Gabriel surrounded by several small angels. The whole work is surrounded by a wreath of 55 "golden" roses (372 × 320 cm in size). God the Father sits over the wreath. In the lower part there is a snake with a bitten apple in its mouth. Seven medallions show the seven joys of Mary;

- tabernacle "Sacrament House" / "Mysterious House" (Sakramentshaus), created by Adam Kraft in 1493-1496. The sandstone tabernacle has a height of almost 20 meters.

The remains of the Church of St. Lawrence after the bombing during the war.

Practical information

The entrance to the Church of St. Lawrence is free. Donations are welcome.

The church organizes tours of the church and "tower tours" - climbing the north tower and the lofts of the Lorenz Church (from May to October: Saturday 14:00, price: 5 euros for adults / 2 euros with a discount).

St. Lawrence Church is located in the historical center of Nuremberg, on the south side of the Pegnitz River, next to the Nassau House, on Lorenz Platz Square.

The address of the Church of St. Lawrence: Lorenzer Platz, 1. The main portal from the street Königstrasse (Königstraße).

St. Lawrence Church website: lorenzkirche.

All accommodation facilities in Nuremberg, including in the city center and near the Lorenzkirche, can be viewed and booked here

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