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Dürer House Museum in Nuremberg (Albrecht-Dürer-Haus)

Albrecht Dürer House-Museum (Albrecht-Dürer-Haus / Albrecht-Dürer-House) is a preserved half-timbered house in which the famous German artist Albrecht Dürer lived and worked.

Today the house houses the Albrecht Durer House Museum.

The house was built around 1420.

In 1501, the house was purchased by the merchant and prominent astronomer Bernhard Walter, who reconstructed the house, including adding small windows to the roof so that the house could function as an observatory. Thanks to Walter, the house acquired its current appearance.

After Walter's death in 1504, the house was bought in 1509 by the German painter, engraver and graphic artist of the Renaissance period - Albrecht Durer (1471-1528). Durer lived and worked in the house until his death in 1528.

In 1826, the city of Nuremberg acquired a house, and a museum room was equipped in it. Since 1871, the Albrecht Durer House has been a house-museum dedicated to the life and work of Durer.

During the Second World War, the Durer house suffered from Allied bombing. It was restored by 1949, but reopened as a full-fledged museum only in 1971 - in the year of the 500th anniversary of Durer.

Today this corner house has four full floors. The two lower floors are built of sandstone, the two upper ones are half-timbered. The half-palm roof has windows facing the street.

The rooms in the Albrecht Durer Museum reflect the history of the house. The rooms feature installations of antique furniture.

Durer's workshop has been recreated, where visitors can see demonstrations of engraving techniques, and alternating exhibitions of drawings and prints by Durer from the Nuremberg City Graphics Collection.

On the ground floor of the Durer house there is a historic kitchen with a large and still original oven, allowing you to get acquainted with the daily life of rich citizens in the early 16th century.

Opposite there are two living rooms, furnished in the style of the Durer era.

The permanent exhibition of the Durer Hall, opened in July 2012, presents the main paintings of Durer in high-quality copies from the city possessions, which represent a cross-section of the main paintings of Durer.

In the "Graphics Cabinet" on the 3rd floor of the house, works from the fund of the graphic collection of the museums of the city of Nuremberg are presented. This collection is rotating.

A special feature of the museum are tours where visitors can get a tour of the house from the actress playing Durer's wife - Agnes Durer.

Temporary exhibitions demonstrate the rich funds of the city's art collections, and the methods of historical printing on copper are explained in the workshop.

Practical information

The Durer House Museum is located at the northwestern edge of the historical center of Nuremberg, near the city walls and the Nuremberg Fortress (Kaiserburg Nürnberg).

The corner house-museum faces Albrecht-Durer-Strasse and Tiergärtnertorplatz square.

On the Tiergertnertorplatz square, next to the Durer House Museum, there is a bronze sculpture in the form of a large hare, by Jurgen Gertz - "Durer's Hare" / "Dürer-Hase Skulptur" (as a tribute to Durer).

Address of the Durer House-Museum: Albrecht-Dürer-Straße, 39.

Website of the Durer Museum: duererhaus.

Near the Durer House Museum, you can stay at the Dürer-Hotel of the same name with a garden, a bistro bar, free Wi-Fi throughout, parking, a fitness center, a sauna and a steam room.

The rooms are equipped with a minibar, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom.

A buffet breakfast is included in the room rate. Link to the hotel

All accommodation facilities in Nuremberg, including in the city center and near the Durer House Museum, can be viewed and booked here

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