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Hotel L'Officina di Apollo in Mondello - the best value for money!

Traveling to Sicily and looking into the small resort town of Mondello, we, to stay in the resort, chose hotel B&B L'officina di Apollo. The hotel we liked, the stay was quite pleased.

Therefore, in this article we decided to tell you about the hotel di Apollo.

B&B L'officina di Apollo - hotel "bed & Breakfast", located in the heart of one of the most famous and visited resorts in the province of Palermo - Mondello, a kilometer away from the sandy beach, walking distance to shops, fruit stalls and restaurants, as well as the natural reserve Gallo (Capo Gallo Reserve).

Direct link to the B&B L'officina di Apollo.

L'officina di Apollo is a small private hotel (guest house), where all head friendly host Saverio. Saverio greets its guests with a wide friendly smile with drinks and Sicilian sweets, is also always ready to help, answer any questions, to tell and to tell all that interested in his guests. Perhaps, Sam Saverio is the highlight, thanks to which the hotel is so cozy and so homey.

For reviews of tourists, the hotel has earned a rating of "Excellent" and 9.6. This assessment indicates that the guests were delighted. Estimation of tourists - one of the main criteria we use when choosing your which you saved, wherever you go.

Every morning in the lobby Saverio Breakfast is a small buffet. For Breakfast the hotel offers meals prepared by the hands of a caring owner. Breakfast is modest by international standards, however, the Sicilian is very good and hearty, all very tasty and fresh. For Breakfast: sandwiches, Sicilian sweets and cakes, croissants, cold (water, juices, milk) and hot (coffee, tea) drinks, local cheeses, fresh fruit, cereals, yogurt and jams. All that will be eaten for Breakfast, remained at the disposal of guests to the end of the day, if you want you can again eat.

This mini hotel is new so all rooms are fresh and, most importantly, light and not burdened with heavy furniture.

Throughout the hotel offers free Wi-Fi, the speed is decent. Also you will find free bikes.

The hotel has just few rooms in the house, on the ground floor. All of the rooms and the hotel itself is simple but stylish and tasteful, it is clear that the hand of the young designer. Throughout the hotel adheres to a single style, which is very subtle and pleasing. For ourselves, we called the hotel as: "a Simple, but stylish!".

In room a bed, a clothes rack, a flat-screen TV, Desk, chair, refrigerator, where upon arrival you will find two bottles of fresh drinking water, a kettle, sugar, tea bags. The mattresses are comfortable, linens fresh.

The private bathroom comes with a shower, a bidet and a Hairdryer free toiletries and towels.

The rooms are very clean, maid service with change of towels is done daily. The hotel itself is quiet and peaceful.

Is quite a spacious balcony, where a couple of chairs and clothes rack.

The view from the balcony. The mountainous terrain in the photo is already the reserve of Capo Gallo.

The hotel area is small, but green and well-groomed. As in the rooms themselves, on the areas clean and comfortable. Site consists of gardens and terraces where you can have Breakfast.

In our opinion this is a very good hotel in terms of price and quality.

Pluses of B&B L'officina di Apollo

- welcoming and helpful hosts;

- interesting design;

- clean and quiet. Daily cleaning and change of towels;

delicious fresh Breakfast;

- the bright rooms;

- appliances and plumbing are new, work without interruption;

- well-groomed territory.

Cons of the B&B L'officina di Apollo

And those not, except for some guests celebrate a certain distance from the beach. However, for us it's kind of a plus. First, the area is quiet and peaceful, the beach is more noisy and crowded, and secondly, Hiking does not harm anyone else, and the distance to the beach funny unhurried pace for about 15 minutes. Besides near the hotel there are many shops, fruit shops, there are bakeries and pastry shops. And thirdly, the hotel is located in the Northern part of Mondello, this means that the historic centre where the main life and concentrated the bulk of attractions to go closer than from the southern part of the resort.

To fit this hotel

Young active couples - that would be great!

PS If you, like us, liked the hotel to book a room here.

Naturally, B&B L'officina di Apollo hotels in Mondello are not over. Other accommodation in Mondello abound. Basically, it's an apartment, there are villas and hotels and Guesthouse, located on the first line, close to the beach, and more remotely from such. All accommodation in Mondello, from budget to expensive and trendy, you can view and book here.

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