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Beer has long been a landmark of the Czech Republic. When we hear the word Czech Republic, primarily in the head pop up such distinctive features as the Charles bridge, Prague Castle, the famous health resort of Karlovy vary and of course, BEER. Its beer has always been famous for the Czech Republic. Since the Union many of the Soviet people, the Czech Republic became a haven, a beer Paradise. And the taste of Czech beer still remember many of our mothers and grandmothers.

Is it really so? Let's see!

Really, beer in the Czech Republic the river flows. Almost every small town and every village brewed its beer. Brands, and even more Beers in the Czech Republic long enough to try them all for the Czech Republic will have more than one a month and get to travel around the country. Some Beers in the Czech Republic so unique that their recipe is a closely guarded secret passed down from father to son from generation to generation. The profession of a brewer in the Czech Republic is considered one of the most prestigious and esteemed, and Czech beer (Cesko pivo) - a protected and recognizable worldwide brand recognizable geographic (shapei zemеpisnе oznaсeni).

In the Czech Republic, especially in big tourist cities, all soaked in beer. Here is a reminder about beer will accompany you at every step.

In Prague, every year is the may beer festival, which presents a variety of Beers, definitely more than fifty, of which not only Czech, but also varieties from all over Europe. Details about the beer festival in Prague we spoke in a previous article, read and see photos here.

What makes Czech beer so famous?

Hundreds of brands and thousands of varieties? Not at all, although it contributes. The fact is that beer in the Czech Republic is a clean, high quality. In the Czech Republic there are even laws related to brewing. For example, to be called the Czech beer is only entitled to the drink that is thoroughly tested, controls of raw materials and the cooking process and also meets the standards in final, finished form.

Brands and Beers in the Czech Republic

As we have said, in the Czech Republic many beer brands, the most famous and the most common are Pilsner Urquell, Krusovice, Staropramen and Velkopopovicky Kozel. There are other brands, including those about which we had never heard of before, but they occur less frequently.

czech beer

The above brands of beer knows, perhaps each, they are sold in our stores, but the Czech beer may be considered only manufactured in the Czech Republic. Beer, which is produced under these brands in other countries, Czech is not. And the taste of this beer will be very different from Czech.

A little bit about the Beers in the Czech Republic

Mainly distributed in the Czech Republic lagers, called Lezak. But there are also other types like wheat or porter, but occur less frequently.

The Czechs spetsializiruyutsya on the lagers, because of it, the classic lager and the majority of the diversity of Czech beer. So the Czechs have reached the point that beer brewed with coffee flavor, fruits, berries, herbs and even beer chili. This beer is not to be confused with our cherry or Apple, we just beer cocktails in which beer is diluted soda, is added flavor syrups, the ice and fruit. In the Czech Republic as this is a real neat beer, originally brewed with the addition of various components.

light beer in the Czech Republic (Kruschovice)

The price of beer in the Czech Republic

All cities of Czech beer costs about the same, from 30 to 65 euros for a Cup with a volume of 0.5 liters, and from 25 to 40 euros for 0.3 liters. In most bars and restaurants in large cities the average price around 50 CZK.

And Yes, the beer in Czech is cheaper than coffee. Coffee in a cafe will cost an average of 65 SEK.

Our review of the beer in the Czech Republic

We are fans unfiltered little wheat. This already says it all. In a little wheat Czechs weak if it is short, it is in the Czech Republic alot, or you taste or smell. Therefore, our expectations of beer from the Czech Republic is not acquitted, we were disappointed. For a good wheat have to go to Bavaria.

Wheat beer in the Czech Republic:

unfiltered wheat beer in the Czech Republic

Light beer in the Czech Republic. It felt natural, but it was too watery, the density is not enough for him or something.

What is the Czech beer taste like?

We tried in the Czech Republic different brands and varieties of beer, ordered a tasting with different varieties: cherry, berry, nettle, coffee, banana and so on... something. Of course interesting and unusual, but what we, the beer flavors or herbs, it is not beer, but beer.

The only beer that the Czech Republic, we drank more or less happy, it is dark. Also some light was pretty decent and enjoyable.

beer in Prague/Czech Republic - dark and wheat

In conclusion, we in the Czech beer were disappointed. But the taste and color as they say... Try the legendary Czech beer, at least once, you should definitely everyone.

Beer tasting in the Czech Republic

Beers in the Czech Republic a lot and therefore, especially for tourists, many bars and restaurants offer a tasting menu of Beers. Beer tasting includes some of the most common Beers, often from 8 to 10, in small cups, with a volume of approximately 0.1 liters each. The purpose of this menu is the ability to try different Beers at a time.

We ordered the tasting, the cost is 150 CZK. The tasting consisted of beer: bright, classic, dark, wheat, cherry, coffee, banana, nettle and special (your recipe each brewery).

beer tasting in the Czech Republic/Prague

In the center of the beer circle nested here's a paper that tells what better beer to start.

beer tasting - a piece of paper hint

Light - a regular light beer.

Dark is the most delicious beer in the Czech Republic.

Wheat - that is to say, such a weak little wheat.

Cherry - distinct smell of cherries, the taste is weak distant hint of cherry, slightly remaining cherry finish interrupting the bitterness of the drink.

Coffee - the smell of beer, there is a light aroma of coffee. The taste is not like, beer and coffee do not mix.

Banana - a distinct, sickly sweet smell. The taste of the chewing gum turbo, the finish is bitter and unpleasant.

Nettle is the most tasteless beer. The bitterness intensifies, the taste does not improve.

Special - like light, with a hint of specificity and higher density.

Where and how to drink beer in the Czech Republic that while eating

Drinking beer in the Czech Republic has become a national culture, so drink it all and everywhere. They sell beer in all restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs. Squares of tents, in every shop and supermarket. Better to buy by the glass, draught.

The whole kitchen like the Czech Republic complements the beer. The national dish is primarily meat dishes as well as pickles, sauces and different marinades. Fatty meat, cabbage and sauerkraut stew, vegetables, pickled and salty... well, how not to overturn a glass or two of beer.

For a snack to the Czech beer is perfect: sausages, grilled cheese, burgers, crackers, pickles, pretzels and potatoes with sauces.

beer and snacks in the Czech Republic

beer and sausage in the Czech Republic/Prague

In the squares of the tents there is a lively trade knuckle and beer. Shank melts in your mouth. By the way, "street knuckle" and "restaurant" are very different, but both delicious. I advise you to try one and the other. Read more about street food in Prague read here.

rulka, Czech Republic

Czech Republic is the country with the highest beer consumption per capita in the world, more than 160 liters per person per year. Agree, not enough! However, to see a drunken, wobbly man on the street is rare. Of course this is due to the quality of the drink, but above all the culture of drinking. The Czechs do not sit in bars and not drinking alcohol, went, drank a pint, the second and all.

The culture of beer consumption in rich, classical understanding, is the selection of your favorite Beers and the correct temperature of the drink (beer can't be too warm or too cold to taste all of his notes and delicate taste can only be at an average temperature of 12 degrees). Next is a beautiful glass and slow sipping a beer without the intention of intoxication or thirst (this is water with lemon). All this is necessary to ensure that the perception of beer as part of a lifestyle, first of all, the pleasure of taste, and aesthetic.

In what city of the Czech Republic better to go for a beer

In what city of the Czech Republic to go for Beers you ask? Any! In any one you want! Beer is everywhere, in every café and restaurant of any Czech city.

The largest concentration of pubs in the large cities. Which is natural. The "beer" city of the Czech Republic is considered to be Prague. Pubs in the centre of Prague, located on every step.

beer in Prague restaurants

There are even some in which are beer taps located on the tables for customers

Czech Republic, beer bars

Spa treatments and beer cosmetics in the Czech Republic

All developed and modernizarea. The Czech Republic has reached the point that beer began not only to drink but also to use in cosmetics.

In the Czech Republic are Beer spas, the most popular destination which read beer baths and massages with the use of hops. They say that these procedures rejuvenate the skin, making it more tender and even help in the fight against skin diseases. Basically, all these procedures of marketing and is aimed at one goal, unusual relaxing treatment and solicits money from the client, no more, no miraculous effect they themselves do not carry.

Also in the Czech Republic on the basis of hops to produce a range of cosmetics, creams, shampoos, gels, serums, Soaps and other Stores with this kind of cosmetics is full in any tourist place of the country.

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