Street food in Prague: description, photos, prices

Street food in Prague is quite a common phenomenon and widespread. The largest concentration of street food can be found in the historic centre of the city, known as old town, at every step of the stalls, tents and small retail outlets with a variety of Prague food. Near tents equipped with tables and always crowded.

street food in Prague

food on the streets of Prague

snack in Prague

Street food in Prague is not so much a variety, many unique and nutritious, so she can not only eat, but to eat, thereby replacing a full lunch or dinner. Many tourists to save some money doing just that.

Start your story with the local Czech and, accordingly, the most popular street food in Prague

The basis of the Czech street food are: knuckle, sausages, dumplings and potatoes in different variations, trdlo, ice cream, drinks and, of course, beer.

Trdlo on the streets of Prague

Trdlo/Trdlo (also known as SMEDA), it is possible to meet in Prague on every corner. Still, it's the traditional Czech delicacy of the dough, sprinkle with sugar. Trdlo cook over an open fire in the grill, the dough is wound around a wooden skewer cylindrical shape (similar to a long rolling pin) several times, roll in sugar and fry over the coals, turning constantly, until the dough is browned.

trdlo in Prague

Sell trdlo on the streets of Prague in specialized booths (tents) - Trdelnik/Trdelnik. Not to be confused trdlo and trdelnik, trdlo is the very sweetness, and trdelnik, the place to prepare and sell trdlo. Also trdlo can be found in small cafes on the first floors of buildings. Most interesting to buy trdlo in trdelnik, here you can see the whole process of making sweets.

trdelnik in Prague


In view of trdlo round and hollow inside. Taste soft and sweet biscuits, delicious so that it is possible several times during the day. Throughout old town the smell of trdelnik comes just mind-boggling, you're kind of already ate, and pass by and not buy another is simply impossible.

classic trdlo

Classic trdlo with sugar, and served hot directly from the fire. In addition to the classic sugar in the Czech Republic do still trdlo with nuts, cinnamon, chocolate, whipped cream, fresh berries, ice cream and mixes.

The most delicious trdlo hot which classic. Ice cream and chocolate to melt, add in the cold trdlo, and the cold it loses its flavor and charm.

trdlo with chocolate

trdlo with ice cream and mixes in Prague

Buying classic trdlo see that you removed it from the fire, and not given already prepared.

The price of the classic trdlo 60 CZK (Czech crown) or 2,5 € (Euro); trdlo with chocolate - 70 CZK or 3 €; trdlo with whipped cream and fresh berries 110 CZK or 4.5 €, with ice cream and berries 120 CZK or 5 €. In the center of Prague, almost all the shops, cafes and restaurants to accept, both CZK and EUR. Cheaper to pay in Czech crowns. To exchange currency is the most profitable in exchange, but more on that in a separate article, read here.

At the eateries located on the first floors of buildings, in addition to trdlo often you can buy pastries as well as tea, coffee and cold drinks.

on the streets of old Prague

Knuckle on the streets of Prague

Boar knee, or in our spoken - just knuckle - pride of the Czech Republic. Cook the knuckle in the Czech Republic so, pork shank, a piece of pork soaked in beer and salted, then roasted on an open fire, constantly rotating.

To try boar knee not only in the restaurants of Prague, but also in the streets. Sell knuckle mostly in tents in the main squares of the old town. In street tents knuckle is called pork staroprazska.

Street knuckle is different from a restaurant. On the streets, on the open fire roasting of the enormous size of shank, you cut piece from a big foot, and you pay in fact the finished weight. Served with bread, mustard and ketchup, if desired. The restaurants bring a whole knee smaller sizes, usually from 1 300 to 1500 grams.

rulka in Prague

In addition to appearance and weight, street and restaurant knee, also differ. And it is very difficult to say which tastes better. On the street it is roasted on coals, and in restaurants often cooked on the grill. Classic knee, of course, grilled on the coals. Street knuckle taste salty and crisp and meat is tender. We liked the street knuckle. All this, of course, very individual, to make your own opinion, you need to try personally. We suggest you try the knuckle and on the street and in the restaurant, and then draw your own conclusions.

rulka on the streets of Prague

The cost of the shank in the streets of Prague 89 CZK per 100 grams. Payment on the fact of how much weight will tell you so and cut off. Two slices of bread, ketchup and mustard included.

The Czechs are very sensitive to one of its lavnyj dishes - knuckle. When ordering shank on the street we said bacon, the seller was so offended and even childishly replied, "That's not bacon, it's Knuckle")).

Czech knuckle we liked Bavarian.

Tip! On the streets of Prague and throughout the Czech Republic, take the knuckle where the knuckles from the already cut piece or knee deep-fried to such an extent that the fat has melted and skin vagaries. So you will not get fat.


Sausages, potatoes and dumplings on the streets of Prague

Sausages on the streets of Prague phenomenon, perhaps the most common, they sell not only in the tents of the old city center, but also at kiosks in the "new" Prague. In the same shops where there is a knuckle, will be sausages, potatoes and dumplings (dumplings), you can also find steaks.

prague street food

Sausages, Czech klobasa (klobasa), fried in large pans or elektrogrile and served in a bun on the type of hot dog, or just on a plate with bread, sauerkraut, ketchup and mustard.

On the streets of Prague there are sausages of different types, the most common are: Bavaria, Nuremberg, old-Prague, Vaclavske large and XXL size. All the sausage is quite fatty and high in calories, I to such food are not very good, so that the shank that the sausages we had enough serving for two. Cost helpings of sausage from 70 CZK.

sausages in Prague

Along with the sausage kiosks on the streets of Prague you can find burgers, fries and fizzy drinks. I would buy food at these stalls is not recommended, better to go in the centre of the old town and there in the squares not only taste sausage in a pleasant local tents, but also enjoy the Czech color.

sausages in the old town, Prague

Potatoes on the streets of Prague is also better to try in the shops where they sell all the same shank and sausages. We met the two types of potato, small boiled potatoes in sauce and with bacon and baked potatoes with bacon.

Dumplings or gnocchi, sold in large pans with the sauce, bacon and cheese. Dumplings are small in size, so similar in appearance to macaroni.

The cost of potatoes and dumplings from 50 CZK per 100 grams.

street food in Prague-potatoes and dumplings

street food in Prague's old town

Grilled cheese on the streets of Prague

Grilled cheese is also a common street Czech delicacy. Is a cheese in breadcrumbs fried in oil, served in a bun, optionally supplemented with mayonnaise or ketchup.

Well very nutritious dish! Fried cheese itself is fatty, but in addition he is also in a bun. It is worth the fun of approximately 60 CZK, you can find cheaper, for example for 45 CZK.

fried cheese in a bun, Prague, Czech Republic

Potato pancakes in Prague

Czech potato pancakes (patato pancake) on the taste of regular pancakes with herbs and spices, fried in oil. Although they are traditional Czech street food, we met them only in one place, at Hradcany square near Prague Castle.

potato pancakes-street food in Prague

Dish oil, served with sauerkraut. Price by weight, 25 CZK per 100 grams.

potato pancakes (draniki) in Prague

Beer and drinks on the streets of Prague

Beer in Prague is flowing. On the streets sell it all in the same tents or kiosks, or cafes, Yes indeed, everywhere. The price is 60 CZK per 0.5 liter. Pour in plastic cups.

In Prague restaurants, you can find quite a large variety and range of Beers, in the streets, the most common is the regular lager, krušovice often/Krusovice. Details about beer in Prague/Czech Republic read and see the photos here.

Other drinks are often found coffee/kava. Coffee in the Czech Republic tasty and strong, has a rich lasting fragrance. Is the coffee from 40 CZK, in the heart of the old town often 60 to 65 CZK.

coffee in Prague

In addition to coffee is found in various lemonade

lemonade and drinks in Prague

Ice cream in Prague

Ice cream on the streets of Prague common. Firms some ice cream, we liked the ice cream Gelatino. Cost of 30 CZK for one scoop, waffle cone or paper Cup to choose from.

ice cream in Prague

the most delicious ice cream in Prague

Other food on the streets of Prague

All of the above is the basis of the Prague street food. These dishes are often found on the streets of the Czech capital. However, in addition to the streets of Prague presents and other dishes, such as grilled vegetables, pizzas, pasties, kebabs, sandwiches, etc. it Should be noted all this demand, people are buying and line up, but we even did not try, decided, since we're in the Czech Republic, and there will be local cuisine, especially because it is in the Czech Republic so much that for the month will not try.

street food in Prague

pizza in Prague

food on the streets of Prague

fast food in Prague

Here's a street food in Prague. All of it is quite tasty, but high in calories and fat. Losing weight and adherents of proper nutrition can be hard to find something to eat, except in supermarkets to look.

That delicious to try in the cafes and restaurants of Prague, and the dishes of national Czech cuisine can be read here.

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