Czech cuisine. What to try in the Czech Republic

Going on vacation to Czech Republic you need to prepare not only comfortable shoes, but also to empty the stomach. Surely everyone knows that the Czech cuisine is tasty and hearty, but it was still and heavy. So it would be good not to forget a some remedy for heaviness in the stomach)).

Being the first time at the Czech restaurant, not in a hurry to order dinner from several dishes. It's unlikely that you will be able to eat, as most Czech restaurants, there's a feature - the portion size is very large. Moreover, often the second dish comes with a side dish, or even two, as well as sauces, fresh or pickled vegetables.

national czech cuisine

Czech cuisine, it is at first glance a huge variety of dishes. However, the predominance of meat, often quite fatty meat (mainly pork) make Czech cuisine on one side appetizing, on the other hand, if you look closely, the choice of dishes is not great: the meat in different variations, soups, sausages (again, meat), snacks (also grilled or marinated). Here, perhaps, and all the variety of Czech cuisine. Hearty, greasy, hard, but without a doubt delicious. Three days of eating such food, our stomachs have survived, and then run to the supermarket for yoghurt and fruit)).

czech cuisine

Let us dwell on the Czech national cuisine, and closer to the end of the article will tell you where in Czech Republic you can enjoy Czech cuisine.

The main traditional dishes of national Czech cuisine

Czech soups

In the Czech Republic they are called voles/polevka.

The restaurants and cafes of the Czech Republic soups separated the individual menus, often near the beginning. The majority of Czech soups thick, more like sauces. Dense texture is due to the fact that these soups when boiling add semolina or mashed pureed vegetables, butter and egg yolks. Most of the soups in Czech cuisine that is pureed.

czech soups, the national cuisine of the Czech Republic

The most common traditional Czech soups are:

- garlic soup


- soup of sauerkraut

- with smoked meat or mushrooms

- different pureed vegetable soups

- soups-goulash, cheese and other

garlic Czech soup, the national cuisine of the Czech Republic

voles, the national cuisine of the Czech Republic

In different regions of the Czech Republic the same soup can cook in different ways. What's there in the regions, the taste, texture and ingredients of the soup vary depending on the restaurant.

Soups can be ordered in a regular bowl and the bread. The soups in the dish are from 40-50 CZK, in bread, on average, 80 CZK. Soups the same way, in the pan and just before serving pour or in a bread or regular bowl. The taste of the soup is not affected, except that more fun to eat from a bread plate, besides the plate itself can be eaten))

The pride of the Czech Republic, the main dish of the Czech cuisine

Boar knee (shank)

Boar knee (or Shin) baked in beer, Czech veprove koleno the Babysitting or child care, you will see on the menu in any Czech restaurant or cafe. Knuckle, it's satisfying! Knuckle, it is delicious! Knuckle is a lot! Knuckle, Czech Republic!

For many tourists, the Czech Republic, it is primarily beer. For us one of the symbols of the Czech Republic was the Knuckle. Knuckle is juicy, tender, melting in your mouth and undoubtedly the most delicious meat. With his knuckle, the Czechs outdid all.

The knuckle is served most often with multiple sauces, horseradish and mustard, may be also with sauerkraut.

The weight of the shank portions are large, averaging from one kilogram. A knuckle often bought for 2-3 people. Price from 400 CZK per knuckle. However, restaurants, you can find a small shank, is designed for one person.

baked pork knee, national cuisine of the Czech Republic

Boar knee in the major Czech cities served not only in restaurants and cafes, but also on the street. In large grill, over coals on a spit roasting a huge shank. Price for 100 gram 90 CZK, payment on the fact of how much weight will tell you so and cut off.

baked pork knee, national cuisine of the Czech Republic

What knuckle tastes better in a restaurant or "street" hard to say. Both delicious but so different. Suggest to try that and the other. Street food in the Czech Republic is varied, it is mentioned knuckle, and potato pancakes, various sausages, grilled cheese, vegetables, potatoes with bacon and more. Read more about street food in the Czech Republic we described in an earlier article, read and see pictures here.

Honey pork ribs

Meaty, juicy pork ribs, baked to crispy honey crust, another great Czech dish recommend everyone to try.

Serve the ribs with several types of sauces, there are also variations with pickled vegetables. The portions are large, up to 700 grams.

honey pork ribs, dumplings with bacon in sauce and grilled vegetables, Czech national cuisine

Sirloin in sour cream/svickova na smetane

Another famous Czech dish. Sirloin, this roast beef served with dumplings thick sauce, slice of lemon, whipped cream and cranberry sauce. All in one plate.

The dish is advertised, but we did not understand him. We thought it was not tasty, really too many different flavors mixed in one plate. Sweet whipped cream with meat and sour lemon...? The dumplings come in several types, we will describe below in the paragraph about the side dishes. In Svickova usually dumplings are pieces of flour dough. You can compare with an ordinary baton, which cut off the crusts. It is also quite doubtful as a side dish. This dish we did not like it, but many love it! And can is has that effect on people?

svichkova, the national cuisine of the Czech Republic


In the Czech Republic are very common variety of meat goulash with lots of sauces. Almost every restaurant has its own signature recipe for goulash. Goulash can be beef, pork, rabbit meat, poultry, liver and made of meats. But most often you can meet beef goulash.

For making goulash using meat, add crushed cumin, garlic, long pepper and extinguish on slow fire. When the meat is tender, the sauce is seasoned with flour, tomato paste, and again extinguish.

Goulash is served most often with the same dumplings. Less with sauerkraut.

Other meats and duck

All sorts of meat dishes in Czech cuisine variety: pork neck steaks, hams, steaks, etc., you name it. Come to the restaurant, pick and try. Carnivore appetite is where to roam.

national meat dishes in the Czech Republic

A duck, a separate topic for conversation. Its the Czechs also love and good cook. Often the whole or a part of a duck, roasted in the oven with spices. Served with side dishes.

duck and dumplings, the national cuisine of the Czech Republic

Fish in the Czech cuisine

Fish in the Czech cuisine is not as common as meat, but still present. An integral part of Czech cuisine, fish is a carp/karp. There are many different ways of cooking carp: ear, chops carp, fried carp. Christmas in the Czech Republic ("Generous evening") is a traditional dish of fried cards with potato salad.

Side dishes in the Czech Republic

We have already said that the main side dish of the traditional Czech cooking is dumplings/knedlik. Traditional Czech dumplings - warmed up for a couple of boiled pieces of flour or potato dough. Dumplings from potato dough tastier.

As a separate dish, are small dumplings served with sauce and bacon. Very tasty. Something pito rich paste is obtained.

In addition to the dumplings, common side dishes of Czech cuisine are potatoes and can be served with bacon and sauce as a separate dish. Also serve side dishes braised cabbage, vegetables, cereals and balls of potato dough, deep fried (croquettes).

Before you order a side dish make sure the dish is not included.

Czech snacks

All the snacks in the Czech Republic can be used as beer snacks, and single dishes.

Some of the most popular beer snacks in the Czech Republic are:

Cheese plate

cheese plate, national cuisine of the Czech Republic

Grilled cheese

Delicious dish, we was eating for both cheeks. In the Czech Republic, I love cheese and fried breaded cheese is a national dish. For this purpose more often take the local variety of cheese - Camembert type cheese, it is soft and greasy. Small pieces rolled in breadcrumbs and sent to the pan with plenty of oil. Cheese served piping hot with sauces or cabbage. The top is crisp and inside stringy hot cheese. Mmm... yummy))

fried cheese, the national cuisine of the Czech Republic


A funny name)) But this dish, with an unusual name for us, delicious and goes well as a snack with beer.

Utopentsy in the Czech Republic, national cuisine, which is a pickled sausages or sausages with onions and peppers. Well as pickled cucumbers, only cucumbers instead of sausages.

utopians, the national cuisine of the Czech Republic

The foam in the Czech Republic at a separate issue. What is a can of beer in the Czech Republic there... we will Not take a seat in this article and to repeat, because about beer in the Czech Republic we are told in detail in a separate article, read here.

czech beer

Coffee and desserts in the Czech Republic

Coffee in the Czech Republic is delicious, aromatic, full-bodied. Sweets and desserts a wide variety, from cakes to pastries and cakes.

coffee and desserts, Czech Republic

The most common traditional Czech desserts are:

- original fruit dumplings, with plums, apricots or strawberries. It's kind of a sweet modification of the traditional dumplings;

Czech strudel/cesky strudl, roll out puff pastry stuffed with apples, nuts and cinnamon. It is often served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream and called "zavin"/zavin, the verb "to curl" - "to spin";

- of course, the famous and excellent Czech trdlo/trdlo. Street sweetness. In large cities such as Prague, are sold on every corner. And the smell carried from this delicacy is the city just stunning. We recommend to all to try, insanely delicious, especially hot out of the oven.

Trdlo - traditional Czech delicacy of the dough, sprinkle with sugar. Trdlo cook over an open fire in the grill, the dough is wound around a wooden skewer cylindrical shape (similar to a long rolling pin) several times, roll in sugar and fry over the coals, turning constantly, until the dough is browned. Costs 60 CZK.

trdlo, the national cuisine of the Czech Republic

trdlo, the national cuisine of the Czech Republic

Where in the Czech Republic to try the local food?!

As he wrote something on the street. Czech street food is so varied that you can eat endlessly without going to restaurants. Or in the many cafes and restaurants.

In the tourist towns, cafes and restaurants of darkness at every step. But if you want to enjoy tasty Czech dishes and not spend a lot of money, it employs the same principle as in any other cities of the world. Retreating a few blocks from the tourist routes and go to the restaurant "local". To know such easy, in these many local restaurants.

Menu with prices, usually installed at the entrance to the institution, you can go and see without going inside. Walk, look, polybasite and then go to a particular restaurant.

If you've had enough caloric Czech cuisine in the Czech Republic there is always a choice. An abundance of restaurants European, Italian, Indian, etc. cuisines. In any restaurant, even national, you can find dishes of several cuisines. In the Czech Republic delicious and juicy burgers, good pasta and pizza, chicken, etc.

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