Narrowest street in Prague - Chertovka (Vinárna Čertovka)

Among the many bright and interesting streets of the historical part of Prague, one discreet street stands out, which is the narrowest street in the city - this is Vinarna Chertovka or just Chertovka (Vinárna Čertovka).

The street is also called - the narrowest street in Prague (Nejuzsi prazska ulicka).

The street is famous for the fact that it is quite difficult for two people, even thin ones, to disperse on it, because the width of the street is only about 70 centimeters.

For the convenience of pedestrians, so that there is no embarrassment and the two do not collide head-on, traffic lights are installed at both ends of the street, which have buttons. You approach, press, the green light turns on, and the red signal lights up on the opposite side.

In fact, the narrowest street in Prague is not a street at all, but a fire passageway between houses, which is a descent from the steps leading to the Vltava River and the restaurant Chertovka (Restaurace Čertovka).

From the name of the restaurant, the street got its name "Devil", although it does not have an official name.

There are different versions around traffic lights on the street. One of which says that it was an instruction from the authorities, because drunk guests of the restaurant created congestion on the street. According to another version, it was a marketing ploy - the traffic lights appeared on the initiative of the restaurant owners to attract visitors and, after they equipped the fire escape with traffic lights at both ends, the fire escape became so popular among the guests of the city that it was included in the lists Top attractions in Prague and the number of visitors in the restaurant has increased significantly.

Going down the narrowest street in Prague, you get straight to the outdoor terrace of the restaurant with a view of the Vltava River.

It is easy to find the narrowest street in Prague. It is located in the historic district of Mala Strana, not far from Charles Bridge and the famous sculptures-fountain "Pissing men".

Passage from U Luzickeho seminare street, between houses 100/24 and 101/26.

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