House «Beautiful Tower» in Munich (House «Great Tower» / Haus zum Schönen Turm)

On one of the pedestrian streets of the historic old city of Munich, there is a beautiful building-the so-called "House of the beautiful tower" (Haus zum Schönen Turm), with which the little-known history of Munich is connected.

The building is located at the address: street Kaufingerstrasse, 28 (Kaufingerstraße), and within its walls today is a men's clothing store "Hirmer".

The building was constructed from 1912 to 1914 as a business building for women's and men's fashion by German architects Eugene Henigan and Karl Zeldara using local traditional designs.

The name of the building - "Building a beautiful tower" refers to a former gate tower, "Schönen Turm", which was part of the medieval city wall of Munich and then was placed just before today's "House Charmer". The tower was built in 1157 and destroyed in 1807.

The location of the former towers today is marked on the sidewalk (am Boden vom Umriss "SchönenTurm"), and a bronze plaque on the arcades of the building shows an image of the former towers.

On the external facade of the house beautiful of the tower are sculptures, the originals of which were made by the German sculptor Julius Zeidler. The building was completely reconstructed in the 1980's, following the damage caused by the Second world war, and the subsequent numerous reconstructions. Today the building is listed in the list of monuments of Munich.

The figures on the facade of the building

View of the beautiful tower from the street Liebfrauenstrasse. Nearby is the Frauenkirche - the Cathedral of the blessed virgin Mary, which is the Munich Gothic Cathedral and a symbol and one of the main attractions of the city.

The legend of the "beautiful towers"

House beautiful tower bound an obscure Munich's city history.

On the southwest corner of the house (the intersection of Kaufingerstrasse and Augustinerstrasse / Augustinerstraße) is a sculpture depicting a male figure with hoisted on the shoulders of the tower.

About the year 1350, when this place was the tower of the medieval walls of Munich from the tower to the right was the workshop of a goldsmith. Once venerated nobleman brought the jeweler a valuable piece of jewelry to make a copy of it. When the craftsman came back from lunch and the window was open, and the original decoration has inexplicably disappeared.

As goldsmith have been trying for years to prove his innocence in the disappearance of significant and expensive gizmos, but no he never believed that the product disappeared by itself. The gentleman has sued the jeweler, the last accused of stealing jewellery and sentenced to death.

Few weeks after the execution of the "Beautiful tower" began to repair. When the masons during the restoration wanted to plaster the cracks at the top of the hole on the roof flew frightened jackdaw. Workers peered into the hole and saw a nest in which lay a lost piece of jewelry. The judge who sentenced the jeweler, he climbed to the forest and was personally convinced that the real thief was a bird.

After the rehabilitation of the jeweler's body was exhumed from the "foul grave" criminal and solemnly buried near the former cemetery Church in Munich - Kreuzkirche Dresden, also known as the Church of All Saints at the cross (Kreuzstrasse / Allerheiligenkirche am Kreuz).

According to legend, the spirit of goldsmith still goes on Kaufingerstrasse and warns people about the dangers of premature and ill-considered judgments.

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