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Golden Hill Cascade in Peterhof (Saint Petersburg)

The Golden Mountain Cascade is one of the cascading fountains of the Lower Park of the Peterhof Palace and Park Ensemble in Peterhof (Saint Petersburg).

This fountain is the most elegant in the group of fountains in the western part of the Lower Palace Park and is part of the overall ensemble of the Marli Palace.

The Golden Mountain fountain is located near the small palace of the Lower Park-the Marli Palace. It was this arrangement of the fountain that corresponded to the wishes of Peter I, according to whose plan each palace in the Lower Park should have its own cascade.

According to its location, the fountain is also called the "Marlin Cascade".

The prototype for the creation of the cascade was one of the cascades of the French royal residence "Marly le Roy", which Peter I visited in 1717. Architect N. Michetti developed the design of the cascade in accordance with the detailed instructions of the tsar and taking into account the terrain, however, due to the death of Peter, the project was never finally implemented.

Subsequently, the work was carried out under the direction of the architect Mikhail Zemtsov, who decorated the steps of the fountain with white marble, and the vertical walls of the steps, to create an additional play of light, were covered with copper gilded sheets. Also, the architecture of the cascade was supplemented with marble and lead gilded statues of ancient heroes and heroes.

The final appearance of the cascade fountain was formed by 1732.

Further changes concerned only the sculptural decoration. So, in the 19th century, instead of the lead statues that had lost their former luster, copies of the ancient originals brought from Italy, carved from Carrara marble, were installed.

During the war, most of the sculptural decoration of the fountain was saved (the sculptures were removed and hidden-buried in the ground), and the cascade itself was seriously damaged. After it was restored.

Today, the Golden Mountain Cascade is one of the most spectacular fountains in the Lower Park of the Peterhof Palace and Park Ensemble.

The fountain is located on the natural slope of the park and is made in the form of a multi-stage descent, decorated with sculptures that trace the theme of sea rule.

In the center of the attic (the upper part of the cascade), crowning the staircase, is a statue of Neptune with a trident in his hand. On the sides of Neptune are sculptures of Triton blowing a seashell and Bacchus-the god of wine and fun.

The interior facade of the attic is decorated with three gilded mascarons of sea monsters, from the mouths of which water flows, which then smoothly descends down the steps into the fountain pool.

The sides that frame the stepped descent of the cascade are decorated with 12 sculptures - six on each side. One of the best statues of the sculptural decoration of the cascade is the gushing marble statue "Andromeda", the work of the Italian master of the 18th century - P. Baratta.

Stairs are laid along the sides with sculptures on the slope of the park.

In the lower central part of the cascade, in a small marble pool, there is a marble sculpture-a statue of Flora-the goddess of spring and the renewal of nature.

Video of the Golden Mountain cascade»

Golden Mountain Cascade Ensemble»

The fountain "Golden Mountain" is not "single", it is surrounded by a whole composition consisting of fountains and sculptures.

On both sides of the lower part of the cascade, on the gently sloping terrace of the park, there are identical"Menagerie" fountainsthat adorn the stalls at the foot of the Golden Mountain cascade.

Menagerie fountains were created in 1722-1724 by the architect N. Michetti.

The fountains have round bowls of pools, from the center of which a powerful jet of water shoots up. The water jet of the fountains rises up to 15 meters and is clearly visible from afar.

With such a visual force of the jets, the water in the fountains is consumed sparingly. The word "Menager" itself comes from the French "menager" - to save. Learn more about Menagerie Fountains with videos…

On both sides of the Menagerie fountains are small green areas with paths and there are two genre sculpturesmounted on high pedestals.

Genre sculpture "Air"

Genre sculpture "Earth"

Along the alley, on the shore of the Marlin Pond, there are miniature fountains "Tritons-bells".

The fountains consist of sculptures of four identical newt boys located in small pools and holding flat tipped bowls above their heads, from which water flows in the form of water bells into the pools of the fountains.

The Tritona fountains use water supplied by two Menager water cannons. Learn more about Tritona-kolokola fountains…

In addition, the Golden Mountain cascade and the entire adjacent composition are part of the overall ensemble of the Marli Palace, which stretches along the banks of the Marlin Pond. Learn more about the Marly Palace and the surrounding ensemble...

In the photo: the Marly Palace and the pond-in the center, the ensemble with the Golden Mountain cascade-on the right, the garden of Venus - on the left

View of the Golden Mountain cascade, the adjacent ensemble and the Marlin Pond from the terrace of the Venus Garden

Practical information

The Golden Mountain Cascade and the adjacent ensemble are located in the western part of the Lower Park of the Peterhof Palace and Park Ensemble.

The fountains of Peterhof are closed for the winter (do not work) - from about the middle of October.

In winter, when the fountains are not working, the entrance to the Lower Park is free (free of charge).

During the summer, the fountains are open and the entrance to the park is paid.

Tickets to the park can be purchased at the ticket offices located directly near the entrances to the park or in advance-online on the official website.

We recommend that you check the working hours of the park and fountains, as well as the conditions of visiting and the cost of tickets, immediately before visiting the official website.

Website of the State Museum-Reserve "Peterhof": peterhofmuseum.

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