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Peller House, Nuremberg (Pellerhaus) - Pellerhof

The Peller House (Pellerhaus), also referred to as the "Mayersches Pellerhaus" in reference to the post-war building, is a building in the old city of Nuremberg, which has an attractively restored historic ground floor and part of the courtyard integrated into the new building.

The Pellerhaus was once an outstanding example of a Renaissance town house in Nuremberg.

The building in the style of Italian palaces was built for Martin Peller according to the plans of architect Jacob Wolf the Elder from 1602 to 1605 on the site of the former estate.

The house had a front building, a courtyard and a rear building, which corresponded to the complex for Nuremberg of those times, but at the same time the classic "Nuremberg complex".

Peller and his family moved into the house in 1625. Peller died in the house in 1629, and his family lived in the building until 1828.

Then the house belonged to furniture manufacturer Johann Adam Eisser. The city of Nuremberg acquired the house from his descendants in 1929 to house the city archive. At that time, the Pellerhaus was already considered one of the most beautiful sights of Nuremberg and, thanks to its magnificent courtyard, even one of the most important monuments of the history of German art.

During the Second World War, the Pellerhouse was almost completely destroyed, with the exception of the basement, some parts of the first floor, partly the courtyard and the staircase tower. Subsequently, only the arched walls up to and including the first floor and partially the courtyard of the former outstanding mansion were preserved and reconstructed. In 1957, they were integrated into a new building planned by Fritz Mayer as a library, which in the following decades housed the city archive (until 2000) and a branch of the city library (until 2012).

Since 2013, the building has housed the archive of the German Games in Nuremberg. From 2025, the building is to become one of the central cultural centers and meeting places in Nuremberg.

Today, in the walls, outside of an unremarkable building, a real masterpiece is hidden - the reconstructed first floor and courtyard of the former Peller house (the so-called Pellerhof / Pellerhof), which anyone can explore.

View of the current exterior of the building and the equestrian monument to William I, located on the square near the house

Practical information

The inner courtyard of Peller is a historical monument of architecture, one of the attractions of Nuremberg and is included in the tourist route "Historical Mile of Nuremberg" (Historische Meile Nürnberg).

The Peller House is located in the north-eastern part of the old city of Nuremberg, on Egidienplatz Square, at Egidienplatz, 23. Entrance from the square.

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