Deer farm in MTZ Gazprom, Krasnaya Polyana (Esto-Sadok)

A deer farm is a place in the mountains where reindeer live, with which you can "communicate" and feed the animals, learn about the family and the conditions of their maintenance in the park, as well as arrange a photo session and(or) ride a sled in a reindeer sled.

The deer farm is located in a very picturesque place - surrounded by massive ridges and a fir forest at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level on the territory of the Gazprom mountain and tourist center, the Laura slope (the lower part of the H cable car) in Krasnaya Polyana (Esto-Sadok).

The deer farm is open all year round.

Guests of the farm can take a guided tour accompanied by an expert (experienced guide) on the territory of the farm where the Reindeer live. The tour lasts about 30 minutes. During the tour, visitors will learn what kind of animals they are, how they live on a farm in aviaries, what they eat and some interesting facts about the life of deer in the wild.

For a fee, you can treat the horned with their favorite delicacy-yagel, which the deer eat right from their hands, as well as, if desired, arrange a professional photo session with the deer.

Video of a Deer farm

In addition to the" stars " of the farm, several squirrels, ponies also live on the territory of the Deer Farm and there is a walking area with a small pond.

Reindeer sledding

In winter, if desired and favorable weather conditions (when there is enough snow), you can ride a sled in a reindeer sled driven by a kayur on the farm, for a fee.

One adult deer can carry up to 300 kilograms. Therefore, for a company of up to four people on a farm, two deer are usually harnessed to a team, and for one or two guests, a small sled with one deer is used. The team is managed by an experienced kayur and an assistant.

Practical information

Next to the Deer farm (opposite) is another theme park-Husky Park. Learn more about Husky Park…

How to get to the Deer Farm

The deer farm is located on the territory of the Gazprom ski complex on the Laura slope, at an altitude of 1500 meters from sea level, in the lower reaches of the N. cable car.

You can get there on foot from the Psehako Shelter cable car station (1440 meters, cable cars A and A1 from the lower Laura station).

In winter

On a snowmobile transfer or a tourist snowmobile. You can also get there with a combined ticket by snowmobile + snowmobile. The cost of a trip by snowmobile or ratrak in both directions, or snowmobile + ratrak is 400 rubles, the travel time in one direction is about 10 minutes.

The ticket offices are located at the park "Zelenaya Polyana" at the Psekhako cable car station and at the Mountain Shelter " Fir "station, located at an altitude of 1660 meters above sea level (the highest station of the Laura slope).

View of the ticket offices of the Zelenaya Polyana Park

On foot you can get from the ski and biathlon complex "Laura". To begin with, you should take the A/A1 cable car to the Psekhako shelter. Then transfer to the A2 lift and get off at the next stop - "Laura Ski and Biathlon Complex". Then follow the sign to the other side of the platform and climb to the end of the stairs. Turn left, go through the tunnel and turn right. Go out on the trail and follow it, paying attention to the signs that will help you navigate.

The stations "Psehako" and "Ski and biathlon complex "Laura" can be reached by walking tickets of Laura (for those who do not ski or snowboard) or by ski passes.

On skis or snowboarding, you need to go down the wide highway H before boarding the cable car. To get to the entrance to the Deer Farm, you need to unfasten the equipment and walk along the path straight and slightly to the right to the gate of the Deer Farm.

View of the lower reaches of the cable car H

In the summer

Take the A/A1 cable car to the Psekhako Shelter station. Then transfer to the A2 cable car and get off at the stop "Shelter Fir". Near this station there is an open chairlift H, - go down on it.

From the lower station of the Alpika cable car, you need to climb the A3 cable car (the second name is 3S) to the Fir Shelter. Then, as in the first case, go down by the cable car N.

By shuttle on the route Psekhako Shelter - Polyana 1389 Hotel (cottages, apartments) - Entertainment cluster in the lower reaches of the highway "H".

If you come to the resort by car and want to visit a Deer farm, then you can park your car at the paid parking at the lower stations of the cable cars "Laura" or "Alpika". You can also use the paid parking at the Psehako shelter. Car rental in Sochi (all places) →

More information about how to get to all the ski resorts of Krasnaya Polyana (Esto-Sadka), including the Laura slope, can be found here →

Ticket price

All tickets to the Deer farm are paid separately: excursions, sledding, photo shoot, feeding.

Tickets can be purchased directly at the ticket office of the Deer Farm; at the ticket office of the Husky Park, which is opposite the Deer Farm; or at the ticket office near the Zelenaya Polyana Park at the Psekhako cable car station.

Attention! We recommend checking all types of services of the Deer Farm (summer and winter), ticket prices, opening hours, visiting conditions and how to get there on the official website of the Gazprom Mining and Tourism center.

The website of the Gazprom mining and tourist Center: polyanaski.

Where to stay

Within the limits of the Gazprom Mountain and tourist Center, you can stop:

4-star hotel and spa "Polyana 1389", located at an altitude of 1389 meters above sea level, near the Psekhako cable car station.

The hotel consistsof cozy rooms, apartments and cottages in the style of Alpine chalets.

A buffet breakfast is included in the price of all accommodation facilities of the hotel.

The hotel offers free unlimited access to the A/A1 cable cars and a shuttle service connecting the Psekhako Mountain Shelter station with the lower Laura cable car station. Link to the hotel

5-star complex "Grand Hotel Polyana", located near the lower station of the cable car of the ski complex of the slope "Laura".

The complexhas rooms, wooden villas, bars and restaurants with seasonal cuisine, 9 conference halls, children's clubs, 2 indoor and 2 outdoor pools, tennis courts, sports grounds, halls and a fight club.

Link to the villa Grand Polyana

Link to the Grand Hotel Polyana Villas

Link to the rooms of the "Grand Hotel Polyana"

All accommodation facilities in Estosadka (Krasnaya Polyana) can be viewed and booked here

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