Catherine garden and monument to Catherine II, Saint Petersburg

Catherine's Garden is one of the historical and most famous squares in St. Petersburg.

The center of the garden is decorated with a monumental monument to Catherine II.

Catherine's Garden is the central part of Ostrovsky Square and is located near Nevsky Prospekt - one of the most visited and beautiful streets of the city.

The history of the garden dates back to the mid-18th century, when the land of the Anichkov Palace was listed on this site.

The formation of a full-fledged square began with the construction of the nearby Alexandrinsky Theater - when part of the land of the palace was allocated to a separate unit for the arrangement of the territory in front of the theater - a square with a garden.

The construction of the square began in the 1820s.

In the early 1860s, it was decided to erect a monument to the Empress Catherine II. The creation of the monument was timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Catherine's ascension to the throne.

The laying of the monument in the center of the square took place on November 24, 1869 in the presence of Alexander II and members of the imperial family. The monument was opened in 1873. The author of the monument was the artist Mikhail Osipovich Mikeshin; sculptural works were performed by M. A. Chizhov, who sculpted the statue of Catherine, and A. M. Opekushin, who created the figures surrounding the pedestal.

During the history of the garden changed its name and was reconstructed.

Today, the Catherine Garden is a historical park and is recognized as one of the most striking examples of landscape art of the 18th and 20th centuries.

The garden has a historical layout of 1878 and is a small area, with paths and alleys, as well as flower beds and places for recreation. The garden is enclosed by a cast-iron grating with decorative details lost after the 1917 revolution in the form of monograms with the monogram of Catherine the Great recreated on the gate leaves.

Various activities are held in the garden.

The monumental bronze monument to Catherine 2 occupies a central place in the garden. The Empress is depicted in a standing position on a high granite pedestal. In one hand, Catherine holds a scepter-a symbol of sweetness, and in the other-a laurel wreath-a symbol of triumph. From the shoulders of the empress falls an ermine mantle, and at her feet is the crown of the Russian Empire.

The upper part of the monument's pedestal is surrounded by bronze silhouettes of Catherine's subjects - 9 famous nobles and prominent figures: Field Marshal Pyotr Rumyantsev-Zadunaysky, statesman Grigory Potemkin, commander Alexander Suvorov, poet Gavriil Derzhavin, President of the Russian Academy of Arts Ekaterina Dashkova, Prince Alexander Bezborodko, President of the Russian Academy of Arts Ivan Betskoy, polar explorer and naval commander Vasily Chichagov and statesman Alexey Orlov-Chesmensky.

The height of the figure of Catherine II is 4.35 meters. The total height of the monument exceeds 10 meters.

On the north side of the Catherine Square runs Nevsky Prospekt, on the south-stands a beautiful Alexandrinsky Theater, from the west-the main building is located Russian National Library (RNB), and the east side is decorated with Anichkov Palace with a garden with pavilions (Anichkov Lyceum).

View of the Alexandrinsky Theater from the Catherine Garden

View of the buildings of the Russian National Library from Nevsky Prospekt

View of the Anichkov Palace

Practical information

Address of the Catherine Garden: Ostrovsky Square, 1.

Coordinates: 59°56'00" N 30°20'13" E (59.933333, 30.336944).

Nearest metro stations: "Gostiny Dvor" and "Nevsky Prospekt".

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