Müller's baths in Munich (Müller'sches Volksbad)

The Mueller City Baths (Mueller'sches Volksbad) are historic public baths in Munich, located on the east bank of the Isar River in the Au-Haidhausen district, near the Ludwig Bridge (Ludwigsbrücke).

Build in modern style (German art Nouveau) with Baroque elements was built from 1897 to 1901 by architect Karl Hocheder, with funding from the German engineer and benefactor of the Munich - Karl Mueller (1821-1909 gg.).

The official opening of the complex took place on may 1, 1901.

After the construction of Mullerova city baths were the first public bathing (bath) complex with an indoor pool in the city, as well as the largest, beautiful and expensive swimming pool in Europe - construction cost 1.8 million marks.

City baths, also known as "the people's baths Mueller".

Until 1978, the building was 86 baths and showers 22. Once in the 20th century bathtubs and showers spread almost universally in private houses, baths Mullerova the baths were closed, except for one bath in the basement, which was saved for demonstration purposes.

Baths also include a Roman-Irish steam bath and an outdoor patio.

The most extensive renovations to the building were carried out between 1972 and 1999. Thanks to extensive repair work Mullerova baths, preserved almost to the original and to this day.

Today the building is the hidden gem of Munich, also has Baroque elements, high white tower with a clock and smartly framed the main entrance.

Views Mullerova baths Mota Ludwig

In the inner rooms of the baths also has elements of art Nouveau and Baroque, such as the wide staircase, wall paintings, stucco, bronze statues and decorative iron grilles.

The walls of the building are now: two indoor swimming pools, a steam room and an outdoor patio, a shower, a bistro, a café with beer garden, a massage service and a hairdresser.

Two pools in the complex were once strictly separated for men and women. Today, they only differ in the temperature of the water: the former women's pool maintains water temperature within 30 degrees, while the former men's pool - 3 degrees colder and meets the sporting requirements. In addition to regular swimming, pools offers a variety of courses such as rhythmic aerobics and aquafit.

The large pool is crowned with an impressive vaulted ceiling with gallery.

Practical information

Address loose mller baths (now a complex with swimming pools and sauna): Rosenheimer starsse, 1 (Rosenheimer Straße).

Website loose mller baths: volksbad.

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