Beaches of Palma de Mallorca. Palma Coast

The city of Palma de Mallorca or simply Palma is the capital of the Balearic Islands and the largest city of the island of Mallorca.

First of all, Palma is famous for its attractions and the historical center. Nevertheless, in the city you can combine the inspection of interesting and significant objects, as well as walks in the city center with visits to the beaches.

Within the city of Palma are some good beaches and resort areas, one of which is located near the city center and the port and the beautiful promenade of Paseo Maritimo.

All beaches enough space to accommodate personal beach towel.

The Beaches Of Palma. Seaside Palm Trees

Beach Kan Pere Antoni

In the Central part of the coast of Palma de Mallorca and close to the city center is located just one beach Kan Pere Antoni (Platja de CA'n Pere Antoni), which is the Central and most popular beach of Palma.

It is a small beach with a length of 735 meters, with an average width of 15-30 meters. On the beach of fine pale sand.

In the high beach season on the beach has all the necessary infrastructure: sunbeds and sun umbrellas, urns and soul surveillance and access for people with disabilities. There is a beach club with sun loungers and a restaurant.

Along the beach runs the promenade. There are cafes and restaurants.

Directly at the beach you can stay at such hotels as

- The 4-star Melia Palma Bay with a rooftop terrace with outdoor pool and sea views;

- Architect apartment with swimming pool, terrace, private Parking and free Wi-Fi. Learn more about beach Cana Pere Antoni...

Playa de Palma

From Quend-Plage beach Pere Antoni (the South-Eastern extremity of the beach inclusive) in a South-easterly direction lies a long coastal resort area of Platja de Palma or Playa de Palma (Platja de Palma / Playa de Palma), which, in turn, consists of several separate resort areas and cities and is part of the city of Palma and the municipality of Palma de Mallorca as a whole.

The resort area of Platja de Palma has a length of about 10 kilometers along the sea and stretches from the Eastern end of the beach Kan Pere Antoni to the North-Western part of the resort town of El Arenal.

Directly in the city limits of Palma include:

- the area of El Molinar (El Molinar; es Molinar / Es Molinar) - a residential and resort area, the coast of which is characterized by a small Marina, es Portixol (Es Portixol) and the beach strip, which stretches 1.6 kilometers.

The coastal beach area of artificial rocky formations divided into small beach area. The beach strip is narrow. On the beach, pale sand, sometimes stones and rock formations. Sea water is clean, depth comes rather abruptly. Read more about district of El Molinar...

- district es-Col-Dien-Rabassa, also known as Gentilicia (Es Coll d'en Rabassa / Gentilicio) is a residential area considered the last resort of the Eastern suburbs of Palma.

The coast area that stretches just over two kilometres, has several beach areas and coves, with rocky shores, with access to the sea and coastal nature Park.

In the area of the remarkable sandy beach of Ciutat hardy (Platja Ciutat Jardí) where in the beach season there is all necessary infrastructure. Read more about district of Gentilicio...

By district Gentilino a single band also attracted other resort area with sandy beaches and all amenities: can Pastilla and the long beach of Playa de Palma. Read more about the resort area of Playa de Palma...

Paseo Maritimo (port promenade)

From Quend-Plage beach Pere Antoni in a North-westerly direction along the coast runs a long promenade Paseo marítimo.

The promenade along the historic centre of Palma, then goes southwest along districts El Jonquet and Santa Catalina, son Armadams, El Terreno, and leads to the end of the district Porthope.

The total length of the embankment is around 5 200 metres.

Along the Paseo Maritimo beaches there - the coast is characterized by rocky and unsuitable for swimming beach and harbour area I yacht marinas.

On the waterfront: palm trees, places for recreation and a Bicycle track, there are a few sculptures (monuments). Read more about the promenade of Paseo Maritimo...

Cala Major

Cala Major is a residential and tourist area part of the city of Palma and the Western part of the Palm relative to the coast.

The area is located to the West along the coast from the promenade of Paseo Maritimo.

Distance from the historic centre of Palma to Cala Mayor is just over 5 miles and, although Cala Major and is part of the Palm, but the location and significance of tacitly considered a resort area.

Coast of Cala Major in a greater degree is characterized by a rocky coastline with small rocky and pebble sections, as well as beautiful the sandy Cala Major beach (Platja Cala Major).

This sandy beach Cove with all facilities in the middle of the season is becoming a very popular place to holiday in Mallorca. On the beach there is all necessary infrastructure, there are beach cafes and restaurants nearby.

Since the Cala Major beach is far enough from the centre of Palma, you can reach it by public buses, taxi, car or to stay at the hotels located directly near the beach:

- 5-star hotel Nixe Palace with an outdoor pool, garden, 3 restaurants and a bar;

- 4-star hotel Be Live Experience Costa Palma features a seasonal outdoor pool, a restaurant with an open kitchen, a bar and a fitness centre;

- 4-star hotel Be Live Adults Only Marivent hotel with pool, a relaxation area and a beach club.

Sant Agustí

Sant Agustí (Sant Agusti) - a small residential and tourist area, the Western edge of the Palm relative to the coast.

The coast of Sant Agustí, stretching somewhere in the 800 metres along the seafront is characterized by a rocky coastline with small sandy and sandy-pebble coves and small sandy beach of Cala Nova (Playa Cala Nova) and the presence of the eponymous Marina of Cala Nova. Read more about Sant Agustí...

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