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Can Pastilla, Mallorca

Can Pastilla is a resort town located in the district of Playa de Palma, the municipality of Palma de Mallorca.

Tourist district began to form between 1920 and 1925.

Currently can Pastilla is a popular tourist destination with beaches, a promenade and a developed infrastructure with bars, cafes, restaurants and accommodation facilities.

Is can Pastilla, 8 kilometers from the centre of Palma de Mallorca, South-West along the coast, between the resort areas Es-Col-Dien Rabassa (North-East side of the coast) and the Forest Mariveles (from the South-West side of the coast).

Can Pastilla is the closest resort West of the city of Palma and the nearest to the international airport of Mallorca.

The Beaches Of Can Pastilla. The Coast Of Can Pastilla

The coast stretches for 3.6 kilometers along the sea and is characterized by sandy beaches, harbors, and coastal natural environment with a small sandy coves and rocky outlets to the sea, along which has a walking trail.

Playa de Palma (Platja de Palma)

The long beach of Playa de Palma is located in the South-Western extremity of the coast of can Pastilla.

The beach is part of the same large coastal area of Dress de Palma (Platja de Palma) and covers the coast of the three resort areas: can Pastilla- North-Western tip of the beach, Forest Maravelas - Central part of the beach and El Arenal - the South-Eastern extremity of the beach.

On the beach of light sand, from loose to more dense. Sea water is clean, sandy bottom, depth comes rather abruptly.

In the high beach season in Playa de Palma has all the necessary infrastructure: sunbeds and sun umbrellas (beach chair or umbrella 6 euros), urn, soul, beach cafes, bars, playgrounds, a dedicated area for water activities, there are monitoring services and access for people with disabilities.

Along the beach runs the promenade (waterfront) and the road, on the opposite from the beach side which houses hotels, cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, eateries and shops. Read more about Playa de Palma...

Along the promenade along the Playa de Palma (from can Pastilla to S'arenal and back), runs a tourist train. The fare is 4.50 euros.

Harbor can Pastilla

In the centre of can Pastilla, on the North-Western side of Playa de Palma, is a small harbour and yacht clubs.

The Beach Of Cala Estancia (Platja Cala Estancia)

Cala Estancia is a small beach that is flanked by piers used for mooring small boats. Access to the sea is narrow.

The beach has been awarded the "Blue flag".

The length of the beach is about 220 meters and its average width is 30 meters.

On the beach of light sand. The bottom is mostly sandy with depth is gradual.

In the high beach season on the beach of Cala Estancia has all the necessary infrastructure: sunbeds and sun umbrellas (beach chair or umbrella 6 euros), urns and soul, a dedicated place for water activities, a monitoring lifeguards and access for people with disabilities.

Along the beach runs the promenade and passing by the road, across from the beach side which houses hotels, cafes, restaurants and shops.

Near the beach you can stayin 4-star boutique hotel BQ Aguamarina Boutique overlooking the beach, Beach 4U apartments - Can Pastilla with an outdoor pool and terrace , Apartamentos Embat is a Studio with terrace and sea view.

Behind the beach of Cala Estancia, North-West coast lies a rocky part of the coast of can Pastilla with outlets to the sea.

Bay de Dream the Cayos (Calo de Son Caios)

A small Cove of son Cayos is belogorodsky beach with no amenities, the coastline is characterized by sandy and rocky coast.

The nearby marine environment is of great biodiversity and is a place for snorkeling.

On the South side of the Bay, in marine waters, there is another grill bar El Peñon 1957.

Along the Bay are the pedestrian sidewalk, bike path and road.

From the shores of the Bay is visible a small island of Sa Galera (Illot de la Galera / Galera Sa small island) where there are archaeological excavations of the Punic-Educacenso sanctuary Dating from the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC, indicating numerous periods of the history of Mallorca.

Near the Bay of son Cayos, you can stayin a 4 star hotel BQ Apolo with indoor and outdoor pools and rooms with private balconies, 4-star hotel AluaSoul Palma Hotel Adults Only, for adults only, the Windows of which overlook the sea.

Coastal natural space of El Carnatge (El Carnatge)

El Carnatge is a coastal natural area (nature reserve), located in the centre of Palma Bay and linking the city of can Pastilla with the district of Col d'en Rabassa.

Along the coast of the reserve is a small sandy coves and rocky outlets to the sea and coastal path with access for cyclists and pedestrians. Read more about Park El Carnatge...

Attractions in can Pastilla and the surrounding area

Church Of St. Anthony

In the centre of can Pastilla, on the plaça de Pius 9 (Plaça de Pius IX), is the Church of St. Anthony or the parish of San Antoni (Parroquia de Sant Antoni), the first stone of which was laid for the feast of St. Anthony of Padua in 1927.

The Aquarium Of Palma (Palma Aquarium)

Next to the aquarium is equipped with Parking for cars.

Address aquarium Palma: Calle de Manuela de los Herreros, 21. The website of aquarium of Palma: palmaaquarium.

Church and Museum Franciscanos TOR La Porciuncula

A modern Church with a circular plan and a large number of stained glass Windows.

The construction of the chapel began in 1914, the sanctuary was consecrated on 25 August 1915 and dedicated to our lady of the Angels. In subsequent years, the monastery was built, which became the school of community for the training of Ministers of the Franciscan order.

Currently, there is a small Museum of archaeology and Ethnology of the Franciscans. The entrance ticket to the Museum and Church is 5 euros.

The Church and Museum located in the nearby resort area of Les Meravelles, at the address: Avinguda Fra Joan Llabres, 1.

Rope Park "Forestal"

Themed adventure Park entertainment and trolls "Forestal" (Forestal Park Mallorca) is situated opposite the Church and Museum in the heart of the Forest Mariveles, at the address: Avinguda Fra Joan Llabres, Nº1, 07600 Palma, Illes Balears. The Park's website: forestalpark.

Mini-Golf Dino's

Playground for mini-Golf "Dino" (Dino Minigolf) with 54 holes divided into three fields, surrounded by lush vegetation.

Address of mini-Golf Dino's: Forest-Mariveles, Carretera de l'arenal, 56. The website mini-course:;

Bars and pubs

Bars and pubs are in the town of can Pastilla, however, for the General atmosphere of the beer boom and fun is to go to the neighbouring resort of Les-Mariveles, where:

- beer club "Mega Park" (Mega-Park), which from morning to morning full of life, where festivals, parties, live sports events and various entertainment events. The entrance to the Megapark free (free). Address Mega-Park: Carretera de l'arenal, 52. The website Mega-Park: megapark;

- "bar street" Padre Bartolome Salva (Carrer Padre Bartolome Salva), on both sides of which there are several bars, tapas bars, pubs and pubs in which from morning to late evening bubbling with fiery life. Read more about main bar street of Playa de Palma...

Water Park "Aqualand"

Aqualand water Park (Aqualand El Arenal) is the largest water Park in Mallorca. In the water Park: an area for children, a relaxation area, a roller coaster of adrenaline and quiet slopes.

The Park is located in the Eastern outskirts of the Spa town of El Arenal, at the address: Autovia Palma Arenal, Km 15. The website of the Park: aqualand.

How to get to Kan Pastilu: taxi; car; bus from Palma No. 15, 23 (passes the Aqualand water Park), 25, 30 and 31, from the airport No. 21.

Can Pastilla on the map

Where to stay in can Pastilla

The choice of accommodation in can Pastilla and close to the city is very diverse, ranging from 5 - star and 4-star hotels to budget apartments located both near the beaches and more remote from them.

All accommodation in Caen-the Mallorca can view and book here booking

Photos of the streets can Pastilla

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