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Resort Playa de Palma, Mallorca (Platja de Palma)

Playa de Palma (Platja de Palma) - the coastal resort area, also the eponymous beach, included in the municipality of Palma de Mallorca.

Currently, the area of Playa de Palma is one of the most popular destinations in Mallorca for a beach holiday. The popularity of the area gives its location - easy accessibility and proximity to Palma city centre and the airport of Mallorca, and its length, good infrastructure, the beach areas of the district and surrounding areas - along the beach runs a promenade, close to cafés, restaurants, shops, hotels and other accommodation facilities.

The resort area of Platja de Palma has a length of about 10 kilometers along the sea line, located in the southwestern part of the island of Majorca and stretches from the Eastern end of the beach Kan Pere Antoni beach in Central Palma de Mallorca and to the North-Western part of the resort town of El Arenal, inclusive.

In turn, large area of Platja de Palma consists of smaller areas (resort areas, cities), each of which has beaches or the beach and developed tourist infrastructure. Between the resort areas there is no clear visible boundaries, working together in a common tourist area - one of the busiest and happening in Mallorca.

Resort area district Dress de Palma

The area of Platja de Palma consists of 6 independent areas (parts).

Areas of Dress de Palma from the North-West to South-East along the coast (as the distance from the centre of Palma de Mallorca)

Beach Kan Pere Antoni

The North-Western extremity of the district of Playa de Palma captures the part of the beach beach Cana Pere Antoni (Platja de CA'n Pere Antoni), which is the Central and most popular beach of Palma de Mallorca.

On the beach is fine sand light Golden color. Sea water is clean, sandy bottom, depth comes rather abruptly. On both sides of the beach are stone breakwaters.

In high season the beach has all the necessary infrastructure: sunbeds and sun umbrellas (beach chair or umbrella to 5.35 euros), urns and soul, there are monitoring services and access for people with disabilities. Learn more about beach Cana Pere Antoni...

The District Of El Molinar

The district of El Molinar or just Molinar (Molinar El; es Molinar / Es Molinar) - a residential and resort area, the coast of which is characterized by a small Marina, es Portixol (Es Portixol) and the beach strip, which stretches 1.6 kilometers.

The coastal beach area of artificial rocky formations divided into small beach area. The beach strip is narrow. On the beach, pale sand, sometimes stones and rock formations. Sea water is clean, depth comes rather abruptly. Read more about district of El Molinar...

District es-Col-Dien Rabassa

District es-Col-Dien Rabassa or simply Rabassa, also known as Gentilicia (Es Coll d'en Rabassa / Gentilicio) is a residential area that is part of Palma de Mallorca and is considered his last resort Eastern suburbs.

The coast area that stretches just over two kilometres, has several beach areas and coves, with rocky shores, with access to the sea and coastal nature Park.

In the area of the remarkable sandy beach of Ciutat hardy (Platja Ciutat Jardí) where in the beach season there is all necessary infrastructure.

Also within the area is the little beach of El Peni (El Penyo) and Marina Gamba (Cala Gamba). Read more about district of Gentilicio...

City-the area can Pastilla

Can Pastilla (Can Pastilla) is a Spa town and popular tourist area of the municipality of Palma de Mallorca.

The coast stretches for 3.6 kilometers along the sea and is characterized by sandy beaches, harbors, and coastal natural spaces with its small sandy coves and rocky outlets to the sea, along which has a walking trail.

The beaches and coves of the area can Pastilla

A small Cove of son Cayos (Calo de Son Caios), which is belogorodsky beach with no amenities, the coastline is characterized by sandy and rocky coast.

A small beach of Cala Estancia (Platja Cala Estancia) is flanked by piers used for mooring small boats. Access to the sea is narrow. The beach has been awarded the "Blue flag".

On the beach of light sand. The bottom is mostly sandy with depth is gradual.

In the high beach season on the beach of Cala Estancia has all the necessary infrastructure: sunbeds and sun umbrellas (beach chair or umbrella 6 euros), urns and soul, a dedicated place for water activities, a monitoring lifeguards and access for people with disabilities. Read more about area of can Pastilla...

Playa de Palma

Playa de Palma or the beach of Palma (Dresses de Palma, Playa de Palma / Platja de Palma) - the longest and one of the most popular beaches of the municipality of Palma.

This beach covers the three seaside resort areas (municipalities, cities): can Pastilla - North-Western tip of the beach, the Forest Mariveles - Central part of the beach and S'arenal - South-Eastern extremity of the beach. On the beach between the resort areas there is no clear visible boundaries, working together in a unified long beach.

The length of the Playa de Palma is about 4.6 kilometers, and its average width is 30-50 meters.

On the beach of light sand, from loose to more dense. In the South-Eastern and Central parts of the beach is more narrow, and expands as it approaches its North-Western extremity. Sea water is clean, sandy bottom, depth comes rather abruptly.

In the high beach season in Playa de Palma has all the necessary infrastructure: sunbeds and sun umbrellas (beach chair or umbrella 6 euros), urn, soul, beach cafes, bars, playgrounds, a dedicated area for water activities, there are monitoring services and access for people with disabilities. Read more about palm beach...

The embankments of the district Dress de Palma

Along almost the entire area of Dress de Palma lie the quays, a popular spot for walks and relaxation among locals and visitors alike.

Along the promenade are cafes, restaurants, shops and accommodation facilities, including 4 and 5 star hotels booking

Walking along the quays, you can walk along the entire area of Platja de Palma and even to visit the centre of Palma de Mallorca.

Along the Platja de Palma, on the waterfront (from can Pastilla to S'arenal and back), runs a tourist train. The fare is 4.50 euros.

Between the district of Col d'en Rabassa and the city of can Pastilla, in a part thereof, and such binding is coastal natural space of El Carnatge (El Carnatge), which is a nature reserve (natural steam area).

Along the coast of the reserve is a small sandy coves and rocky outlets to the sea, a coastal walking trail with access for cyclists and pedestrians. Along the trail there are several viewing platforms with Seating. Read more about the natural space of El Carnatge...

Attractions and entertainment Dresses de Palma

In all districts a large area of Platja de Palma has its attractions and interesting sites, however, within the area we can distinguish several important places:

aquarium of Palma (Palma Aquarium). Next to the aquarium is equipped with Parking for cars. The address of the aquarium of Palma: Calle de Manuela de los Herreros, 21. The website of aquarium of Palma: palmaaquarium;

- the Church and the Museum Franciscanos TOR La Porciuncula.

A modern Church with a circular plan and a large number of stained glass Windows, through which it is also called crystal.

Currently, there is a small Museum of archaeology and Ethnology of the Franciscans. The entrance ticket to the Museum and Church is 5 euros.

Address of Church: Avinguda Fra Joan Llabres, 1;

- themed adventure Park entertainment and trolls "Forestal" (Forestal Park Mallorca), located at Avinguda Fra Joan Llabres, Nº1, 07600 Palma, Illes Balears. The Park's website: forestalpark;

- Playground for mini-Golf "Dino" (Dino Minigolf) with 54 holes divided into three fields, surrounded by lush vegetation.

Address of mini-Golf: Wood-Mariveles, Carretera de l'arenal, 56. The website mini-course:;

bars, pubs and clubs situated around the area of Platja de Palma, mainly in the area of Forest Mariveles and the surrounding area, however, the General atmosphere of the beer boom and fun is to go to the South-Western part of the resort where there are:

  • beer club "Mega Park" (Mega-Park), which from morning to morning full of life, where festivals, parties, live sports events and various entertainment events. The entrance to the Megapark free (free). Address Mega-Park: Carretera de l'arenal, 52. The website Mega-Park: megapark;

Near Dresses de Palma is a water Park Aqualand (Aqualand El Arenal), the largest water Park in Mallorca. In the water Park: an area for children, a relaxation area, a roller coaster of adrenaline and quiet slopes.

Water Park is located in the Eastern outskirts of the Spa town of El Arenal, at the address: Autovia Palma Arenal, Km 15. The website of the Park: aqualand.

Also from the area of Platja de Palma to visit the city of Palma de Mallorca with its rich historic heritage and plenty of attractions.

How to get in Platja de Palma: taxi; car; public buses:

- from Palma: No. 15, of 23 passes Aqualand, 25 and 31; No. 30 to can Pastilla; No. 18 and 28 in the es-Col-Dien Rabassa; No. 29 to the beach Kan Pere Antoni;

- from the airport: No. 21 in the South-Western side of the airport (along the whole Playa de Palma, from can Pastilla to El Arenal); № 1 and P1 in the North-Eastern side of the airport (es-Kol-Dien-Rabassa, El Molinar, beach Kan Pere Antoni, next to Palma & port); n A51 in S'arenal.

The area of Platja de Palma on the map

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