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Palmanova, Mallorca

Palmanova, also Palma Nova is a resort town located in the municipality of Calvia in the southwestern part of the island of Majorca, in 14 km from the centre of island's capital, Palma.

On the South side of the coast is bordered by the Palmanova resort town of Magalluf, and the North-Eastern residential and tourist area Son Caliu.

Palmanova was one of the first tourist destinations on the Majorca island, the origin of which is as large residential and resort complex was started in 1934, up to this point he was known as a Dream Caliu. The first hotels in Palmanova was built in the late 1950-ies and 1960, the city began to gain popularity as a resort.

In the 2000s, the city of Palmanova, along with the neighbouring resort of Magaluf, was considered one of the most visited and important tourist areas on the island.

The beaches in Palmanova. Seaside Palmanova

Seaside Palmanova is characterized by the presence of three beaches separated by piers that run into the sea and a small harbour.

Coast and, consequently, the beaches of Palmanova located in the Gulf of Palmanova, where anchor small yachts and boats.

All three sandy Palmanova beach. Are awarded with "Blue flag". Sea water is clean, the bottom is mostly sandy, depth comes rather abruptly.

In the high beach season on the beaches there is all necessary infrastructure: sunbeds and umbrellas (beach chair or umbrella 4,50 Euro), boxes and showers, toilets (EUR 0.50), a dedicated area for beach and water activities, there are service monitoring and first aid.

On the beaches enough space to accommodate personal towel.

The Beach Of Son Maties (Playa Son Maties)

It is the southernmost beach of Palmanova. It is located between the Cape de Sa Torrenova (Punta de sa Torre Nova), which is Magaluf and Cape Nadal (Punta Nadala), separating the beach of son Maties from another beach, Palmanova - Palmanova beach of the same name.

The length of the beach of son Maties is about km and its average width equal to 100 meters.

Along the beach promenade, opposite from the beach side where you will find cafes and restaurants, children's Playground and places for rest. Read more about the beach of Son Maties...

The Palmanova Beach (Playa Palmanova)

The beach of Palmanova or Cala Blanca (Playa de Palmanova / Cala Blanca) Central beach of Palmanova.

It is located in the heart of Palmanova Bay, between Cape de Marroig (Punta des Marroig), beyond which is the beach of es Carregador and Cape Nadal.

The bulk of the tourism infrastructure of the city of Palmanova is located near the beach.

Length Palmanova beach is approximately 700 meters, and its average width is 60 meters.

Along the beach promenade with Seating, a children's Playground and area of natural vegetation under the shade where you can shelter in hot summer days. Read more about Palmanova beach...

Cape de Marroig (Punta des Marroig)

Punta de Marroig - a small rocky promontory, which is one of the natural attractions of the coast from Palma Nova and the link between the beach of es Carregador beach and Palmanova.

According to the Cape walking trail along which you can walk from one beach to another.

On the Cape there is a small garden, swimming areas (beach areas without amenities) and is an observation deck with panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea, coast of Mallorca, including two beaches and the surrounding area. Read more about Cape Marroig...

The Beach Of Es Carregador (Playa Es Carregador)

This North-West beach of Palma Nova. It is located between the small port of Club Nautico Palmanova, which is a residential area of son Caliu and Cape de Marroig.

The length of the beach of es Carregador is 600 meters and its average width is 60 meters.

Along the beach runs a promenade with Seating areas, a children's Playground and café.

Along the waterfront, opposite from the beach side, passes the road surface, along which there are hotels, cafes, restaurants and shops. Read more about the beach of Es Carregador...

The Port Is Club Nàutic Palmanova (Palmanova Club Nautico)

Or port, Club nàutic Porto Novo (Club Nautic Porto Novo) is a small Harbor complex (Harbor), where there is a yacht club.

Port Palmanova is a North-Eastern coastal tip of the city.

Attractions and entertainment in Palmanova and the surrounding area

Above the beaches are the streets of the city, which are the main concentration points of tourist life in Palmanova, along which are cafes, restaurants, bars, entertainment and nightlife, shops, small retail outlets and accommodation facilities.

In Palmanova, at Carrer de París, 8, 07181 Palmanova, is a large supermarket Eroski.

Within the city of Palmanova are:

Catholic Church San Lorenzo de Palmanova (Parroquia San Lorenzo de Palmanova). Address of Church: Carrer Miquel Sants Oliver, 2, 07181 Palmanova;

- Playground for mini-Golf "Fantasia" (Fantasia Golf). Address mini-Golf: Carrer Tenis, 3, Palmanova 07181. The website mini-course: golffantasia.

You can also go diving and Snorkelling or go on one of the sea cruises on a pleasure boat along the coast of Mallorca.

In the immediate vicinity of Palmanova you can visit:

- in Magaluf: family theme Park "Katmandu Park" (Katmandu Park); karting center "Magaluf" (Kart magaluf); art-cafe "Pirates Adventure" (Pirates Adventure), where they make the pirate adventure show-dinners; Western Water Park with the family and children's sections and slopes "Adrenaline";

Photos Katmandu Park

- in Portals nous, located 3.5 kilometers East along the coast from Palmanova are:

  • Park "Marineland" (Marineland Mallorca), which is a Dolphinarium and a zoo with an aquarium, tropical house and Park birds. The Park is located roughly on the border of Portals nous and Costa den Blanes, at the address: Carrer Garcilaso de la Vega 9, 07181 Costa d'en Blanes. The website of the Park: marineland;

  • tennis club Sporting Club Portals, located at: Carretera Andratx km 11, 07181 Calvià, Baleares. Website: sportingclubportals;
  • the fashionable Marina of Mallorca - Puerto Portals (Puerto Portals), which is a complex consisting of a Marina, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, agencies and apartments. Read more about Marina Puerto Portals...

  • the observation deck, which is probably the best in the area and which offers spectacular panoramic views of the coastline, the port of Puerto Portals, as well as the surrounding area and the Mediterranean sea. Observation deck is located above the beach of S Oratory (Playa Oratori de S), in the centre of Portals nous. Read more about the beach S'Oratori and observation deck...

to walk along the Mediterranean sea, making his way East along the coast from Palmanova, passing residential areas Sleep, son Caliu Apartamentos and Costa den Blanes, rugged rocky coast with small bays.

How to get to Palmanova: taxi; car; bus from Palma №№ 104, 105, and 107, from the airport № A11

Palmanova on the map

Where to stay in Palmanova

The choice of accommodation in Palmanova and close to the city is very diverse, ranging from 5 - star and 4-star hotels to apartments located near the beaches and in the tourist centre of the resort, and more remotely from those.

All accommodation in Palmanova you can view and book here booking

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