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25 things to do in Dubai. Leisure and entertainment in Dubai for every taste

Dubai is a major city in the United Arab Emirates, which is a modern world-class tourist destination, with incredible contrasts and combinations.

To fully enjoy Dubai and "breathe in" all its facets, you should not stop at beach holidays and shopping, which are undoubtedly good in Dubai, but it is better to push the boundaries of rest and absorb all the charms of this beautiful emirate.

The article presents ideas of what to do in Dubai in addition to beaches and shopping, including with children, in order to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere and get to know Dubai more deeply, as well as travel outside the city by sea, by land and even by air.

Take boat trips and cruises

In (from) Dubai, you can take boat trips and cruises along the Persian Gulf, the Dubai Marina Channel and the Khor-Dubai arm of the Gulf.

In Dubai, both group and individual boat trips on yachts, speedboats, pleasure boats and traditional Arab dhow boats are offered for these purposes.

There are walks with music, dinner and shows, and calmer relaxing boat trips.

You can also go out into the sea waters and go snorkeling, diving or deep-sea fishing.

Conquer the Arabian Desert

One of the most visited attractions from Dubai are desert safaris, where you can conquer the sands and see the lakes, the most visited nearby to Dubai of which are: Moon Lake in the shape of a crescent and Love Lake in the shape of two hearts.

You can arrange a desert safari and visit lakes by off-road vehicles or with jeep safari and buggy safari excursions. There is also an extreme safari for the bravest.

Safari excursions can include Arabic-style lunches and dinners, barbecues, hookahs, camel rides accompanied by a Bedouin, horseback riding, quad biking, sandboarding, visiting a Bedouin village with a show program with fire and dancing, photo shoots in national clothes.

In addition to the desert from Dubai, you can travel independently or with excursions to the Emirates, for example, visit Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al Khaimah, the oasis city of Al Ain, the oasis of Livu, the mountain resort of Hatta, as well as go to the Indian Ocean.

You can make independent trips by rented cars, taxis or public transport.

Go up in a hot air balloon

One of the pleasant and memorable activities can be a hot air balloon flight over the Arabian Desert, while there will be an opportunity to meet the dawn and admire the desert landscape from an unusual angle.

You can make a balloon ascent with excursions, which also include a transfer to the desert and back, breakfast.

Take off by helicopter

You can admire Dubai from a height by taking a helicopter flight over Dubai.

These excursions are good because, unlike walking among the skyscrapers of Dubai and climbing to the observation decks, from where it is quite difficult to understand what the real scope of this stunning city is, having flown by helicopter, it is possible to see Dubai from numerous angles.

During the flight, man-made islands, skyscrapers, the desert and the sea surface are clearly visible.

Slide over the channel on a zipline

There is a zipline directly in the city of Dubai, which is located in the Dubai Marina. This is the "xLine Dubai Marina" zipline, which has a length of 1 kilometer and is positioned as the "longest urban zipline".

The zipline connects the 44th floor of one of the Dubai Marina towers (the 170-meter Amwaj Tower in Jumeirah Beach Residence) on the one hand, with the Dubai Marina Mall on the other.

The flight passes over the waters of the channel, while developing a speed of up to 80 kilometers per hour.

Zipline website: .

P.S. The longest certified zipline in the world, bearing the name "Jebel Jai" (Ras Al Khaimah Jebel Jais Zipline), is also located in the UAE, in the mountains of Jebel Jais near Ras al Khaimah.

Zipline website: rasalkhaimahzipline.

Conquer Dubai by convertible or motorcycle

It will be interesting to take a walk-tour of Dubai not just by bus, ordinary car or on foot, but by convertible or even motorcycle.

You can see the main and non-tourist locations of Dubai with a breeze by riding a premium motorcycle. At the same time, you will be a passenger, and a guide-driver will be driving. You can take a motorcycle tour around Dubai either alone or with a company - when you and your relatives and (or) friends will be rushing through the streets of the city in a column of motorcycles. What can be exciting…

A quieter road trip, but also with a breeze, through luxurious Dubai can be made in a exclusive convertible.

The route is designed so that you can see the most important sights of Dubai and the symbols of the Arab Emirates, and at this time a licensed guide-driver will tell you interesting facts about each object of the route.

There are several convertibles to choose from.

Ride the highest Ferris wheel in the world

Dubai is home to the tallest Ferris wheel in the world - Ain Dubai, known as the Eye of Dubai or the Dubai Eye (Ain Dubai), which has a height of 250 meters (820 feet).

Ain Dubai has 48 enclosed cabins with panoramic windows. The wheel makes a full circle in 30 minutes.

While driving, the wheel provides panoramic views of Dubai and beyond, including: the Persian Gulf, Bluewaters Island, the coast of Dubai, Dubai Marina, the Palm Jumeirah Archipelago, the Burj Khaliva skyscraper and the famous Burj Al Arab Sail Hotel booking

The Ferris wheel is located on the artificial Bluewaters Island (which translates as Blue Waters Island). A walk around the island can be a good addition to a ride on a wheel. More about the Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel…

Enjoy panoramic views of Dubai

You can also enjoy panoramic views of Dubai and see the Persian Gulf from the observation decks of the city.

One of the best viewing platforms in Dubai:

- in the tallest building in Dubai, in the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, there are 360-degree viewing platforms with terraces located on the 124-125 and 148 floors (at an altitude of 452-456 and 555 meters). More about Burj Khalifa and lookouts…

- Sky Views Dubai (Observatory "Views of the Sky") offers not only an observation deck, but also activity, adrenaline and experiences.

The Sky Views Observatory is housed in one of the tallest and most architecturally unusual buildings in Dubai - two towers rising to over 50 floors and then connected about 220 meters above the ground by a multi-story Sky Bridge that includes an infinity pool with glass walls, outdoor terrace, restaurant and 5-star Address Sky View booking

The Sky Views Observatory is available separately for visits in the building, which includes three entertainments: an observation deck, a glass slide and a walk along the edge. More about the Sky Views Observatory…

- on the roof of Palm Tower (52 and 54 levels towers), at an altitude of 240 meters there is a public observation deck "The View at the Palm".

The observation deck is round, which gives a 36-degree panorama. The platform is open from above, while you can admire the views through sloping glass panels.

The Palm Tower is located on the island of Palm Jumeirah. The observation deck offers stunning views of the Palm Jumeirah Island itself with its sights, the sparkling waters of the Persian Gulf and the Dubai skyline with skyscrapers. More about the observation deck "View of the Palm Tree"...

- Dubai Frame is an iconic architectural landmark located in Zabeel Park in Dubai.

This building, with a height of 150.24 meters and a width of 95.53 meters, resembles a frame for a painting or photograph.

There are small exhibitions in the building, and on the upper platform there is an observation deck with views of the two worlds of Dubai: The old Dubai is in the north and the modern city is in the south. A feature of the observation room is the central part of the floor, which becomes transparent when you step on it.

Dubai Frame Website: Read more about observation decks in Dubai...

See Dubai while relaxing in the infinity pool

On the 50th level of the Palm Tower, at an altitude of 200 meters, you can visit one of the world's highest outdoor infinity pools "Aura Skypool Dubai" with a 360-degree viewing angle.

The pool has an area of 750 square meters.

Near the pool there is a terrace with sun loungers and umbrellas, surrounded by greenery. There is also a panoramic lounge and a bar.

Pool site: .

Lunch or dinner in the sky

The restaurant "Dinner in the Sky" in Dubai is recognized as one of the most unusual restaurants in the world.

Your table will be suspended on a crane at a height of 50 meters in the sky near the skyscrapers and Dubai Marina beach, while during the meal you can admire the panoramic landscapes of Dubai.

The booking price includes three dishes to choose from for each guest: appetizer, main course and dessert.

Restaurant website: .

See and visit the most famous building-Dubai Hotel

The most famous, and already legendary, hotel in Dubai, which is positioned as a seven-star hotel, is the luxurious 5-star resort Burj Al Arab.

The building has a height of 321 meters (1,050 feet) and architecturally imitates the sail of a boat, so it is known as the "Sail Hotel" and "Sail of Dubai".

At the Hotel: Resort area with private nearby beach, infinity outdoor pool with lounge areas, jacuzzi and sun loungers, spa, restaurants with panoramic views of Dubai, bars and suites. Breakfast is included in the room rate. Link to hotel booking

For a fee, you can visit only the hotel's swimming pool with all amenities, or, also for a fee, take an excursion to the hotel, during which you can see the gold-trimmed artium and suites, admire the city panorama, and also hear the history of the creation of this architectural masterpiece. Various guided tours of the building are available. Website of excursions to the Parus hotel: .

Enjoy the Dubai Fountain Show

What is the first thing that comes to mind after Burj Khalifa and Dubai Marina when talking about Dubai? Of course, these are the famous Dubai fountains!

In Dubai there are two large light and music fountains in the evenings showing exciting shows.

The most famous and tallest fountain in Dubai is located in the Burj Lake of Downtown Dubai, near the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. This is the Dubai Fountain, which shows exciting water and music shows, in which the fountain's water jets soar into the air to a height of up to 150 meters; and this happens to the sounds of melodies ranging from classical to modern Arabic and European motifs.

The Dubai Fountain show can be seen during the day and in the evening when it gets dark. The Burj Khalifa skyscraper, which is illuminated in different colors, also participates in the evening fountain show. More about the Dubai Fountain and the show with photos and videos…

The second, but not by the grandiosity of the show, is Palm fountain (The Palm Fountain), which is located on the "nose" (tip) of the trunk of the Palm Jumeirah in the sea waters near the picturesque coastal area of The Pointe.

The fountain consists of two parts located on both sides of the promenade.

The fountain is capable of throwing out water jets to a height of up to 105 meters.

Every evening, when it gets dark, the fountain shows dancing light and music shows, during which the fountain jets are illuminated in different colors and "dance" to the music, creating compositions in which a lot of water jets then gracefully bend, then abruptly throw up. More about the fountain and the show with photos and videos…

Attention! The Point and the Palm Jumeirah Fountain are currently closed for renovations. We recommend checking the information before visiting.

In addition to the two listed, in the evenings you can enjoy, albeit not so grandiose, but your “own” fountain, which shows a spectacular show of water and fire. This fountain is called "Heavenly Fountain" and is located on the crescent of the Palm Jumeirah, on the territory of Ultra-luxury 5-star resort hotel Atlantis The Royal booking

In the hotel: swimming pools, including the outdoor infinity pool "Cloud 22" with sun loungers and cabins, located on the 22nd floor; restaurants and lounge bars, a long private beach, beach clubs, wellness center.

Rooms, suites and branded penthouses of the hotel have balconies, spacious terraces and private pools.

The room rate includes access to the nearby Atlantis Water Park, as well as breakfast or breakfast + dinner. Link to the hotel booking

The pool "Cloud 22" is available only for hotel guests, while anyone over the age of 21 can visit some restaurants and the hotel's beach club for a fee.

Spend a day at the water park

There are several water parks in Dubai: from large ones to a small inflatable one near Dubai Marina Beach.

Four Dubai water parks stand out

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark is an open-air Aquaventure Waterpark that is one of the largest water parks in the world and the largest in the Middle East.

The water park has an abundance of greenery, a private sandy beach, a food zone, places for recreation and a variety of water activities, including family, children's and extreme water slides, an aquatic children's play area.

Sea and water sports, including wave surfing, are also available.

The water park is located on the crescent of the Palm Jumeirah, on the territory of 5-star Atlantis The Palm booking

Guests of the Atlantis Hotel have unlimited and free access to the water park. Also, guests of the neighboring 5-star Atlantis The Royal booking

More about the Atlantis Water Park…

Wild Wadi Waterpark (Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai) in the open air, which is located in Jumeirah.

The water park has more than 30 different attractions, including water slides and a wave pool, two rivers, adrenaline high-speed and family descents, a surfing pool, a children's area with water attractions and slides, as well as relaxation and recreation areas.

Free access to the Wild Wadi Water Park is provided when staying at nearby hotels: Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Jumeirah Al Qasr, Jumeirah Mina A'Salam, Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf and Jumeirah Al Naseem. More about Wild Wadi Water Park…

Legoland Water Park, which is part of the largest integrated complex of theme parks in the Middle East Dubai Park and Resorts (Dubai Parks and Resorts). Waterpark website: legoland-water-park.

Have fun at Dubai theme parks

Dubai Parks and Resorts is a large complex of theme parks with various attractions, entertainment and show programs, which consists of three theme parks: Motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai and Legoland Dubai, as well as the Legoland Water Park.

The complex also includes the Riverland Dubai area with themed shops, restaurants, a promenade, a peninsula, the Gateway of India and a stylized French village.

Near the parks there is an outlet center "Outlet Village".

The website of the park complex: .

Global Village is a cultural, entertainment, family and shopping place where carnivals, shows, concerts, fireworks and other events are held, there are also entertainment areas and attractions, craft shops, shops, restaurants and cafes. All this has been created in various thematic pavilions reflecting different countries and cultures.

Global Village Website: .

Worlds of Adventure (IMG Worlds of Adventure) is a large indoor amusement park with several themed areas (including Marvel and for the youngest guests) with attractions, a ghost hotel, a 5D cinema, cafes, shops, live shows, interactive entertainment and an area with animated dinosaurs and a high-speed slide "Velociraptor" - the tallest and fastest in Dubai.

The website of the Worlds of Adventure Park: .

The Glowing Garden (Dubai Garden Glow, Dubai Garden Glow) is a complex park in Dubai, consisting of:

- a park of luminous installations in the open air;

- Dinosaur Park with models of more than 120 large dinosaurs that move and roar;

- ice Park, in which animals and figures are made of ice;

- Magic Park, which includes the art of science, with funny exhibits, optical illusions and 3D works of art;

- Art Park, which demonstrates identity and imagination in the form of various creations.

The website of the Glowing Garden: .

For family entertainment in Dubai, the world's largest indoor virtual reality park "Play DXB", located in the Dubai Mall, is also suitable.

The park has over 30 unique attractions, interactive and educational platforms.

Virtual Reality Park website: attraction/play-dxb.

Test yourself and feel the adrenaline

Dubai has also prepared several opportunities for thrill seekers.

Aventura Park is the largest rope park in Dubai, with trails of varying complexity, located on an area of over 35,000 square meters.

The Aventura Rope Park is located on the territory of Mushrif Park, which also houses:

- a global interactive village, which is a kind of open-air museum, including 13 models of typical buildings and structures from Arab and foreign countries: from Dutch mills and English houses to Polynesian temples and Indian wigwams;

- alpine slides, rock gardens, fountains and artificial reservoirs, playgrounds for children, bike paths, picnic areas, an equestrian club and several swimming pools, one of which is designed for women.

Aventura Rope Park Website: .

Speed and adrenaline can be experienced at the main cartdrome of Dubai (Kartdrome) with a track length of 1.2 kilometers, divided into indoor and outdoor tracks. Modern technical equipment guarantees complete safety, so visitors from the age of seven can take part in the races.

Cartodrome website: .

Lovers of underwater worlds can visit the extraordinary diving pool "Deep Dive Dubai", the depth of which is 60.02 meters. The Guinness Book of Records has already recognized it as the deepest diving pool in the world.

A feature of the pool is the "sunken" city at the bottom.

Website of the diving center: .

For the most daring, at Skydive Dubai, there is an opportunity to take a parachute jumpwith photo and video shooting.

Skydiving takes place over the most beautiful locations: Palm Jumeirah Island or the Arabian Desert.

Jumping is suitable for both experienced people and beginners. Instructors prepare guests for the upcoming jump, jump with guests and insure the latter.

The center also offers gyroplane (gyroplane) flights.

Website of the parachute center: .

For family activities and entertainment with active children, the BOUNCE Trampoline Park is suitable, which is one of the most popular play centers in Dubai for adults and children.

Here you can jump on trampolines or try to perform more complex tricks like a slam dunk on basketball rings; on the attraction "The Wall" you can run along the wall, and you can test yourself on the attraction "Big Bag" - a huge inflatable bag at the bottom of a two-meter "pit", allowing you to perform almost acrobatic elements with a soft and safe landing.

Trampoline Park website: .

Explore the animal world in Dubai

You can get to know the animal world better in aquariums, dolphinariums and the Dubai Zoo.

The Atlas Village complex, also known as the Dolphin Bay Dolphinarium, operates at the Aquavenchur Atlantis Water Park, where friendly bottlenose dolphins and sea lions live in the lagoon.

There are no marine animal shows in the dolphinarium. Here, for a fee, it is possible to communicate, swim and play with its inhabitants.

Also on the territory of the Atlantis resort is the aquarium "The Lost World" (The Lost Chambers), which is a museum of the underwater world, consisting of 14 halls and including 65,000 marine animals, including sharks, rays, jellyfish, moray eels, clown fish and other colorful fish.

In the aquarium, in addition to the usual visit, various programs are available for guests, including backstage excursions, yoga, diving among the ruins of the lost Atlantis, snorkeling, feeding stingrays, shark safari and walking underwater (Aquatrek underwater walk around the city of Poseidon in the aquarium). More about Atlantis Resort with dolphinarium, aquarium and water park...

The most famous Dubai Aquarium with an underwater zoo is located in the Dubai Mall.

The Dubai Aquarium is home to thousands of aquatic animals, including sharks, piranhas and stingrays. The heart of the aquarium is a 48-meter tunnel that provides a 270-degree view of the inhabitants from a depth of 11 meters below the surface of the tank.

Above the aquarium there is an underwater zoo with fish, sea and river inhabitants, as well as animals living on the border of water and land. More about Dubai Aquarium…

Also famous is the Dubai Dolphinarium, which is a fully air-conditioned indoor dolphinarium where dolphins and fur seals live, and guests can watch and interact with them through live performances and photo shoots.

The dolphinarium is located on the territory of Creek Park, which also includes a variety of entertainment and recreational facilities: playgrounds, green spaces, a promenade, picnic and barbecue areas, a Children's Town (Children's City) - an educational center with an interactive platform, galleries, exhibitions and shows designed for children from 2 up to 15 years old.

Dubai Dolphinarium website: .

Dubai Crocodile Park, having an area of 20 thousand square meters, which is home to more than 250 Nile crocodiles.

The park has created an environment with imitation of natural conditions, suitable for the comfortable life of crocodiles.

Visitors, when walking through the park, can not only see these animals, but also learn more about them.

On the territory of the park there is a museum dedicated to crocodiles and their evolution.

Dubai crocodile park website:

Dubai Safari Park (Dubai Zoo), which is home to about 3,000 animals from around the world, including various predators and primates, 50 species of reptiles, 111 species of birds, amphibians and invertebrates.

The park is divided into several thematic zones: explorers' village, safari in the Arabian desert, Asian village, African village, children's farm and Wadi village recreation area.

There are several cafes on the territory, there are souvenir shops; also, depending on the schedule, you can get to various shows.

Zoo website: .

P.S. The largest zoo in the UAE is located in Al Ain, which is also famous for its green squares, alleys and parks, thanks to which it is known as the "garden city" or "oasis city".

Catch the beauty in the world of flowers and butterflies

There are two interesting gardens in Dubai

The Garden of flowers, known as the Dubai Miracle Garden, which is located in the open air and is truly an oasis with more than 150 million colorful flowers in full bloom, as well as green plants, from which various compositions are composed in the form of colorful patterns.

Flowers decorate various figures and objects of the park. There is also a Village of Smurfs in the park. More about the flower park…

Butterfly Garden (Dubai Butterfly Garden), which is home to more than 15,000 butterflies of 45 species of various sizes and colors.

To support the life of butterflies, plants and flowers are planted in the garden. Also in the garden conditions are created for people visiting: places for rest, paths for movement, there are themed figurines. More about the butterfly garden...

The flower park and the butterfly park are close to each other, so it is convenient to visit them together for one trip.

Play golf

Dubai is home to a large number of golf courses, including Topgolf Dubai, Emirates Golf Club, The Els Club At Dubai Sport City and Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club with 5-star Park Hyatt Dubai with infinity pool.

See the legendary show "La Perle"

La Perle (La Perle, which means "Pearl") is a world-class circus and theatrical art show, for which an immersive theater with an aquascene was built, which is filled with water and drained in a matter of seconds.

The show "La Perle" is dedicated to the ancient tradition of pearl mining in the UAE, as well as the present and the future. During the show, gymnasts perform tricks - jumping into the water from a 25-meter height and flying under the dome, and motorcyclists in a metal ball will perform a supernumber. All this is accompanied by special effects of light, fire and water, and beautiful costumes of the artists.

The theater's website: .

Visit the colorful bazaars of gold and spices

Among the variety of modern shopping centers, as well as markets, in Dubai, the historical and colorful Golden Bazaar and Spice Market (spice market) stand out, to which guests of the city come not only for shopping, but also to feel the atmosphere of these places.

The most important attraction of the Gold Market is a large gold ring, listed in the Guinness Book of Records. The name of the ring is "Taiba Star" (Najmat Taiba) and it is made of 21-carat gold; its weight is 58.686 kilograms + 5.17 kilograms of Swarovski crystals.

Both markets are located in the Deira district of Dubai.

Discover the rainforest and winter in "desert" Dubai

In the "desert" and hot Dubai, you can combine the incompatible - walk through a real tropical forest and feel the coolness of snow and ice.

You can visit the tropics by visiting The Green Planet - a glass bio dome, a tropical indoor rain forest, where you can see more than 3,000 representatives of exotic flora and fauna - amazing animals and plants.

Green Planet Website: .

You can see and feel the snow in the innovative indoor ski complex "Sky Dubai" (Ski Dubai) with artificial snow and a ski area.

The complex is an 85-meter covered mountain with slopes of varying difficulty and lifts. There is a ski school.

Adjacent to the slopes is the Snow Park playground, which includes sledding trails, an ice slide, climbing towers, an ice cave, a zipline and other entertainment.

Penguins live in Sky Dubai, which are released from their enclosures at certain times and with whom you can "chat".

Winter clothing, ski and snowboard equipment are included in the price of entrance tickets. The complex maintains an average temperature of -4°C.

The ski resort is part of the Mall of the Emirates, one of the largest shopping malls in the world.

The site of the Sky Dubai complex: ski-dubai.

Dubai has ice skating rinks, one of which is Olympic size in the Dubai Mall, and the other is smaller in the 5-star Hyatt Regency Dubai booking

Plunge into the past and visit the future of Dubai

To plunge into the past of Dubai, to learn its history, as well as to look behind the scenes of the future of this rapidly developing and modern metropolis, you can visit two museums.

The Etihad Museum is a museum of the history of the UAE that collects, preserves and displays the heritage of the United Arab Emirates in social, political and cultural fields.

The museum houses numerous objects and artifacts: from old passports and personal artifacts of the rulers of the Emirates, to the signing of the UAE constitution and the first declaration.

Etihad Museum website: .

The Museum of The Future, which is also one of the most famous attractions in Dubai.

The museum is an exhibition space for innovative and futuristic ideologies, services and products, presenting expositions about how Dubai will look in the future and what it strives for in all spheres of life.

In addition, the museum building itself is one of the most complex structures in the world. The exterior facade consists of windows that form an Arabic poem by the ruler of Dubai about the future of the emirate.

The Museum of the Future website: .

P.S. If you want to look at art from a modern and colorful angle, we advise you to visit the largest digital art gallery in the Arab Gulf countries, Infinity des Lumieres, located in the Dubai Mall.

The gallery hosts multimedia exhibitions of paintings, various world attractions created by great people, and even music and outer space. All this comes to life in tandem with color, movement and music.

Gallery Website

Experience all the contrasts of Dubai

You can feel the unforgettable contrast of Dubai by walking through two districts of the city

1. Modern Dubai Marina with its glass skyscrapers, busy wide streets and small yachts and boats gliding along the mirror surface of the canal.

2. "Old Dubai", consisting of the historical quarters of Al-Bastakia (Al-Fahidi) and Al-Shindagha (Al Shindagha) with their narrow streets, low buildings and a former fort, which today houses the Dubai Museum (Dubai Museum), telling about the fort, history, cultural heritage and traditional way of life the Emirate of Dubai.

Seeing these two places of the city, you will fully feel the colossal contrast of the two worlds of Dubai.

Modern Dubai Marina

Old Dubai

See drone shows and fireworks

In Dubai, you can enjoy magnificent fireworks, as well as see laser shows and drone shows.

An unforgettable drone show takes place daily in the evening, over the waters of the Persian Gulf in the Dubai area Marina during the Dubai Shopping Festival winter Shopping Festival. Dates and times of the show are changing, we recommend checking the information before visiting.

Fireworks are held in Dubai for various festive events.

The most-the most fireworks are held during the New Year's Eve. In Dubai, three locations where fireworks are held are popular to celebrate the New Year: over the Persian Gulf in Dubai Marina; in Downtown Dubai, where the fireworks are accompanied by a Dubai fountain show and a laser light show on the Burj Khalifa building; the "nose" of Palm Jumeirah Island.

Video drone show from Dubai Marina BeachTake a tour of Dubai on tour buses

Take a tour of Dubai on tour buses

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