Observation decks in Dubai - see Dubai from above (with photos, addresses, sites, descriptions)

There are a sufficient number of viewing platforms in Dubai, thanks to which you can fully enjoy the panoramic views of Dubai, as well as understand what the real scope of this stunning city is.

To enjoy panoramic views, Dubai has prepared various viewing platforms for every taste and budget, ranging from classic observation decks in skyscrapers and panoramic lounges, ending with the highest Ferris wheel in the world, infinity pools, helicopter flights and parachute jumps.

Thanks to such a variety of locations, everyone will find a viewing platform to their liking in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the most famous mega skyscraper in Dubai, with a height of 829.8 meters (2722 feet) and 163 floors.

Inside the skyscraper are: office and commercial premises, private apartments, 5-star Armani Hotel, observation decks, cafe, panoramic restaurant, high-rise lounge, rooftop pool, fitness and spa centers, shops.

The most interesting in Burj Khalifa are 360-degree viewing platforms with terraces located on the 124-125 and 148 floors (at an altitude of 452-456 and 555 meters).

Visits to viewing platforms are paid.

Burj Khalifa is located in the heart of Dubai, in the Downtown Dubai, at address: 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd - Downtown Dubai - Dubai - UAE. More about Burj Khalifa and lookouts…

Observatory "Views of the Sky"

The Sky Views Dubai Observatory is one of the most interesting and exciting locations in Dubai, which offers not only panoramic views, but also entertainment and adrenaline.

Sky Views Observatory is located in one of the tallest and architecturally unusual buildings in Dubai - two towers rising more than 50 floors, and then connected at a height of about 220 meters above the ground by a multi-storey Sky Bridge, including an infinity pool with glass walls (available to hotel guests), an outdoor terrace and a restaurant. The building houses the 5-star hotel Address Sky View booking

Separately, the Sky Views Observatory is available for visits in the building, which includes three entertainments:

- the observation deck, located on the 52nd and 53rd floors of the hotel, at an altitude of 219.5 meters above the ground. On the observation deck there is a 46-meter road with a glass floor;

- a glass panoramic slide on which you can ride. The slide is a transparent tube that wraps around the outer part of one of the towers of the building and connects the 53rd level with the 52nd level of the building;

- a walk along the edge, which runs around the circle of the ledge outside surrounding the top of the main part of the tower, at level 53 (height 219.5 meters). The walk gives you the opportunity not only to admire Dubai from a height, but also to recharge with adrenaline.

Visits to locations are paid.

The observatory is located near Burj Khalifa, in Downtown Dubai, at address: Address Sky View Emaar Square Area Downtown - Dubai - UAE. More about the Observatory "Views of the Sky"…

In the Dubai Mall

The largest and most famous shopping and entertainment center in Dubai - Dubai Mall (Dubai Mall), is also located in Downtown Dubai, near Burj Lake, where the famous The Dancing Dubai Fountain.

The Dubai Mall does not have a good observation deck, but there are open terraces overlooking the lake and the fountain. There are restaurants and cafes on the terraces, from which you can see the lake and the adjacent ensemble from a small height.

There is also a public platform in the Dubai Mall, which can be accessed from the Apple Store and from which anyone can see part of the Downtown. This site is free to visit. More about Dubai Mall…

Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel

Ain Dubai, also known as the Eye of Dubai or the Dubai Eye is the tallest Ferris wheel in the world, with a height of 250 meters (820 feet).

Ain Dubai has 48 enclosed cabins with panoramic windows. The wheel makes a full circle in 30 minutes.

While driving, the wheel provides panoramic views of Dubai and beyond, including the Arabian Gulf, Bluewaters Island, the Dubai coast, Dubai Marina, the Palm Jumeirah archipelago, the Burj Khalifa skyscraper and the famous Burj Al Arab Sail Hotel booking

A visit to the Ferris wheel is paid.

The wheel is located on the beautiful artificial Bluewaters Island, which is located opposite the Dubai Marina Beach. More about the Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel…

P.S. On Bluewaters Island itself, next to the wheel and along part of the coast, there is a promenade, which is both a great place for walking and an observation deck (View point Bluewaters Island), which overlooks the bay, the beach and part of Dubai Marina.

The observation room is publicly accessible and free. More about Blue Waters Island…

Bluewaters Island is connected to the shore of Dubai Marina by the Bluewaters bridge, which also offers beautiful views of the beach, part of Dubai Marina, Blue Waters Island and the turquoise waters of the bay.

The bridge is free to visit. More about the Bluewaters Bridge…

Zipline in Dubai Marina

There is a zip line in Dubai, which is located in Dubai Marina. This is the XLine Dubai Marina zipline, which has a length of 1 kilometer and is positioned as "the longest city zipline".

A zipline connects the 44th floor of one of the Dubai Marina towers (the 170-meter Amwaj tower in Jumeirah Beach Residence) on one side, with the Dubai Marina Mall on the other.

The flight passes over the waters of the canal, while developing a speed of up to 80 kilometers per hour.

When flying on a zipline, you can admire Dubai Marina from above with its glass skyscrapers, lively wide embankments and small yachts and boats gliding along the mirror-like surface of the canal.

Zipline rides are chargeable.

Zipline website: xline/experience.

P.S. If you do not want to test yourself on a zipline, then you can enjoy the views of the Dubai Marina for free from the bridges connecting the banks of the canal and having both carriageways and pedestrian parts. You can also look at the canal and skyscrapers from the embankments, from panoramic restaurants and lounges or from the terraces of the Dubai Marina Mall shopping complex. More about Dubai Marina…

Observation deck "The View at the Palm"

One of the best observation decks in Dubai is located on the roof of The Palm Tower and is called The View at the Palm.

There are two observation platforms here: on the 52nd and 54th levels of the tower, at a height of 240 meters. Both sites offer 360-degree views.

The observation deck at level 52 is round, open at the top; Views can be admired through slanted glass panels.

The site on the 54th level of the skyscraper is also open, but smaller in area.

The lookouts offer stunning views of the Palm Jumeirah Island with its sights, the sparkling waters of the Persian Gulf and the skyline of Dubai with skyscrapers.

Visiting viewing platforms - paid. You can visit one lookout at level 52, or two at levels 52 and 54.

The Palm Tower is located on the famous Palm Jumeirah, at address: Palm Jumeirah Rd, The Palm Tower, 52ed Floor - Dubai - UAE. More about the observation deck "The View at the Palm"…

Infinity pool "Aura"

At the 50th level of the Palm Tower (in the same skyscraper as the observation deck "View of the Palm"), at a height of 200 meters, you can visit one of the world's highest outdoor infinity pools Aura (Aura Skypool Dubai) with a viewing angle of 360 degrees.

The swimming pool has an area of 750 square meters.

Near the pool there is a terrace with sun loungers and parasols, surrounded by greenery. There is also a panoramic lounge and bar.

Access to the pool is paid.

Pool website: auraskypool.com.

P.S. Another interesting object on the Palm Jumeirah is the picturesque coastal area of The Point, which is located on the "nose" (tip) of the trunk of the Palm Jumeirah near the waters of the Persian Gulf.

Here are: a shopping and entertainment complex, a small beach, restaurants and light and music the dancing Palm Fountain, showing a show in the evenings.

Along the waters of the bay, a 1.5-kilometer promenade stretches, where restaurants and cafes with terraces overlooking the bay are located. The Point complex has balconies, as well as outdoor terraces at the station monorail, to which you can climb up and view The Point for free with surrounding views of the bay, the Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai skyline. More about The Pointe…

Attention! The Point and the Palm Jumeirah Fountain are currently closed for renovations. We recommend checking the information before visiting.

Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame is an iconic architectural landmark located in Zabeel Park in Dubai.

This building, 150.24 meters high and 95.53 meters wide, resembles a frame for a picture or photograph.

The building houses small exhibitions, and on the top platform there is an observation deck that offers views of the two worlds of Dubai: old Dubai in the north and the modern city in the south. A feature of the observation room is the central part of the floor, which becomes transparent when you step on it.

A visit to the Frame is paid.

Dubai Frame Address: Zabeel Park Jogging Track - Za'abeel - Al Kifaf - Dubai – UAE.

Dubai Frame website: dubaiframe.ae.

Observation tower "Garden in the sky"

Observation tower "Garden in the sky" features a rotating tower that elevates guests 55 meters above the ground, making the tower an observation deck offering a 360-degree panoramic view of the city.

The observation tower is located on the territory of Expo City Dubai, built for the world exhibition held in Dubai in 2021-2022. For the exhibition, pavilions symbolizing different countries were created, and the surrounding area was landscaped.

Today, in addition to the observation tower, on the territory of Expo Dubai you can visit some pavilions, surreal with cascades of water that flows upwards, as well as cafes and restaurants, parks and playgrounds.

Expo City Dubai is an open city and no tickets are required to visit the public areas. Payment and tickets are required to enter certain attractions and pavilions.

A visit to the observation tower is also paid. Children under 2 years old - free of charge.

Expo Dubai website: expocitydubai.com.

Dubai Above ground crossings

These locations, of course, are not so panoramic and interesting, but if you use public transport in Dubai, and in particular the metro, or simply cross roads at overhead crossings, then while driving through the transitions, you can observe some views from the windows.

Particularly interesting are the views from the crossings over the Sheikh Zayed Road.

Helicopter flight over Dubai

You can admire Dubai from above by taking a helicopter flight over Dubai.

These excursions are good because, unlike walking among the skyscrapers of Dubai and climbing to the observation platforms, from where it is quite difficult to understand what the real scope of this amazing city is, having made a helicopter flight, you can see Dubai from numerous angles.

When flying, man-made islands, skyscrapers, desert and sea surface are clearly visible.

Skydiving in Dubai

For the most daring, Skydive Dubai has the opportunity to make a parachute jump with photo and video shooting.

Skydiving is done over the most beautiful locations: the Palm Jumeirah or the Arabian Desert, which gives you the opportunity not only to experience adrenaline, but also to admire the beauties of Dubai's cityscapes and the waters of the Persian Gulf or the striped hilly desert dunes.

Jumping is suitable for both experienced people and beginners. Instructors prepare the guests for the upcoming jump, jump with the guests and insure the latter.

The center also offers gyroplane (gyroplane) flights.

Parachute center website: skydivedubai.ae.

Panoramic restaurants and lounges in Dubai

Dubai has a good number of good restaurants and lounges with great views of the city.

Among the abundance of establishments, two are not quite ordinary

Restaurant "Dinner in the Sky" (Dinner in the Sky), which is recognized as one of the most unusual restaurants in the world.

Your table will be suspended from a crane 50 meters high in the sky near the skyscrapers and Dubai Marina beach, while enjoying the panoramic views of Dubai during your meal.

The price of the reservation includes three meals to choose from for each guest: starter, main course and dessert.

Restaurant address: Al Sufoh - Skydive - Al Seyahi St - Dubai - UAE.

Restaurant website: dinnerinthesky.ae.

The Flying Cup at The Beach, which offers a cup of coffee, tea or other drink with a selection of snacks, while your table will be raised above the ground by 40 meters high, which will give you the opportunity to enjoy not only the meal, but also the views.

The Flying Cup is open to visitors aged 4 and over (minimum height 105 cm).

The price of the reservation includes drinks or drinks + snacks.

The entertainment venue is located on Dubai Marina Beach (JBR Beach).

Institution website: flyingcup.ae.

Of the more classic panoramic establishments in Dubai, one can distinguish

TOMO Japanese Restaurant with a panoramic terrace offering stunning views of the Dubai skyline. The restaurant is located on the territory of 5-star Raffles Dubai.

Bar with terrace and restaurant Level 43, located on the roof of 4-star Four Points by Sheraton. The menu offers a wide selection of modern Japanese cuisine, with fresh seafood being the most popular. In addition, the hotel has a rooftop swimming pool (on the 44th floor) and a wide terrace with panoramic views of the Dubai skyline and the Jumeirah coast.

CÉ LA VI Dubai, located on the 54th floor of the 5-star Address Sky View hotel complex, features an outdoor panoramic terrace and swimming pool. From here you can see the Burj Khalifa skyscraper.

Treehouse Dubai restaurant and bar with an outdoor panoramic terrace, located on the rooftop of the 5-star hotel Taj Dubai. The dense foliage of living plants in the restaurant gives the impression that you are in a tree house.

Skyview Bar, located at an altitude of 200 meters with views of part of Dubai and the Arabian Gulf. The lounge is located on the 27th floor of the 5-star Burj Al Arab Sail Hotel.

The Penthouse Dubai, rooftop lounge at FIVE Palm Jumeirah. Asian cuisine on the menu. There is also a panoramic outdoor pool with a terrace with sun loungers and greenery. The lounge and hotel are located on the Palm Jumeirah, near Palm West Beach.

ZETA Seventy Seven is a contemporary Asian restaurant located on the rooftop of the 5-star Address Beach Resort, 310 meters above the ground. From here, breathtaking views of the coast of Dubai, the islands and the Persian Gulf open. The establishment has two types of menus, which are based on seafood, including lobster, oysters and shrimp. The restaurant's menu also includes poke bowls, sandwiches and hamburgers. The hotel has an infinity pool on the roof, at an altitude of almost 294 meters above sea level.

Wane by Somiya on the terrace 5-star Address Dubai Marina overlooking Dubai Marina . The restaurant serves brunches and themed dinners. In addition, there is a club with an infinity pool with a terrace with sun loungers. And in terms of the abundance of green plants, the place remotely resembles the jungle, as far as it is possible in Dubai.

Atelier M Restaurant and Lounge, located on the rooftop of the Pier 7 restaurant complex. The restaurant has an outdoor terrace overlooking Dubai Marina. The menu features Mediterranean and Asian dishes, including homemade vegetable dumplings, burrata cream cheese and salmon carpaccio.

White Dubai Lounge Club, located on a rooftop overlooking Dubai. This is one of the most popular establishments in the city. Light shows, entertainment programs and dances are held here for guests. White Dubai is open during the winter season.

Attention! It is better to reserve a table in restaurants in advance.

Or maybe you want to have a meal or live with views of the desert?!

Then Al Sarab panoramic terrace in classic Arabic style is at your service. The terrace offers a picturesque view of the endless sand dunes and the starry sky. The terrace is located within 5-star Bab Al Shams, A Rare Finds Desert Resort, Dubai booking

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