Dubai Aquarium at Dubai Mall: photo, inhabitants, site, visit

Dubai Aquarium (Aquarium of the Dubai mall) is an aquarium in Dubai, which is one of the largest suspended indoor aquariums of its kind in the world, with a large number of inhabitants of the aquatic world, and animals living on the border of the land and water.

Full name of the aquarium: Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo (arabic name: دبي أكواريوم وحديقة الحيوانات).

Dubai Aquarium is located in one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in the world - in Dubai Mall, located in the heart of Dubai, near Burj Khalifa skyscraper and the famous dancing fountain Dubai.

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo are home to thousands of aquatic animals - more than 140 species.

The aquarium in Dubai has a volume of 10 million liters of water and the world's largest external acrylic panel for viewing marine life, in which the underwater habitat is recreated. It contains more than 33,000 different marine life of the ocean, including fish, sand tiger sharks, reef sharks, leopard sharks, rays and giant groupers.

The main tank of the aquarium has a length of 51 meters, a width of 20 meters and a height of 11 meters.

Under the aquarium is a 48-meter tunnel, providing a 270-degree view of the inhabitants from a depth of 11 meters below the surface of the tank.

Above the aquarium (on the second level) there is an Underwater zoo with fish, sea and river inhabitants, as well as animals living on the border of water and land.

The zoo is divided into three ecological zones:

- "Living Ocean", which houses otters, piranhas, lionfish, giant spider crabs, seahorses, garden eels, archers, water rats, paddlefish, cichlids and other aquatic animals in 40 separate water aquarium tanks;

- "Rocky Coast" - a place where the land meets the sea and a harsh environment is recreated where the strongest survive. Here you can touch some of the hardier inhabitants of the rock pools;

- "Rainforest", recreating the riverbed surrounded by freshwater animals: piranhas, catfish, otters, water rats and others.

During the day, you can watch piranhas feeding in the aquarium, and how divers feed sharks and rays.

In addition to the above, the Dubai Aquarium offers visitors to swim on the surface of the water in a glass bottom boat (the trip lasts approximately 15-20 minutes); dive into the aquarium with scuba diving; meet sharks while in a safe cage; encounter penguins or Asian clawed otters; participate in animal feeding or meet a crocodile while feeding.

Remark! In fact, the Dubai Aquarium is not that big. Its main panel, featuring marine life including sharks and rays, can be clearly seen from the Dubai Mall. If you go up a level, then without going into the aquarium itself, you can see some of its inhabitants.

Practical information

Entrance to the Dubai Aquarium is paid. Children under 2 years old - free of charge.

There are only tickets for the aquarium and the underwater zoo, as well as various complex tickets for the aquarium and the zoo + for other services and activities in the aquarium, for example: meeting with penguins, otters or a trained shark, riding glass bottom boat tour, backstage guided tour, fish feeding, etc.

Minimum height and/or age is required to attend some events and entertainment.

Shark and stingray diving, cage snorkeling and diving are charged separately and are available with advance booking.

Tickets to the Aquarium can be purchased directly at the aquarium ticket office, also online in advance on the website or here →

Photo and video shooting is allowed in the aquarium.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is open 365 days a year.

For information about the opening hours of the Dubai Aquarium, the cost and purchase of tickets, entertainment, visiting conditions, etc., we recommend that you check before visiting on the official website:

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is located in Downtown Dubai, Dubai Mall, at address: The Dubai Mall, Doha Street Off 1st Interchange - Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Coordinates of the Dubai Mall Shopping Center: 25°11'51.0"N 55°16'45.0"E (25.197500, 55.279167).

You can get to Dubai Mall by taxi, car, public buses or metro. "Burj Khalifa" metro station; it is most convenient to go from the station along the covered air-conditioned passage to the Dubai Mall, and then follow the signs to the aquarium.

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