Dubai Flower Park (Dubai Miracle Garden)

Flower Park (garden of flowers), literally translated: Dubai Miracle Garden (arabic name: حديقة دبي المعجزة) is a natural flower garden in Dubai, which is an oasis in the middle of the desert, as well as the largest of its kind in around the world and one of the visited Dubai attractions.

The garden was opened on Valentine's Day in 2013.

The park is completely open air. It covers an area of 72,000 square meters (780,000 square feet) with more than 150 million colorful flowers in full bloom, as well as green plants that form various compositions in colorful patterns; flowers also adorn various figures and objects in the park.

All this makes the Dubai Wonderland one of the most picturesque and fragrant places in the region.

It should be noted that, despite such an abundance of flowers, there are no insects and bees in the park, and the flowers do not smell, which does not cause inconvenience to people when walking in the park.

In addition, every year the park updates its compositions and creates new flower masterpieces. So, coming to this marvelous garden, you will surely find something new.

In the Dubai Park of Wonders, from the abundance of colors of flowers of various shades and their diversity, the eyes not only “rejoice”, but also “run up”.

The park has places to relax, hammocks, swings, paths and alleys for walking, gazebos, lawns, flower arrangements, a flower hill, which you can climb and admire the garden from above, as well as flower castles and huge flower figures.

The park has a reservoir in the form of a pond, and some of the figures of the park are mobile.

A life-sized Emirates Airbus A380 adorned with flowers is the park's largest structure.

The aircraft is covered with over 500,000 fresh flowers and live plants. It is even listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

The Smurf Village, in which the world of blue creatures is presented in the park in the form of landscape compositions with houses and figures of Smurfs.

Also noteworthy in the park of flowers are flower villas, a flower clock, a lady in a dress of flowers floating in the air, and other wonderful vertical and horizontal compositional landscape objects.

The Miracle Garden has over 30 food outlets (drinks, ice cream, sweets, etc.) and souvenirs.

On certain days and hours, as well as with the onset of the evening, visitors to the park are in for surprises with unexpected characters and various shows.

Video of the flower park in Dubai

The Dubai Miracle Garden is also unique in that a huge abundance of bright flowers grow right in the middle of the desert, under the direct rays of the sun. The life of the flowers is maintained by reusing treated wastewater through drip irrigation, with an average volume of 757,082 liters (166,535 imperial gallons; 200,000 US gal) of water per day. The Dubai Municipality diverts the gray water from the city and sends it to the garden, after which the garden filters the water again, turning it into high quality water for use as irrigation for the plants in the garden. The watering of the garden takes place after the closing of the park (for the night).

P.S. Next to the flower garden is another interesting park - the butterfly garden, which is home to more than 15,000 butterflies of 45 species of various sizes and colors. Read more about Dubai Butterfly Garden...

Practical information

Dubai Flower Park is open to visitors from October to April. The park is closed during the summer months due to the heat.

Entrance to the Dubai Miracle Garden is paid. Reduced tickets are provided for children aged 3 to 12; children under 3 years old - free of charge.

Tickets can be purchased at the box office near the entrances to the park or in advance online on the website.

For information about the exact annual opening and closing dates of the flower park, opening hours, ticket prices, etc., we recommend that you check before visiting on the park website:

Tickets for the Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Butterfly Garden, as well as other places, activities and entertainment in Dubai, can view and book here →

Dubai Miracle Garden is located at the address: Street 3 - Al Barsha - Al Barsha South - Dubai.

Dubai Miracle Garden coordinates: 25°03'35.3"N 55°14'40.3"E (25.059810, 55.244540).

You can get to the flower garden and the butterfly garden at taxi, car or public buses.

Bus route 105 runs directly to the gardens during flower garden hours. The bus travels non-stop from the Mall of the Emirates metro station (red line). In the bus, as in other urban public transport in Dubai, the fare is paid by a transport card, but the 30-minute transfer rule does not apply - the fare is paid in full for the trip.

There are parking lots near the parks.

All accommodation facilities in Dubai, including those located in the city center, near the beaches and more remotely from them, can be view and book here booking

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