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Christmas markets in Munich (Münchner Weihnachtsmärkte)

On Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve in Munich, there are Christmas markets (German name: Münchner Weihnachtsmärkte), which become one of the most visited places in the city.

At the fairs, there are counters and tents, from which they sell food, including local street food, drinks, the main place among which is occupied by warming mulled wine, Christmas products, as well as souvenirs, products of local craftsmen and festive paraphernalia.

In addition to the tents at the fairs, there are Christmas decorations that create a festive atmosphere: glowing garlands on the shelves, decorated Christmas trees, colorful toys. Some fairs have children's carousels, and the public is entertained with mini-programs: performances, musical performances, shows, etc.

Thanks to all this, you can feel the approach of the main holidays of the year already a few weeks before the onset of such.

Christmas markets start their work in the twenties of November, mainly from November 21-29 and until December 22-24. Several fairs are open until the New Year - January 1-6.

The fairs are open daily, from approximately 10: 00-12: 00 pm and until 20: 00-22: 00 pm. Admission is free (free of charge). On the eve of Catholic Christmas (December 24), the fairs are mostly open until 14: 00 hours. The opening hours and days of the fairs depend on each particular fair and may change from year to year. But if you visit Munich in the period from the beginning to December 20, then you will find all the fairs of the city working 100%.

The main Christmas markets are located within Munich's old town (city center), where the main tourist life takes place. These fairs are among the most visited in the city, as their location allows you to combine the main attractions with the ability to move from one fair to another.

Christmas markets in Munich's Old town

Marienplatz Christmas Market

Marienplatz - the central square of the city.

The Marienplatz Christmas Market (Christkindlmarkt) is the oldest, main and one of the most popular Christmas markets in Munich.

A Christmas tree is set up in the square, and stalls and tents extend beyond the Marienplatz and are also placed in the nearby streets: Kaufingerstrasse and Neuhauserstrasse (Kaufingerstraße, Neuhauser Straße), Rindermarkt, Rosenstrasse (Rosenstraße), at the beginning of Sendlinger Street (Sendlinger Straße) and in the Front yard of the New Town Hall (Der Prunkhof) - entrance to the courtyard from Marienplatz square. Read more about Marienplatz…

Christmas market in the courtyard of the Munich residence

The Munich Residenz was once a luxurious palace and a full-fledged residence of the rulers, and today it is one of the most important art museums in Europe.

There is a small Christmas market (Weihnachtsdorf im Kaiserhof der Residenz) in the Imperial Court of the Munich Residence (Kaiserhof).

You can enter the courtyard with streets of the Residence (Residenzstraße) / Odeonsplatz. Read more about the Munich Residence…

Website: dasweihnachtsdorf.

Christmas market around the Sendling Gate

Sendling Gate - one of the three remaining the city gate of Munich, located on the square of the same name, in the southern part of the old town, at the end of the Sendlinger Strasse (Sendlinger Straße).

Around the Sendling Gate there is a small and cozy Christmas market (Christkindlmarkt am Sendlinger Tor), where they sell drinks, including warming mulled wine, food (sausages, burgers, cabbage, etc.), snacks, sweets and souvenirs. Read more about the Sendling Gate…

Website: sendlingertor.

Christmas market on the Viktualienmarkt

Viktualienmarkt - an open-air market in the old town of Munich, which operates all year round (from Monday to Saturday, except public holidays, from 8: 00 to 20: 00 hours), where the Christmas market (Weihnachtsmärkte Viktualienmarkt) operates on the eve of Christmas and New Year).

Additional stalls are being set up in the market, offering Christmas goods such as delicacies, mulled wine and handmade items. Near the cafe "Nymphenburg" there is a children's carousel.

The fair lasts until the first days of January-04.01. (Attention! Dates are subject to change). Read more about Viktualienmarkt...

Christmas market in the courtyard of the Izar Gate

Isar Gate (Isartor) - like the Sendling Gate, it is one of the city gates of Munich.

The Isar Gate is located on the eastern edge of Munich's old town, at the address: Tal Street, 50.

There is a small Christmas market in the courtyard of the Izar Gate. The fair lasts until the first days of January-06.01. (Attention! Dates are subject to change). Read more about the Izar Gate…

Ice skating on Christmas and New Year's Eve

From about mid-November to mid-January, there is an open-air skating rink with skate rentals on Karl Square (Karlsplatz). There is also a bar with beer, warming mulled wine and snacks.

The Karlsplatz ice rink is the largest mobile ice arena in the city and has an area of 750 square meters.

Karlsplatz marks the western border of the historic old town in Munich. Read more about Karlsplatz…

Christmas market on Wittelsbach Square

Wittelsbach Square (Wittelsbacherplatz) is one of the most important squares in the center of Munich and the most beautiful classicist square in the city.

The square is located within walking distance from the northern edge of Munich's old town (Odeonsplatz), on Brienner Strasse street (Brienner Straße).

On the square there is a fairly popular, visited and incredibly colorful Christmas market-the "Medieval Christmas Market" (Mittelalter-Weihnachtsmarkt, official name: Münchner Aduentsspektakel), with open-air tables, warming drinks, hot and cold snacks and all other goods and paraphernalia that are an integral part of the Bavarian Christmas markets. Read more about Wittelsbach Square…

Website: mittelaltermarkt-muenchen.

English Garden Christmas Market

English Garden (Englischer Garten) is a large public park in the center of Munich, which is one of the largest urban parks in the world.

There are several significant attractions in the park.

At the Chinese Tower (Chinesischer Turm) there is a Christmas market (Weihnachtsmarkt am Chinesischen Turm), which has counters and tables in the open air, you can play curling, ride on a carousel or in a horse cart. Read more about the English Garden…

Address of the tower and fair: Englischer Garten, 3. Website: weihnachtsmarkt-chinaturm.

Theresa's Meadow Christmas Market

Theresa's Meadow (Theresienwiese) is a 42-hectare open space located in the center of Munich.

Today, the Theresa's Meadow is Munich's largest venue for celebrations and festivals, including the winter festival "Tollwood" - a month-long festival of alternative culture and cuisine, which includes the Christmas Market (Weihnachtsmarkt Tollwood Winterfestival), and cultural events are held until the New Year.

During the festival, there are also large covered tents in the meadow, where they sell dishes of various countries, drinks, including beer, and souvenirs.

In addition to the Christmas market, the Teresa Meadow hosts the world-famous autumn folk festival (beer festival) - Oktoberfest. Read more about Teresa's Meadow and festivals…

Website: tollwood.

Above were listed the main fairs of Munich, which, usually, are quite enough for guests of the city.

Nevertheless, there are several other Christmas markets in Munich-they are smaller, less visited and located in places far from the city center. Such fairs work mainly for local residents living in certain areas of the city. These fairs are also called "local fairs".

These fairs can be an addition to the rest of tourists. For example, if you are visiting the sights of Munich on foot, located outside the city center, or just "went deep into the city" to better explore it, you can make your route so that during the way you will also visit the Christmas markets. For example, heading to the Palace of Nymphenburg (Schloss Nymphenburg), you can look at the Christmas market on Rotkreuzplatz or, exploring the eastern bank of the river Isar, you can visit the bazaar on Weißenburger Platz.

Christmas markets in the more remote areas of Munich

Christmas market near the museum "Transport Center-German Museum"

In in district the Ludwigsforstadt-Isarforstadt, near the Teresa Meadow, behind the Statue of Bavaria and Hall of Fame is "German Museum-Transport Center" (Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum), near the main entrance to which, on a small square, there is a small and little-visited Christmas market, where there is a children's carousel and local craftsmen sell products.

Address of the museum: Am Bavariapark, 5.

Christmas market on Rotkreutzplatz

Rotkreuz Square (Rotkreuzplatz) - a small square located in district of Neuhausen-Nymphenburg.

On the square there is a small but cozy Christmas market (Neuhauser Weihnachtsmarkt).

Website: weihnachtsmarkt-muenchen-neuhausen.

Leonard Square Christmas Market

Leonhard Square (Leonrodplatz) is a small square located in the Neuhausen-Nymphenburg district.

The square has a Christmas "Fairytale Bazaar" (Märchenbazar am Leonrodplatz), which gives a "whimsical" atmosphere thanks to concerts and a children's program.

!!! The fair may move, we recommend that you check the information before visiting. Please! If you find out that the fair has moved, please inform us about the current information in the comments that can be left at the bottom of this page. Thanks!

Website: maerchenbazar.

Christmas market in Schwabing

In the district of Schwabing, between the streets Munchner Freiheit (Münchner Freiheit) and Leopoldstrasse (Leopoldstraße) - on the square near the Wasserkaskaden fountain operates a Christmas market (Schwabinger Weihnachtsmarkt).

Website: schwabingerweihnachtsmarkt.

Weissenburger Square Christmas Market

Weissenburger Square (Weißenburger Platz) forms the center of the so-called "French Quarter" in district of Au-Haidhausen.

On the square there is a small and cozy Christmas market, where you can find specially brewed Christmas beer - "Christmator".

Website: haidhauser-weihnachtsmarkt.

Bogenhausen Christmas Market

The Christmas fair called "Bogenhausen Christmas Magic Forest" (Bogenhauser Weihnachtszauberwald) is located in the eponymous Bogenhausen district, near Cosimastrasse (Cosimastraße) and Englschalkinger Str.

This fair is considered the leader in mulled wine. It presents an abundance of varieties of the drink, including children's mulled wine.

The fair has two tents, tables and counters, children's attractions, and artisans offer their products in the open area.

A small event on St. Nicholas Day: All visitors who appear in a Santa Claus costume receive two mulled wines of their choice for free.

On Sundays, charity sweepstakes are held on behalf of charitable institutions in Munich.

The fair is open: Monday-Friday from 15: 00 to 21: 00 and Saturday - Sunday from 11: 00 to 21: 00. Lasts until the first days of January-06.01. (Attention! Opening hours and days may vary).

Christmas market in Pasing

The local traditional Christmas market "Pasinger" (Pasinger Christkindlmarkt) takes place in the Pasing-Obermenzing district, on the square near the Church of Maria Schutz (Pfarrkirche Maria Schutz), located at the address: Beckerstrasse, 21 (Bäckerstraße).

It is one of the largest Christmas markets in the west of the center of Munich-with more than 20 stalls, mostly handicrafts, and a cultural program.

The fair is held on weekends, starting approximately from the last weekend of November - the first of December and until December 22-23 (or the next calendar weekend).

Christmas market at Blutenburg Castle

Blutenburg Castle (Schloss Blutenburg) was built on the site of fortifications that existed in the 13th century.

Today, the remains of the castle are preserved: residential tower, chapel, part of the ring wall with towers and some rooms.

Throughout the year, the castle and the surrounding area host festivals, festivals and other events, including the Christmas market "Blutenburg" (Blutenburger Weihnachtsmarkt), which lasts only a few days, according to tradition - in early December.

Address of the castle: Seldweg, 15. Castle site: blutenburg.

Christmas fair "Pink Christmas"

Pink Christmas is a small Christmas market organized by the gay and lesbian community of the city, although everyone can visit this lively market.

Dates of the event: somewhere from 25.11 to 22.12. Time: Monday - Friday: 16: 00-22: 00, Saturday - Sunday:12:00-22: 00. The regular show program is at 19: 00.

Location of the event: Stephansplatz square (Stephansplatz).

Attention! The venue of the fair, the days and hours of operation are subject to change.

Website: pink-christmas.

Munich Airport Christmas Market

The Christmas market at Munich's Franz Josef Strauss Airport (Wintermarkt am Flughafen München) can surprise many.

Here, in an open space under a canopy, there are more than 40 counters with food and drinks, attractions, a large ice rink for free skating and curling, a Christmas tree is installed, entertainment programs and live music concerts are held, and there is also the opportunity to ride a bus around the airport during evening light trips (45-minute excursion) with visits to runways, fire stations, cargo buildings and maintenance halls.

Up to 5 hours of free parking is available at the P20 airport car park.

Address of the bazaar: Terminalstraße Mitte 18.

If you arrived in Munich on the eve of Christmas, then do not rush to leave the airport-take a look at this Christmas market and from the first minutes of your stay in the Bavarian capital, feel the culture of local fairs on the eve of the holidays. Flights to Munich →

Airport website: munich-airport. Airport tours: airport-touren.

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