Street Sendlinger Strasse in Munich (Sendlinger Straße)

Sendlinger Strasse, or simply Sendlinger (Sendlinger Straße), is one of the most important shopping streets in central Munich.

The street was named (from 1318) in honor of the village of Sendling (Sendling), now one of the districts of the city. In the 14th century the village Sandling was the first place outside the city walls of Munich, located outside the city gate Sendlinger tor, which, in turn, led street Sendlinger.

Today the street Sendlingerstrasse located in the historic old town of Munich can be reached from the Sendlinger tor gate in the North-East to the point where street Furstenfelder straße (Fürstenfelder Straße) meets Rindermarkt (Rindermarkt).

Sendlinger is a completely pedestrian street, its length is around 500 meters.

Along the street is a historical building with Bay Windows (now restored), also there are more new buildings and a small but important sights of the city.

Besides, Sendlinger Strasse is one of the oldest and most important shopping streets of Munich. Along the street an abundance of shops, including a shopping center Hofstatt, there are also restaurants and cafes. For the expansion of retail space, some shops were open courtyards.

The South end of the street mark the Sendlinger Sendlinger Tor, which are one of three surviving city gates of Munich, originally part of the second city defensive system.

Today Sendlinger tor is a historical monument and one of the symbols, signifying the entrance to the Old town of Munich.

On Christmas and New Year's Eve, there is a small and cozy Christmas market around the Sendling Gate. Read more about the Sendling Gate...

Street Sendlinger Strasse

Building with Bay Windows and a figure of a Saint, located at the corner of Sendlinger straße and Midstride (Schmidstraße).

Address: Sendlinger Strasse 32 and 34 are located two historical buildings representing an architectural ensemble and a masterpiece of the late Baroque, consisting of the former house of the brothers Azam (Asamhaus) and in the Heart of Munich (Asamkirche).

The house of Asamov and Asamkirche (Church of St. John of Nepomuk) was built by the brothers the Basics in the period between 1729 and 1746 years.

Buildings stand out with impressive facades that are written in a single line with other buildings along the street and only the Church extends slightly beyond this range.

Today the house of Azam can be seen only outside, but in Church you can enter and view the interior of the Shrine. Read more about the Heart and the home of the brothers the Basics of...

Street Sendlinger Strasse next

On the corner of the house at number 15 (the intersection of the Sendlinger Strasse and the street of German-Zack-Strasse) over the jewelry store of "Fridrich" located the figure of the dancer African. They say that this figure is set in motion every hour.

If you deviate from Sendlinger Strasse, a little to the West and walk down the street Checkinstance (Hackenstraße), then in 120 metres, at Hotterstrasse 18 (Hotterstrasse) will be one of the oldest surviving town houses in Munich "Hundskugel" (Hundskugel).

On the house you can see the date "1440".

The walls of the building was occupied by a traditional Munich tavern (restaurant), until 2011. It was visited by Fyodor Tyutchev and Heinrich Heine.

Today the building houses the social Fund with a place for public meetings. Read more about home Hundskugel...

Street Sendlinger Strasse next

At the beginning of the street Sendlinger (in this article - the end of the street) on the eve of Christmas and New year is a small Christmas marketwhere they sell drink, including warming mulled wine, food (sausages, burgers, cabbage, etc), snacks, sweets and Souvenirs.

At the intersection of streets Sendlinger, Rosenstraße (Rosenstraße), and Rindermarkt (Rindermarkt), at the following address: Sendlinger Str. 1, is a historical monument - the house Ruffini (Ruffinihaus), which consists of a group of three houses and was built by Gabriel von Zeidler at the beginning of the 20th century.

The house emitted the characteristic architecture of the turn of the century with special attention to details: artistic facades and Bay Windows, is one of the gems of the city.

Three houses that make up the house Ruffini, have different facades and mansard roofs. The buildings are arranged around a triangular courtyard.

Today the house is located, including, retail and commercial premises. Read more about the house Ruffini...

Behind the house Ruffini street Sendlinger Strasse blends in with the street and square Rindermarkt, and then into a small street Rosenstraße, which is 130 meters out to the Central square of the city - Marienplatz with the buildings of the New Town Hall and Old Town Hall.

Square Rindermarkt, which was previously a Cattle market, are: the fountain of the old Lion tower (Löwenturm).

On the eve of Christmas at Rindermarkt and street Rosenstraße operates Christmas market. Read more about the street and square Rindermarkt...


Street Rosenstraße

Where to stay on the street Sendlinger Strasse

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Guest house Lindner islocated close to Sendlinger Strasse, the house Ruffini and Marienplatz.

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All accommodation in Munich, including near the Sendlinger street in the historic center of the city, you can view and book here booking

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