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Viktualienmarkt, Munich: market, beer garden, fountains

Viktualienmarkt - a permanent food market in the center of Munich, which, in addition to the market, is also a square.

The current Viktualienmarkt was originally a farmers ' market and herb market. Until the beginning of the 19th century, the market was located in the central square of the city - Marienplatz. Со временем рынок расширялся и на Мариенплац уже не хватало места, тогда король Максимилиан I издал указ в 1807 году и рынок был перенесен на место, на котором он расположен в настоящее время.

At first, the square was called simply "market square", and later became known as "Viktualienmarkt" from the Latin word "Viktualien", which means food. In 1890, the Viktualienmarkt market reached its current size, with some additions, such as pavilions for the sale of fruit and a fish hall.

Since November 6, 1975, the Viktualienmarkt has become not only a market, but also a pedestrian zone, a meeting and recreation place.

Today, the Viktualienmarkt is the largest historic food market in Munich. Visually, it is an irregular square with tents, kiosks and shops where visitors are offered flowers, fruits, including exotic fruits, vegetables, game, poultry, spices, cheeses, sausages, fish, drinks, etc.

Opening hours of the Viktualienmarkt market:

The market is open all year round: from Monday to Saturday, except public holidays, from 8: 00 to 20:00.

At the same time, each dealer can set their own opening hours, and in winter, some market stalls close earlier. There are separate opening hours for florists, bakers, and restaurateurs. For example, they can be open on public holidays and on Sundays.

On certain days, such as Mardi Gra, Christmas (December 24) , and New Year's Eve (December 31), some outlets open or close earlier.

Together with the Viktualienmarkt in Munich, there are four permanent food markets (historical).

The other three markets in Munich: Elisabetmarkt (Elisabethmarkt) in the Schwabing-West district (Schwabing-West), Pasinger Viktualienmarkt behind the Nymphenburg Palace and the "Viennese Market" (Marktes am Wiener Platz), which is the smallest of the four permanent food markets in Munich and is located on Vienna Square (Wiener Platz) in the Au-Haidhausen district.

Beer garden on the Viktualienmarkt

Since the Viktualienmarkt is also a public recreation space, in addition to the market, there are catering facilities, including a restaurant with a beer garden "Biergarten Am Viktualienmarkt".

This beer garden is designed for 1100 seats and, although it is not the largest in Munich, it is certainly the most central. There is not just one brewery represented here, but the major Munich breweries alternate in a 6-week cycle: Hofbräu, Spaten Bräu, Augustiner Bräu, Hacker Pschorr, Paulaner, Löwenbräu.

Restaurant address: Viktualienmarkt, 9. Read more about beer gardens in Munich…

"Maypole" on the Viktualienmarkt

In the center of the Viktualienmarkt is the "Maypole".

Maypole trees were traditionally installed in every Bavarian village. Therefore, the former mayor of Munich, Albert Bayerle, expressed the wish that Munich also had maypole trees. In 1962, Munich breweries installed the first pole on the Viktualienmarkt.

The groups of figures attached to the maypole represent the motifs of Munich life-crafts and crafts: the brewing team, Oktoberfest, shepherd dance, musicians and a dancing couple, a stallion and a beer bar, the flags of the city of Munich and the patron saints of brewers (St. Boniface and St. Florian).

Fountains on the Viktualienmarkt

The Viktualienmarkt also has several fountains "scattered" throughout the market.

Most of the fountains are named after singers and actors in Munich.

On the first Friday of August, the fountain festival takes place in the square. Fountains are colorfully decorated, as well as musicians, artists and actors perform.


- fountain in the German actress Elise Aulinger (Elise Aulinger-Brunnen), installed on the Viktualienmarkt since 1977;

- fountain is a monument to the German comedian Weis Ferdl (Weiß Ferdl-Brunnen), which has been decorating the Viktualienmarkt since 1953;

- fountain is a monument to Roider Jackl (Roider Jackl-Brunnen), who was a forester and a Bavarian folk singer. He appeared at various strong beer festivals in Bavaria and especially impressed the residents of Munich with his performances;

- fountain in honor of the German actress Liesl Karlstadt (Liesl Karlstadt-Brunnen). She was also a cabaret artist and was particularly known in Munich for her comedic duet with Karl Valentine. After the death of Karl Valentine, she also played serious roles in the Munich chamber theater "Kammerspiele" and in the theater of the Munich residence (Residenztheater);

- фfountain in honor of the comedian Karl Valentine (Karl Valentin-Brunnen). The fountain was designed by the sculptor Ernst Andreas Rauch and presented to the city in 1953 by Karl Valentine's stage partner Liesl Karlstadt.

In Munich, in the towers of the Isar Gate (Isartor) is the museum of Karl Valentine (Valentin Karlstadt Musäum), dedicated to the Bavarian comedian and Liesl Karlstadt. Read more about the Izar Gate and the museum…

- fountain in honor of Ida Schumacher (Ida Schumacher-Brunnen), who was a theater actress and comedian, originally from Lower Bavaria;

- The potato fountain (Kartoffelbrunnen), which is perhaps the most inconspicuous on the Viktualienmarkt, but also one of the most popular fountains in Munich, as it is open all year round and offers drinking water.

Previously, the fountain stood near the tram stop "Harlachinger Schwaige", and on the Viktualienmarkt was moved in 1975 and installed near the potato and vegetable points (hence the name);

- honey fountain (Honigbrunnen), which was named after the nearby honey selling point "Honighäusl". The fountain appeared on the Viktualienmarkt in 1974. Before that, it had already been located in several locations in Munich for more than 100 years.

Festivals on the Viktualienmarkt

The market hosts a number of traditional and folk events, such as: the Mradi Gras Festival, Brewers 'Day, gardeners' Day, the opening of the asparagus season, a summer festival, dancing on Shrovetide Tuesday, etc.

On the eve of Christmas and New Year's Eve, the Viktualienmarkt has a Christmas market (Weihnachtsmärkte Viktualienmarkt). Additional stalls are being set up in the market, offering Christmas goods such as delicacies, mulled wine and handmade items. Near the cafe "Nymphenburg" there is a children's carousel.

The Christmas market lasts until the first days of January-04.01. (Attention! Dates are subject to change).

Practical information

The Viktualienmarkt is located in the heart of Munich - in the historic old town of Munich.

Official website of the Viktualienmarkt: viktualienmarkt-muenchen.

All accommodation options in Munich, including near the Viktualienmarkt and in the historic city center, can be view and book here booking

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