Munich Chamber Theater (Münchner Kammerspiele)

Kammerspiele is a Munich chamber theater, the main facade of which overlooks the Royal Avenue - the most expensive street in Munich - Maximilianstraße.

Munich kammerspiele "Kammerspiele" was incorporated as a private stage, and since 1933 is maintained by the city.

The theatre building in the art Nouveau style was built by architect Richard Riemersma and max Littmann in 1900-1901 years.

Kammerspiele has three scenes: the main and basic on Maximilianstrasse and two small rooms - Camera 2 (previously arcade entertainment), located at: Falckenbergstraße 1 and Camera 3 (formerly workshop), located on the third floor at the address: Hildegardstraße 1.

The main stage theater on maximilianstraße has 690 seats.

Chamber theatre of Munich, located between the streets of maximilianstraße, Falkenstrasse, Hildegardstr and Stollbergstrasse (Stollbergstraß) and is characterized by its location in the courtyard, which is bounded by a block of houses and is part of the garden.

The address of the theater: Maximilianstrasse, 26-28.

The website of the Munich chamber theatre: muenchner-kammerspiele.

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