Observation Decks in Munich

The capital of Bavaria - Munich, without a doubt, beautiful. The city has many sites and places to visit and see. Some of these places are the viewing platforms and observation points, granting views of Munich and the surrounding area, and which can be an excellent solution for lovers of panoramic views.

Within Munich are as the paid observation deck, and free observation points, as well as species of cafes and hotels, of which opens the panorama of the city.

New town hall

In the heart of Munich, on the central square of the city - Marienplatz, there is a magnificent neo-Gothic building made of brick and stone-the New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus), in the upper part of the tower of which there is a 360-degree observation deck, giving beautiful panoramic views of Munich and the surrounding area, including the Marienplatz square itself and the historic old town.

Climb to the observation deck on the elevators. The Playground is open, fenced grid. On the site there are plaques with information that can be seen from the lookout.

The rise of the platform paid. Read more about the New town hall and lookout.

St. Peter's Church

St. Peter's Church (Peterskirche) is the oldest Church in the city and in the Church tower, at a height of 56 meters, is an observation deck, which is considered one of the best in Munich.

The observation deck is open. Gives 360-degree panoramic view. The ascent is by steps at the Church.

Observation deck with beautiful panoramic views of the Marienplatz with the New and Old town halls, the old town and the surrounding area and in good weather you can see the Alps.

The Church is located near the Marienplatz (near the New town hall) square Petersplatz (Peterspl.), the address: street Rindermarkt, 1.

Since the observation in the New town hall and St. Peter's Church located in close proximity to each other and the views from them are similar, it is possible to choose one of the sites, or, if desired, to visit both.

The climb to the viewing pay. Read more about St Peter's Church and lookout.


The Frauenkirche (Church of our lady) is a Gothic Cathedral in Munich and also a symbol and one of the main attractions of the city.

In the upper part of South tower Frauenkirche is an observation deck, granting its guests panoramic views of the city and the surrounding area.

Entrance to the viewing pay.

The hotel is located in the center of Munich's old town, at: Frauenplatz, 12 (Frauenplatz). Read more about the Frauenkirche and the observation...

Angel Of Peace

The memorial "angel of peace" (Friedensengel / Friedensengel) dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the peace Treaty after the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1871 years.

Consists of an open square temple, built in Greco-Ionian pattern, and high columns in the Corinthian style, which is decorated with a bronze figure of a Golden angel.

Near the column is open area - terrace Prinzregent-Luitpold (Prinzregent-Luitpold-Terrasse) with panoramic views of the street Prinzregentenstrasse and part of the historic center of Munich.

Viewing free.

Angel of peace is located in the centre of Munich, in the district of Bogenhausen, close to the Eastern end of the bridge Luitpold (Luitpoldbrücke). Read more about memorial angel of peace and observation...

Olympic tower

Olympic tower (Olympiaturm) - tower in Munich, in the upper part of which, at a height of 185 - 200 meter is three-tiered observation deck, which is the highest observation point in town.

The lower level observation deck - covered, two top - open areas.

The observation deck at the Olympic tower offers the volume of a circular (360-degree) view of the city, including the Olympic Park, the BMW Museum and far beyond Munich.

On the lookout guests lifts high-speed Elevator.

The climb to the viewing pay.

Also at the top of the tower is a revolving panoramic restaurant.

Olympic tower located in the Eastern part of the Olympic Park, at the address: Spiridon-Louis-Ring 7 (Spiridon-Louis-Ring). Read more about Olympic tower and observation...

Olympic hill

Olympic hill and Olympic hill (Olympiaberg), is a hill of artificial origin, with a height of 60 meters, located in the Park area of the Olympic Park.

On top of the Olympic mountains is an observation deck with a 360-degree review. There are places to stay.

From the mountain views of the Olympic Park, also see the silhouette of the city centre.

Viewing free. Read more about Olympic mountain and the observation deck...

Hill Fröttmaning Underground Station

Hill fröttmaning underground station (Fröttmaninger Berg / Prefmanager Berg) has an artificial origin and a height of 75 meters.

Within the hill there are places for walking and recreation, Playground, and top views of football Allianz arena (Allianz Arena), Munich's skyline and the surrounding area. Viewing free.

In the upper part of the hill is the wind turbine, as an ecological attraction on the site of a former garbage dump.

Fröttmaning underground station is located at the Northern edge of Munich in the district Schwabing-Freimann (Schwabing-Freimann).

Hill Luitpold

Hill Luitpold (Luitpoldhügel / Luitpoldhain) has an artificial origin and a height of 37 meters.

On top of the hill are places to relax and a landscaped observation deck, which offers views of the Park itself and partly in Munich and the surrounding area. Some views are to be had while climbing the hill.

Viewing free.

Hill Luitpold is located in the North-Western part of the Luitpold Park (Luitpoldpark), which, in turn, located in the North-West district of Schwabing-West (Schwabing-West), close to the Olympic Park.


Monomer (Monopteros) - rotunda in the Greek style, located on a hill (artificial 15-meter-high hill) in the southern part of the English garden (Englischen Garten).

Today monoter is including free for everyone to access the observation deck, which offers views of the English garden and the skyline of Munich. Read more about English garden and monoptera...

The Statue Of "Bavaria"

The statue "Bavaria" (Bavaria Statue) - a monumental bronze statue, which in the female form embodies the Bavarian region - his power and glory.

Internal spiral staircase, located in Bavaria, leads to the platform at the head of the statue, where through small openings overlooking the Theresienwiese and the surrounding area.

The observation deck is open to visitors from April to October 15. The climb to the viewing pay.

The statue "Bavaria" is located at the Western outskirts of the Theresienwiese (Theresienwiese), at: Theresienhoehe, 16 (Theresienhöhe). Read more about the statue "Bavaria" and the observation...

In the autumn Oktoberfest which takes place annually from the second to mid-September and early October on the Theresienwiese set the Ferris wheel, where you can ride and consider the meadow and surroundings from a height. Read more about Theresa Meadow...

St Paul's Church

St. Paul's Church (Kirche St. Paul) Catholic Church, built between 1892 and 1906 in neo-Gothic style.

At the top of the Church tower, with a height of 97 meters, is a circular observation deck, made in the form of balustrades.

From the observation and views of the Theresienwiese, Munich and the surrounding area.

The facility is open for visitors during the Oktoberfest, the rise of paid.

St. Paul's Church located near Theresienwiese, at the address: St.-Pauls-Platz 11. Read more about St. Paul's Church and lookout.

Building The Maximilianeum

A historic building, the Maximilianeum (Maximilianeum) is the seat of the Maximilianeum Foundation for gifted students and the seat of the Bavarian Parliament.

The entrance to the building is impossible. From the steps and walls outside the building and views of the bridge Maximilian (Maximiliansbrücke), the Maximilianstrasse (Maximilianstraße) and some of the surrounding area.

Maximilianeum is located in the centre of Munich, on the East side of the bridge, Maximilian, at the address: Max-Planck-Strasse, 1 (Max-Planck-Straße). Read more about the Maximilianeum...

German Museum

The German Museum of masterpieces of science and technology (Deutsches Museum) is one of the most visited and volume of museums in Munich, which represents more than 30 thousand exhibits from 50 fields of science and engineering, from astrophysics to cell biology.

The Museum's observation terrace, available for visitors, with panoramic view of Munich.

The entrance to the Museum is paid.

The German Museum is located in the centre of Munich, on the Museum island (Museumsinsel), at the address: Museumsinsel, 1. Read more about German Museum.

Bridges and embankments of the ISAR river

The river ISAR (Isar) flows through the city of Munich in the direction from South to North.

Along the river are embankments, green areas and parks, and the bridges across the ISAR connects the East and West banks of the river, including two Islands located on the river.

In any season you can stroll along the quays along the river and(or) numerous bridges across the river. Some of the bridges represent engineering monuments, while others are completely pedestrian.

With bridges and embankments and views of their own bridges and embankments, the river ISAR and some objects placed on both sides of the river. Read more about the bridges and embankments in the centre of Munich...

Bridges near Central station

Near the Central railway and bus stations of Munich, above the railway tracks pass two bridges: Donnersbergerbrucke (Donnersbergerbrücke) and Hackerbrucke (Hackerbrücke), with views of the railway and buildings.

Some guests of the city called observation points on bridges are the most romantic in the city and they can enjoy the summer sunsets.

Specific restaurants

In Munich there are cafes, restaurants and bars with panoramic views of the city.

For example:

- vidovo revolving restaurant in the Olympic tower;

- cafe "Glockenspiel", granting a view of the New town hall and Marienplatz. Cafe address: Marienplatz 28, 5th floor;

- cafe-bakery "Rischart: Cafe am Markt", which has an open terrace with tables on the roof of the second floor. The cafe is located in the center of Munich's old town, near the Church of St. Peter, at the address: Viktualienmarkt, a 2 (Viktualienmarkt);

- cafe-bar "The Terrace" with panoramic terrace and lounge bar. Terrace located in the old town of Munich, a 5-star hotel Mandarin Oriental, at the address: Neuturmstrasse, 1 (Neuturmstraße);

- cafe "im Cafe Vorhoelzer Forum" with a terrace with tables on the rooftop, offering excellent views of the Munich city centre. The cafe is located in the building Department of the technical University, at the address: Arcisstrasse, 21 (Arcisstraße);

- the restaurant "DIE KÜCHE IM KRAFTWERK" with balcony-terrace. The restaurant is located on the southern outskirts of Munich, at the address: Drygalski-Allee, 25 (Drygalski-Allee).

Hotels (with city views)

Lovers of heights and panoramic views, in addition to the individual observation and species a cafe, in Munich you can stay in one of the hotels which overlook the city.

For example:

- the hotel BEYOND by Geisel, with a view of Marienplatz and New town hall.

In the hotel: lounge area, bar, Parking, free Wi-Fi, hour front Desk and a shared kitchen with a dining area.

Room rates include Breakfast. Link to the hotel booking

- 5-star hotel Bayerischer Hof with its Spa centre, a rooftop pool, sauna, gym, restaurants, bars and facilities for guests with reduced mobility.

The hotel offers free fruit basket and bottle of mineral water. Link to the hotel booking

- 5-star Mandarin Oriental hotel with a terrace and rooms with panoramic views of the city centre, lounge, restaurant, Turkish steam bath, a sauna and a fitness center.

Room rates may include Breakfast. Link to the hotel booking

- the Hilton Munich Park with balconies that overlook the English garden and the ISAR river.

Hotel: club-restaurant, lounge, bar, Parking, a gym and a modern Spa centre with an indoor pool.

Room rates may include Breakfast. Link to the hotel booking

- the Hyperion hotel München, which has rooms with panoramic Windows with city views.

In hotel: restaurant, bar, gym, tour Desk, free Wi-Fi, Parking and rooms for conferences.

Room rates may include Breakfast. Link to the hotel booking

- 5-star Westin Grand Munich, whose Windows offer a panoramic view of the city.

In the hotel: 2 restaurants, tavern with beer garden, bar, Parking and Spa centre with gym and indoor swimming pool.

Room rates can be inclusive of the Breakfast buffet. Link to the hotel booking

- The 4-star Sheraton Munich Arabellapark hotel with views of the city.

In the hotel: 2 restaurants, bar and beer garden, a lounge, a Spa on the 23rd floor with a heated pool, gym, sauna and steam room.

Room rates may include Breakfast. Link to the hotel booking

All accommodation in Munich, including in hotels, with panoramic views of the city, you can view and book here booking

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