Rindermarkt in Munich - street and square (Cattle market)

Rindermarkt is a street and square located in the historic old town of Munich, near the central square of the city - Marienplatz and one of the important pedestrian and shopping streets - Sendlingerstrasse (Sendlinger Straße).

From the point of view of traffic and planning, Rindermarkt under a single name represents both a square and partially the street.

Translated from the German "Rindermarkt" means "Cattle market" and is also known as "Cow market".

Originally this area was used as a market square for trading cattle, hence the name of the street. Later the rich patricians built on Rindermarkt their homes.

Rindermarkt is one of the oldest streets in Munich and originally connected the Marienplatz with the then existing Sendlinger tor gate, part of the defensive system of the city.

During the Second world war the house on Rindermarkt suffered greatly. During the reconstruction the original structure of the street in the direction of the street of Oberanger (Oberanger) was expanded to the present size with the construction of modern buildings. Only the North side Rindermarkt still corresponds to the old layout of the buildings.

Currently Rindermarkt is a continuation of the street Sendlinger, which, in turn, leads to the old city gate Sendlinger Tor.

On the eve of Christmas and New year Rindermarkt operates a small traditional Christmas market.

The sights on Rindermarkt

The fountain of the cattle market

Rindermarkt fountain / fountain of the cattle market, or literally as "fountain of the market of cattle" (Cattle market fountain, German title: Rindermarktbrunnen / Intermentent) is a large fountain with a sculptural composition, which celebrates the historic function of the former cattle market and named accordingly.

The fountain is located in the center of the square. Was created in 1964 by Munich sculptor and Professor of the Munich Academy Josef Henselmann in the reorganization of the market. Sponsor of the fountain was Gunther Henle.

The fountain is a slightly raised area above the main square sloping site with stone steps, which depicts a scene that simulates a naturally formed body of water, cascading. Near the pond depicts a sculptural group consisting of three cows, monitored by the shepherd sitting on the supporting wall of the fountain.

House Ruffini

In the Western part of Rindermarkt, at the intersection of streets Sendlinger and Rosenstraße (Rosenstraße) at the address: Sendlinger Str. 1, is a historical monument - the house Ruffini (Ruffinihaus), which consists of a group of three houses and was built by Gabriel von Zeidler at the beginning of the 20th century.

The house emitted the characteristic architecture of the turn of the century with special attention to details: artistic facades and Bay Windows, is one of the gems of the city.

Three houses that make up the house Ruffini, have different facades and mansard roofs. The buildings are arranged around a triangular courtyard.

Today the house is located, including, retail and commercial premises. Read more about the house Ruffini...

The lion tower

Lion tower (Löwenturm / Levinton) is the oldest building, the exact time of construction is unknown, but probably the tower dates from the 12th century and probably was built as a water tower for a city Park or building for drainage and was also used as a tower room.

Today the Lion's tower is a 23-meter brick rectangular tower in the Gothic style, with battlements, becausemy the top of the tower.

To visit the tower is impossible, because it has no doors, no staircases, both internal and external.

Address of tower: Rindermarkt, 7. Read more about the Lion's tower.

St. Peter's Church

The North-Eastern extremity of Rindermarkt znamenat St. Peter's Church, also known as "Old Peter" (Peterskirche / Peterskirche, Alter Peter / Alter Peter), which originates from the 11th century.

In the walls of the Church in a glass sarcophagus lies the relics of one of the early Christian martyrs of the Holy Roman Munditia (Saint Munditia), decorated with jewels.

In the tower-the bell tower of the Church is a circular observation deck with panoramic views, including Marienplatz square, old town and the surrounding area and in good weather you can see the Alps.

The address of the Church: Rindermarkt, 1. Read more about St Peter's Church and lookout.

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