Residence Street in Munich (Residenzstraße / Residencestrasse)

Street Residence or Residenzstrasse (Residenzstraße) is one of the most important shopping streets in the historic old town of Munich.

Street Residence is one of the most visited streets in Munich, as well as the link between two important squares of the city.

Most of the street is a pedestrian zone. Along the street are located some of the famous attractions of Munich.

Residentialstyle the length is about 450 meters. It binds to Odeonsplatz square with an area of max Joseph.

Odeonsplatz is one of the most beautiful and busiest squares of Munich, which is connected with an ambivalent history, and around which is concentrated the important sights of Munich: Teatinerkirhe, Feldherrnhalle, the Hofgarten Park. Read more about the square Odeonsplatz...

For the ground-floor street Residenciales runs in a South-easterly direction.

At: Residentialstyle 27, is Preising Palace (Palais Preysing) - a former mansion in the Rococo style, which served as the residence of the counts of Pasinkov and built between 1723 and 1728 years. Read more about Palace of Praising...

On the West side of the street the residence of the dense ranks lined historic buildings (now restored) with bright facades. Previously it was the home of the middle class.

Today, the buildings are shops, cafes and restaurants.

The Eastern side of the street forms a wing of the Munich residence, which stretches along the street for a quarter and due to which the street got its name.

Munich residence (Münchner Residenz) - the historic residence of the Dukes, electors and kings of Bavaria, the largest inner-city Palace in Germany.

Today Munich is one of the most important art museums in Europe.

The structure of the residence includes: 10 courtyards, residence Museum, the Treasury, the Munich state collection of coins, cuvillies-theater, library, court Church of All Saints Park and the Bavarian Academy of Sciences. Read more about Munich residence...

For the Munich residence of the stretched area of max Joseph (Max-Joseph-Platz / Max-Joseph-Platz), which was established in the early 19th century, when in 1802, was demolished Franciscan monastery, to make room for the construction of the National theatre.

The square is named after the dynasty of the Wittelsbach king of Bavaria Maximilian I Joseph.

In the middle, stands a monument to king Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria.

On the East side of the square are two theatres, forming the basic image of the area: the national theatre (Nationaltheater), and the "New" theatre residence (Residenz Theatre). Read more about the square max-Joseph...

The Plaza of max Joseph street Residences Dating and shopping street Persistance (Perusastraße) and the Maximilianstrasse (Maximilianstraße), stretching to the East of the city and leading to the historical building, the Maximilianeum.

The corner of Residenciales and Persistence

Photo maximilianstraße street

On the corner of maximilianstraße and Residenciales, at: Residentialstyle 2, is the Palace of Turing-Jettenbach (Palais Toerring-Jettenbach), which was built in the 18th century in the Rococo style and it was one of the most sophisticated aristocratic Palace of Munich.

The main decoration of the present building of the former Palace is its North facade, which was restored by Leo von Klenze columned portico. Murals tamer of horses in the portico was made by Johann Georg Hiltensperger.

In the 2000s, the building was converted to commercial and residential center with shops, restaurants, offices, residential apartments on the upper floors and underground Parking. Read more about the Palace of Toerring-Jettenbach...

Further up the street Residenciales runs along the West facade of the Palace of Turing-Jettenbach in a southerly direction somewhere else on 80 meters and ends at streets Chamerstrasse (Schrammerstraße) and Hofgren (Hofgraben), where it merges with the street Dienerstrasse (Dienerstraße), which, in turn, leads to the city's central square - Marienplatz.

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