Lion's Tower in Munich (Löwenturm)

The Lion Tower (German title: Löwenturm) is an old structure, an architectural monument and one of the sights of Munich.

The exact time of the tower's construction is unknown, but the tower probably dates from the 12th century.

The current state of the tower shows its many changes and transformations during the history that prevent accurate conclusions about the original purpose of the tower.

Initially it was assumed that the tower was part of the first fortifications of the city of Munich. However, remnants of the old city wall, located approximately 15 metres from the tower, refuted these findings. In addition the walls of the tower were too thin for defensive functions. On old plans of the city the Lion tower was designated a city standing above a stream flowing in those days, about 10-15 meters in front of the city wall. All this has led to the suggestion that the tower was erected as a water tower for a city Park or building for drainage and was also used as a tower room.

On old plans of the tower is shown surrounded by adjacent residential buildings, through which, probably, was possible to access the tower, because now the tower has no doors, no stairs, no internal partitions for movement from the bottom-up and top-down.

The original assumption that the tower was part of the city's fortifications, built by the founder of the city of Henry the lion and gave the present name of the tower - "the Tower of the Lion" or "Lion's tower".

Photo of the Lion's tower, at the end of the 19th century

Today the Lion's tower is a 23-meter brick rectangular tower in the Gothic style, with battlements, becausemy the top of the tower.

The tower has seven floors.

Inside the tower is neo-Gothic ribbed vault and frescoes depicting birds, trees and characters of the 15th century, which probably date from the late Gothic period.

To visit the tower impossible.

A sign on the wall of the Lion's tower

The lion tower is located in the heart of historic old town of Munich, surrounded by the modern buildings on Rindermarkt, at the following address: Rindermarkt, 7.

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