Angel of Peace, Munich (Friedensengel) - memorial and observation deck

Angel of peace in Munich (Friedensengel / Friedensengel) is a memorial consisting of a column with a monument and a small temple to the memory, and the terrace is a viewing platform.

The memorial is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the peace Treaty after the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1871 years.

The Foundation of memorial was laid on 10 may 1896. The opening took place on 16 July 1899.

Peace monument consists of an open square of the temple 8 x 8 metres, the columns in the Corinthian style with a height of 23 meters, which is decorated with 6 metre tall bronze figure of a Golden angel with a wingspan of 5 meters. The entire monument weighs about 3500 pounds and has a height of 38 meters.

The angel on the top of the column is a female figure, is a symbol of victory and exact copy of the statue of the Greek goddess of victory, Nike by the sculptor Peonia. In the right hand it holds the olive branch as a symbol of peace, and in his left hand Palladion image of the goddess Athena, which stands for the struggle and wisdom.

The authors of the statue are sculptor Henry Dula, Georg Pezold Max Heilmaier.

Column set on a square base, which is a templebuilt in Greco-Ionian model. The temple roof is supported by eight caryatids (statues dressed women) and four corner columns. On the outer sides of the corner pillars are relief medallions, which are depicted portraits of emperors, chancellors and generals, such as Kaiser Wilhelm I and king Ludwig II. In the inner part of the temple, four Golden mosaics (one on each side) depicts the war, victory, peace and blessings of culture.

The roof of the temple is decorated with acroters (raised corner ornaments) in the form of ancient armor and weapons as trophies of victory, which are located at the four corners of the roof.

Near the column is open area - terrace Prinzregent-Luitpold (Prinzregent-Luitpold-Terrasse), with a panoramic view of the street Prinzregentenstrasse (Prinzregentenstraße) and part of the historic center of Munich.

Angel of peace is located in the district of Bogenhausen, is part of the Park Maximiliansanlagen. From the old town to the memorial leads Prinzregentenstrasse street and bridge Luitpold (Luitpoldbrücke).

From the bridge to the terrace and the monument has engaged in bilateral ladder.

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