Beaches of Genoa (coast of Genoa). Beach holidays in Genoa

Genoa is a large city and the administrative center of Liguria region.

Coast of Genoa, along the Ligurian sea 30 kilometers, is characterized by the presence of a major port as well as a variety of beaches, which, while not the best in Liguria, but still provide a full range of services for a comfortable beach holiday. As a result, in Genoa there is the possibility to combine Hiking through the historic center and sightseeing with a beach holiday.

The Beaches Of Genoa. Coast Of Genoa

For easy orientation, the coast of Genoa can be divided into three zones: the Central part of the coast, Western and Eastern.

The Central part of the coast of Genoa

In the centre of Genoa beaches there. Along the coastline is a major port, part of which is occupied by the old port of Genoa, also known as the ancient port of Genoa (Porto antico di Genova / Marina Porto Antico) - an area where the first port activity of Genoa.

The old Genoa port - one of the most popular tourist spots to stroll and relax.

Located in Porto: sights, aquarium, Botanical garden, panoramic Elevator, museums, a Ferris wheel, as well as places for walking and recreation, which offers various travel, music, cultural and sporting events. Read more about old port of Genoa...

The beaches of Genoa is located in the Eastern and Western parts of the coast, consisting of small areas, seamlessly flowing into one another.

Initially, the regions were Autonomous municipalities, but after 1874 - 1926 years they were included in the Large Genoa and are now its suburbs.

Along the line of the sea areas are highways and pedestrian walkways, which are also the embankments by which it is possible to walk from district to district.

The Eastern part of the coast of Genoa

The Eastern part of the coast of Genoa originates just behind the port and runs to the town of Bogliasco. Consists of 7 regions, each good in its own way and all of which are beaches.

District Foce (Foce) - the first Eastern district of Genoa. To boast of beaches in the area can not. The beach here is at the Eastern edge of the district, and the beaches themselves are more than mediocre.

On the beaches: pebble, stone, concrete. There is a paid section of the beach.

In the area Foce begins Corso Italia (Corso Italia) - the main promenade of Genoa, the length of which is about 2.3 kilometers. The street runs along the coast of the neighboring district of Alvaro, to the ancient fishing village of Boccadasse, which is the pearl of the East coast of Genoa. Read more about promenade Corso Italia...

District Alvaro (Albaro) is famous for its beaches, the bulk of which are paid beach clubs with all necessary infrastructure.

On the beaches: deck chairs and umbrellas, rubbish bins, changing cabins, showers, playgrounds. On some beaches there are cafes and pools, conduct fitness, dancing and other entertainment and sporting events.

On the large beaches of grey sand, pebbles of different sizes, the stones occur. On the East side of the area there are rocky and concrete parts of the coast. Read more about Albaro neighbourhood...

A separate part of the district of Alvaro is allocated Boccadasse (Genova) is a small historic fishing village and one of the most charming and visited places of the Genoese coast.

Now Boccadasse is a picturesque place with a few narrow winding streets, colourful low rise buildings typical of Ligurian architecture, and a beach-Bay a couple of sights and panoramic views from the Cape of Santa Chiara. Read more about Boccadasse...

District Sturla (Sturla), the coast of which is characterized by the presence of two beaches: Vernazzola and namesake Sturla beach.

Beaches Sturdy attractive in that they, for the most part, free.

On the pebble beaches of various sizes, sometimes mixed with major grey sand. Sea water is a pleasant blue color, depth comes sharply. Read more about the Sturla area...

The area of Quarto dei Mille (Quarto dei Mille), the coast of which is indented with bays, surrounded by rocky and rocky formations.

On beaches large dense gray sand, pebbles of various sizes, also there are rocky and concrete parts of the coast, which are equipped with ramps into the sea.

Sea water is clean, depth comes rather abruptly.

There are free stretches of beaches, and there are those which are paid beach clubs with all the necessary beach infrastructure. Not uncommon on the beaches - beach cafe-bars. Read more about district of Quarto...

The district of Quinto al Mare (Quinto al Mare) coastline similar to the Quarto area, but less extended. Read more about district of Quinto...

District Nervi (Nervi), informally considered to be a resort, with its particularly mild climate and is one of the most popular and extensive areas in the vicinity of the center of Genoa.

The Western part of the district of Nervi is characterized by a coastline indented small bays surrounded by rocky and rocky formations.

Three of the Bay-beach of the Western coast, two of which are pebbly and rocky and one concrete and rocky. The beaches are public and free.

Further along the coast is the port of Nervi, which is a small harbour (Porticciolo di Nervi) at the mouth of the Nervi river, which is surrounded by buildings typical of Ligurian architecture, painted in bright colors.

Along the Harbor there are several cafes, and in its centre is a small beach.

For the port of Nervi originates the Anita Garibaldi promenade (passeggiata Anita Garibaldi), also known as the Nervi promenade (passeggiata di Nervi). The promenade runs along the line of the sea at long rock to the Eastern tip of the district of Nervi.

The boardwalk is the pride of Nervi and is a pedestrian zone with a length of about 2 kilometers. On the waterfront there are places to stay.

Along the promenade along the rocky coast, where there are several thermal baths located on the flat stones with the equipped descents into the sea. Read more about district of Nervi...

The district of Sant Ilario (Sant'ilario) - the last of the Eastern district of Genoa.

Coast of Sant Hilari is characterized by rock formations with a minimum of beaches.

At the Western extremity of the coast, on the border of the districts of Sant Ilario and Nervi, is the former village of Capolungo with the same small public pebble beach.

The coast further to the end of Sant Hilari rocky and hilly. There are a couple of steep descents to the sea, where, in high season, on the big flat boulders resting locals and tourists. Read more about Sant Ilario...

The Western part of the coast of Genoa

The Western part of the coast of Genoa originated from the Western tip of the port of Genoa and it is less extensive than the East, consists of three districts, two of which have beaches and along the third is the port.

The Pegli area is one of the most picturesque and interesting districts of greater Genoa.

East beach Pegli the longest, it stretches from the port to the Park is the arena of artists ('arena degli Artisti). On the beach large gray sand and pebbles.

The Park and almost to the Marina Castelluccio (Marina Castelluccio) stretches a strip consisting of a small beach segments separated by stone breakwaters.

This part of the coast is Pegli is characterized by pebbles of various sizes, sometimes mixed with a large gray sand, while in the Western tip is the stony and rocky areas.

On the beaches: deck chairs and sun umbrellas and a few beach cafe-bars, boxes. Read more about Pegli...

District PRA (Pra') is the Central area of the Western part of the coast of Genoa.

Although PRA and located along the coast, but the beaches there. The coastline in this part of Genoa is a port and yacht zone.

Along the line of the district, from the sea, is a buffer zone, equipped with a long Hiking trail for walks and sports. Read more about the district PRA...

The district of Voltri (Voltri) - the last of the areas of the Western part of the coast, signifying the end of Genoa.

In the center of the Voltri located two beaches, apparently, distributed and named by the names of the two major churches located near the beaches.

On the beaches: coarse grey sand and pebbles of various sizes, beach chairs and sun umbrellas and a few beach cafe-bars, boxes.

The Eastern beach of Voltri - Sant'Ambrogio.

West beach of Voltri - St. Erasmus (Sant'erasmo). Along the beach runs the promenade.

Next, in the direction to the West, is the beach in Vesime (Vesima) prior to Arenzano. Read more about the area of Voltri...

Where to stay near the beaches of Genoa

Accommodation along the coastline of Genoa abound, they are represented as hotels and guest houses and apartments (complete units).

All accommodation in Genoa, including near the beaches of the coastal areas and in the historical centre and in the old port of Genoa, you can view and book here booking

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