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Voltri, Genoa

Voltri is a small area that is part of Genoa and is considered a suburb of it.

Voltri is located in the Western edge of the coast of the Big Genoa. From the East it borders with the area of PRA, also forming part of Genoa.

Distance from the historic centre of Genoa (old port) to the center of Voltri is 16 kilometers.

The urban layout of the area is a mixed type, with presence as low-rise buildings of the nineteenth-twentieth centuries, constructed in accordance with the Ligurian architectural style of the time, and massive modern buildings.

The Beaches Of Voltri, Genoa

Coast Voltri is characterized by three beaches and rocky area.

On the large beaches of grey sand and pebbles of various sizes.

On the beaches: deck chairs and sun umbrellas and a few beach cafe-bars, boxes.

In the center of the Voltri located two beaches, apparently, distributed and named by the names of two large churches near the beaches:

- Eastern beach of Sant'ambrogio (Sant'ambrogio);

West beach - St. Erasmus (Sant'erasmo). Along the beach runs the promenade.

Next, in the direction to the West, is the beach in Vesime (Vesima) prior to Arenzano.

Attractions Voltri, Genoa

Voltri city hall (Il municipio di Voltri)

Town hall Voltri is located near the beaches and the sea, in Piazza Sebastiano Gaggero (Piazza Sebastiano Gaggero).

Photos of the area, Sebastian Gaggero

The Church of Sant'ambrogio (Chiesa di Sant'ambrogio)

The Church of Sant'ambrogio was built on earlier sanctuaries, which had a high altar on the South and North entrance, which is now the side.

A fresco in the Church reports that in 1266 the Church was restored in 1785 was finishing work, which ended in 1838.

However, the current layout of the Shrine dates back to 1620, although the first dome was built in 1668, then was replaced in 1752.

Since the Church is located among the narrow streets of Voltri, its main decoration - a large dome and graceful high bell tower you can see only partially with the surrounding streets.

The Church of St. nicolò and Erasmo (Chiesa dei Santi Nicolò ed Erasmo)

In the place where now is a large Baroque Church of Saints nicolò and Erasmo, was built in the thirteenth century chapel, dedicated to St. Erasmo, the patron Saint of sailors.

In the seventeenth century, after incrementing the village Voltri, it was decided to expand the chapel. The choir and the main altar was made in 1667 with the use of precious marble inserts. The final work was made in 1714 with the construction of a hemispherical dome.

In the walls of the Church worthy of note is the collection of Genoese paintings from the 18th century, a chapel dedicated to the Madonna del Rosario with Baroque décor of polychrome marble, is located to the right of the main altar.

Villa Brignole Sale (Villa Brignole Sale Duchessa di Galliera)

The Villa is located on the hill of the hill.

Originally, the Villa called "Paraka" (Paraxo) was built by the aristocratic family of Mandela. The Central body of the Villa, surmounted by the coat of arms of an influential family Brignole-Sale, dates back to the seventeenth century, while the two wings were added later.

Contrary to the usual rules of construction of prestigious villas of the time, the main entrance is not located in the center of the building, and under the portico of the East wing.

In the interior are preserved frescoes and decorations of the eighteenth century in Rococo style. At the rear of the Villa there is a winter garden. It also houses the theatre, opened in 1786 and reorganized for the show in 2010 after restoration works.

Near the house there is a historic garden with a terrace, fountain, courtyard walks, flower beds, a grotto and a fountain.

The website of the Villa: villaduchessadigalliera

In Voltri are other churches that may be of interest: sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie (Santuario della Madonna delle Grazie) and the sanctuary of our lady of Acquasanta (Santuario di Nostra Signora Dell'acquasanta), located in the village of Acquasanta, 5 kilometers from the center of Voltri.

Where to stay in Voltri (Voltri hotels)

D'albertis apartmentlocated on the 17th-century Villa within a private Park, surrounded by waterfalls and ponds.

From the Windows of the Villa overlooks the Ligurian sea and the Park.

The apartment includes: kitchen with microwave, oven and fridge, washing machine and free Wi-Fi.

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Apartments La Piccola Mansarda overlooking the river and the sea.

In apartment: air conditioning, flat-screen TV, 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen with microwave and kettle, bathroom with bidet and shower. The link apartments booking

La Mansarda di Claudialocated in a building constructed in 1900.

Apartment: 1 bedroom, a TV with cable channels, a kitchen with fridge and stove, a washing machine and a bathroom with a bathtub. The link apartments booking

House Claudia apartments with free Wi-Fi and city views.

The apartment offers: 2 bedrooms, a flat-screen TV, a kitchenette with a dishwasher, microwave and washing machine, bathroom with bathtub. The link apartments booking

All accommodation in Genoa, including in the area of Voltri, you can view and book here booking

Photo Voltri, Genoa

The district of Voltri on the map

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