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Boccadasse, Genoa (Boccadaze)

Boccadasse (Genova, Ligurian name Boccadaze) is an ancient fishing village that now is part of Albaro neighbourhood, which in turn is part of a Large Genoa.

Boccadasse is located in 5-6 km from the historical centre of Genoa (old port).

Today Boccadasse is one of the most picturesque historical sites of Genoa to the beach, a few narrow, winding streets and low, colourful buildings typical Ligurian architecture.

The beach at Boccadasse, Genoa

Beach Boccadasse is a small pebble Bay (Harbor) with no special facilities to which side of the city, close come close structure and the tiny square Plebiscito (piazza Nettuno).

Behind the beach Boccadasse to the East coast, the Cape of Santa Chiara (Capo di S. Chiara), separating the district from the Alvaro area Sturla.

Under the Cape is a tiny rocky beach.

Attractions Boccadasse, Genoa

All of the seaside village of Boccadasse, with its streets and colourful houses is one of the attractions included in the tourist routes in Genoa.

However, in Boccadasse there are two points of interest.

Church of St. Anthony (chiesa di Sant'antonio di Padova)

Church of St. Anthony marks the beginning of Boccadasse is located in the Eastern end of Corso Italia (Corso Italia) street, which is considered the main promenade of Genoa.

The parish Church of St. Anthony of Padua was originally a simple chapel, built in the early seventeenth century by fishermen and locals.

In 1787 the chapel was expanded and turned into a full-fledged Church. In 1827, the belfry was built. After, in the period between 1880 to 1978, the Shrine was restored several times and expanded.

The Church has a single nave, the floor of polychrome marble and keeps within its walls a few works of art, among which are sculptures of Francesco Storace and Antonio Canepa. Several models of ships hanging on the walls as decorations.

Locks Cesaret (castello Casaret) and Turke (castello Türcke)

Locks are buildings of the 20th century, stylized small castles, gracefully towering over the Bay, together representing a hallmark of the village.

Casarita near the castle or Rocca Tirrena (Rocca Tirrena) is a terrace with panoramic views on the part of Boccadasse, the coast area Sturla and sea water.

Address of the castle: Via Al Capo di Santa Chiara, 27.

The architect of the castle Turke was Gino coppedè who work in the style of architectural eclecticism.

After adjusting administrative boundaries, in the sixties of the twentieth century, the street of al Capo di Santa Chiara became the boundary between the districts Alvaro and Sturla, so officially lock Turke relates to the area of Sturla.

Boccadasse on the map

Where to stay in Boccadasse

Holiday home NEAR the SEA in the reception area.

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Apartments Your Home On the Sea, located in the 18th-century garden, a bar, a shared lounge and free Wi-Fi.

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Apartments Mattelìn - Una Storia Antica Di Pescatori with air conditioning, a balcony and a terrace.

In the apartment: 2 bedrooms, a flat-screen TV, a kitchen with a dishwasher and a microwave, a washing machine and a bathroom with a bidet. The link apartments booking

All accommodation facilities in Genoa, and in Boccadasse, you can view and book here booking

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