Pra, Genoa (Pra')

Pra (Pra') is a small residential area that is part of Greater Genoa and located in the western part of the coast of the city.

Initially it was an Autonomous municipality, but in 1926 he was included in the Big Genoa and is now its Western suburbs.

District is Great in 13 kilometers from the historic center of Genoa (old port), between the Pegli area (Eastern side coast) and the district of Voltri (Western side coast).

PRA, Genoa

Although Pra and located along the coast, but the beaches there. The coastline in this part of Genoa is a port and yacht zone. Beaches are in two neighboring districts: the Pegli, and Voltri.

Photos of beaches Pegli

Photos of beaches Voltri

Along the line of the PRA area, sea side, is a buffer zone, equipped with a long Hiking trail for walks and sports.

The streets and squares of the PRA, Genoa

One of the Central squares of PRA is the square of the Amateur Skies (Piazza Amatore Sciesa) having an elongated rectangular shape and is surrounded by low colorful houses typical of Ligurian architecture.

On the square: places to stay in the shade of spreading trees, a small children's Playground. Also on the square the festivities, concerts and performances.

Going from the square the streets, including street Arnaldo Fusinato (Via Arnaldo Fusinato), which is one of the main arteries areas.

Along the street: shops, cafes and restaurants.

Photos of other streets in the centre of PRA

Attractions PRA, Genoa

Historic Villa

Starting from the Western border of the Great, along the Aurelia road/RPA (via Aurelia/via Prà) and in the immediate vicinity, continuing in an easterly direction, located historic Villa Dating back to the end of the 16 - 17th centuries, when rich and influential people of Genoa built their mansions and residences along the coast.

Villa Pinelli-the Negron (villa Pinelli-Negrone), located to the address: street PRA, 61, has existed since the sixteenth century. In 1580, the Villa was restored, was later produced by the expansion and added decoration. The internal decorations of the rooms date from the early twentieth century.

Also the villas are on the street, PRA: 62 - house of Adorno Piccardo / villa Adorno Piccardo, 63 - Villa Doria podestà / villa Doria Podestà, 70 - Villa Sauli podestà / villa Sauli Podestà; the street Pieve de Teko 16 (via Pieve di Teco) - Villa Negron della Loggia or Fiametta Villa / villa Negrone della Loggia; the street Kondanani 21 (via Cordanieri) - Negron or Villa di San Pietro (villa Negrone), etc.

The Church Of Santa Maria Assunta

The Church of Santa Maria Assunta (chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta) is one of the oldest and most famous churches in Liguria and was built before the year 1000.

In the second half of the 17th century the Church was rebuilt in its current form has a single nave with a length of 23 meters and a width of 12 meters. Then in the side walls on each side were built three altars.

For the Church is a cemetery

Church of our lady of Soccorso and San Rocco

Nostra Signora del Soccorso e San Rocco

The Fortress Is Great

Castelluccio di Pra (Il Castelluccio di Pra) was built in the 16th century probably on the remains of a watchtower built in the 10th century on a cliff overlooking the sea, to protect coastline and human settlements from invading enemies.

During the Second world war the garden was adapted for the construction of the batteries and bunkers. After the war, was included in the beach zone, which, after the construction of the port of PRA, was turned into a place of mooring of pleasure boats.

District Phra on the map

Where to stay in the area of PRA, Genoa

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The hotel "b & b" Casa dei nonni with sea views, a shared lounge and free Wi-Fi.

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A Magiun 2 apartments with access to a garden with a terrace.

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All accommodation in Genoa, including in the area of PRA and around Pegli, and Voltri, you can view and book here booking

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