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Old port of Genoa (Porto antico di Genova)

The old port of Genoa, also known as the ancient port of Genoa (Porto antico di Genova / Marina Porto Antico) is the area where the first port activity of Genoa originated.

Now the old port is part of the large port of Genoa and is used as a marina, residential and tourist center, as well as a place of entertainment and cultural services.

The old Genoa port - one of the most popular tourist spots to stroll and relax.

Located in Porto: sights, aquarium, Botanical garden, panoramic Elevator, museums, places for walking and recreation, which offers various travel, music, cultural and sporting events.

In the area of Porto Antico there are many buildings of artistic and cultural interest, including some buildings of the seventeenth century, part of which was demolished in the sixties, to release space for the construction of elevated road along the port area. For example, the Palazzo San Giorgio (Palazzo San Giorgio).

From the old port of Genoa you can take boat trips, including 30-70 minutes along the port of Genoa.

Along the main part of the old port is the port promenade with outdoor Seating, shops, cafes and restaurants.

The attractions in the old port of Genoa

Maritime Museum "Galata" (Galata Museo del Mare)

Sea Museum "Galata", built in 2004, is now the largest and technologically innovative Maritime Museum in the Mediterranean.

The Museum has three floors and terraces.

An integral part of the Galata Museum is also part of the Museum located under the open sky in the area of the Darsena with fishing boats.

The public part of the Museum tells the story of the shipyards and marine commercial activities held in these places.

Before Galata is Nazario Sauro S518 - the only Italian submarine which can be used as a floating Museum and learn about the living conditions of submariners.

Website of the Maritime Museum "Galata":

Ponte Morosini Pier (Molo Ponte Morosini)

Maritime Museum, East coast is supposedly Ponte Morosini, where small yachts are moored along which cafes and restaurants.

Galleon "Neptune" (Galeone Neptune)

Galleon "Neptune" - the ship, which is an artistic reconstruction, real and with the ability to move (top speed 5 knots), the ancient Galleon of pirates, built in 1986 as the main scenery of the film "Pirates" directed by Roman Polanski.

Currently, the Galleon can be visited by the public and moored next to the aquarium.

Cost of tickets: 6 euros, children 4 to 12 years - 4 euros.

The aquarium of Genoa (Acquario di Genova)

The aquarium of Genoa is one of the largest aquariums in Europe with a rich collection of aquatic biodiversity.

The exhibition shows more than 70 kinds of environment and around 12 000 animals of 600 species, coming from all seas of the world. From rare, such as manatees, marine mammals that gave rise to the myth of mermaids before the more well-known, such as dolphins; from the penguins to the great marine predators - sharks. And even in the aquarium are the jellyfish, seals and colorful tropical fish.

The website of aquarium of Genoa:

Botanical garden "Biosphere" (Biosfera)

This small Botanical garden (tropical forest by the sea) unlike most other Botanical gardens in the world, it is located in the globular structure of glass and steel, located on the water next to the aquarium.

Glass globe is home to butterflies, iguanas, ferns and various species of tropical plants that can live thanks to a special automatic arrangement in which the curtains are placed on the inner walls of the structure globe, allow a suitable level of solar heat outside.

The biosphere was designed by the famous Genoese architect Renzo Piano and opened in 2001 as a symbol of peace at the G8 summit in Genoa.

Today the area is an integral part of the Genoa aquarium.

The site of the Botanical garden:

Lookout "Island barge" (Island of Barges)

Along the aquarium and the biosphere of Genoa is supposedly on the nose which is an observation deck, which offers views of the port of Genoa.

Piazza delle Festa (Piazza delle Feste)

This is the largest space in the old port, located on the pier, in the heart of the old port of Genoa.

Piazza delle Fest, the universal and multi-function tensile structure (tent), which is from December to March has a skating rink, and in the rest of the year is used for outdoor activities, taking a variety of exhibitions and events (musical, cultural, commercial and sporting).

Tent structure, designed by Renzo Piano, covers part of the pier - 2000 square meters.

The panoramic lift "bigo" (Bigo)

Bigo - modern metal lift, designed by Renzo Piano in 1992, the base of the structure which is located in the water.

Bigo like a big loading crane, similar set in the ports, but instead perform the functions of a crane, bigo is a viewing platform.

Round closed cab of the Elevator takes its visitors to a height of 40 meters and rotates 360-degrees, offering an overview of the port and town of Genoa.

Cost of tickets: 4 euros. The website of the panoramic lift "bigo":

The Building Of The "Millo" (Millo)

The building of Millo, located near the panoramic lift "bigo", was built in 1876.

The walls of the building are the offices of the port, restaurants, bars and shops.

Seabury gate (Porta Siberia) - Luzzati Museum (Il Museo Luzzati)

Once the port Seabury was a gate on the old pier, which was included in part of the sixteenth century walls built between 1551 and 1553 by Galeazzo Alessi years.

Documented historical name is actually the Porta del Molo, while the name commonly used today is borrowed from the next door, built in later times, which gave its name to the entire complex.

In ancient times it was the place where he collected customs duty.

After the reconstruction of the old port in 2001, in the Museum dedicated to the painter and set designer Emanuele Luzzati, also opened temporary exhibitions of contemporary illustrators, meetings, training courses, screenings and book presentations.

The cotton warehouses (Magazzini del cotone)

The building, built in the early 1900's and used for the storage of goods, today is a multi-building Convention center in Porto Antico.

Inside the building are shops, bars, cinema and cultural entertainment.

The Ferris wheel and the old pier

For the cotton warehouse is a large Ferris wheel and the old pier (molo Vecchio).

The ticket price for Ferris wheel: 8 Euro adult, 5 EUR - children from 2 to 12 years; children under 2 years stay free of charge.

From the old pier overlooks part of the port of Genoa, including a good view of the lighthouse of Genoa (Lighthouse of Genoa), located on the opposite side of the port, on the hill of San Benigno, built of stone masonry with a height of 76 meters (249 feet), it is the fifth tallest lighthouse in the world.

The lighthouse stands on a rocky hill and when measuring overall, as it is usually perceived and represented, its height is 117 meters (383 feet), making it the second highest lighthouse in the world, the highest in Europe, and the tallest traditional lighthouse.

Where to stay in the old port of Genoa

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Hotel style "bed and Breakfast" Sancosmosuite with air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi, a Seating area, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with a Hairdryer, bidet and shower.

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Santippe boatmoored in the harbour of Genoa, steps from aquarium.

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Apartments GenovaHost - Dall Acquario3 with a patio, free Wi-Fi, a bedroom, a flat-screen TV, an equipped kitchen with a dishwasher and a microwave, a washing machine and a bathroom with a bidet. The link apartments booking

Apartments Sull'acqua del Porto Antico features air conditioning, a balcony, free Wi-Fi, a bedroom, a living room, a flat-screen TV, an equipped kitchenette with a dining area and a bathroom with bidet and washing machine. The link apartments booking

Apartments Hintown nel Cuore del Porto Antico a Genova with air conditioning, a patio, free Wi-Fi, a bedroom, a TV and a fully equipped kitchen with a dishwasher, microwave, washing machine, fridge and oven. The link apartments booking

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