Sant Ilario, Genoa (Sant'Ilario)

Sant Ilario (Sant'ilario) is a small district, part of a Large Genoa and located in the Eastern end of the city.

Initially it was an Autonomous municipality called Sant'ilario Ligure, but in 1926 he was included in the Big Genoa and is now its Eastern suburbs.

Is the district of Sant Ilario in 12-14 km from the historical centre of Genoa (old port), between the district of Nervi (Western side coast) and the city of Bogliasco (on the East side of the coast).

Sant Ilario is the last district of Paris and it marks the end of Genoa on the East side of the coast.

There are two conventional separation of Sant Ilario: Sant Hilari Alto (Sant'ilario Alto), located in the inland hilly area and Sant-Ilario-Mare (Mare Sant'ilario), which runs along the coast and state road 1 Via Aurelia, which is the main travel artery of the district.

Coast Of Sant Ilario, Genova. The Beaches Of Sant Ilario, Genova

Coast of Sant Ilario is characterized by rock formations with a minimum of beaches.

At the Western extremity of the coast, on the border of the districts of Sant Ilario and Nervi, is the former village of Capolungo with the same small public pebble beach.

Capolungo has long been a place of rest wealthy tourists. Now Capolungo is a couple of streets, fishing boats and tiny Bay, surrounded by colourful low buildings.

The coast further to the end of Sant Ilario rocky and hilly. There are a couple of steep descents to the sea, where, in high season, on the big flat boulders resting locals and tourists.

Attractions Of Sant Ilario, Genova

Villa Luxoro

Villa Luxoro is located on a hill near the sea waters in the heart of Sant Hilari. Address Villa: Via Mafalda di Savoia, 3.

The Villa was built in 1903 by brothers Luxoro and subsequently donated to the municipality of Genoa in memory of Giannettino Luxoro who died during the First world war.

Since 1951, the walls of the Villa Museum is Giannettino Luxoro (Museo Giannettino Luxoro), which stores a collection of paintings and Antiques owners, with later additions.

The Villa is surrounded by parkland (free entry).

In the garden: walking paths, sculptures and a small fountain, pine, palms, carob trees, cypresses and other Mediterranean vegetation.

Station Sant Ilario

The former railway station of Sant Ilario (Ex Stazione Ferroviaria Genova Sant'ilario), which is now not valid, is a historical monument and is private property.

If from the center of Genoa to visit Sant Hilari on the train, then go stand in the station of Nervi (Genova Nervi), about a mile North (on West coast) from Sant Hilari.

Church of our lady of Mercy and Sant'erasmo

According to historical sources, the Church of our lady of Mercy and Sant'erasmo (chiesa di Nostra Signora della Mercede e Sant'erasmo) was built in the 15th century and dedicated to St. Erasmus.

During the eighteenth century building has undergone considerable expansion, and subsequent restoration, among which of particular importance are the restoration works of the Foundation, held in 1977.

March 9, 1953, the Church was elevated to a parish with a dual title of our lady of Mercy and Sant'erasmo. The building was consecrated on 3 Jun 1978.

The Pontifical Institute of foreign missions (Pontificio Istituto Missioni Estere)

The Institute was created in Saronno, at the behest of Pope Pius IX, as the Lombard Seminary for foreign missions in 1850 with the goal of sending diocesan priests and lay groups on a mission.

The Institute has several houses in various regions of Italy and a network of realities, aimed at missionary activity: social communication, formation of future missionaries, economic support, missions, etc.

In the upper part of the district of Sant Ilario are:

parish Church of Sant Ilario (Chiesa di Sant'ilario), first mentioned in a notarial act from 1198. The Church was expanded and transformed in the 18th century. On the altar is a wooden crucifix, the work of Anton Maria Maragliano. The current bell tower of the Church has a height of 33 meters;

Church of San Nicolò (Chiesa di San Nicolò) is a simple little Church. The exact year of building is unknown, but we know that she's older parish Church of Sant'ilario;

Church of San Rocco (Chiesa di San Rocco), built after the plague of 1350 and used as a hospital during the plague of 1656;

- the cemetery of San Ilario (Cimitero di Sant'ilario) where are buried some famous personality (actor Bartolomeo Pagano, of the Ligurian poet Edoardo Firpo, the commander Piero Calamai). On top of the cemetery is a monument commemorating the victims of the war 1914-1918;

historical monument Observatory of Sant Ilario (Osservatorio S. ilario), located on a hill with panoramic view on the sea water, Cape of Portofino and the surrounding area.

Above the district of Sant Ilario, in the middle of a forest of chestnut trees, is a small rural chapel of Santa Maria Maddalena (Cappella di Santa Maria Maddalena).

The district of Sant'ilario on the map

Where to stay in Sant'ilario, Genova

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