Blue Bridge in Saint Petersburg - the widest bridge in the city

The Blue Bridge is a bridge over the Moika River, which is the widest bridge in St. Petersburg.

The Blue Bridge is located in the very center of the city and is part of the ensembleSt. Isaac's Square.

With a length of only 29.4 meters, the width of the bridge is 97.3 meters. The width of the bridge on the eaves is 95.4 meters, and the width on the openers is 113.85 meters.

The name of the bridge "Blue", known since 1738, comes from the original wooden bridge, the railing of which was painted blue.

Today, part of the bridge still has a blue color.

Due to its width, the Blue Bridge is visually perceived not as a bridge, but as part of St. Isaac's Square, and therefore it is also called "bridge-square". For the same reason, the bridge is a kind of"invisible bridge".

The blue Bridge connects the main part of St. Isaac's Square, where there areSt. Isaac's Cathedral, St. Isaac's Square, the monument to Nicholas I and the 5-star Astoria Rocco ForteHotel, withThe Mariinsky Palace.

View of the Blue Bridge, St. Isaac's Square and the Mariinsky Palace from the observation deck of St. Isaac's Cathedral

At the Blue Bridge, on the side of St. Isaac's Square, there is a stele with flood marks, also known as the obelisk of the St. Petersburg flood water meter.

The granite pillar-footstool is made in the form of a four-sided obelisk and is topped with a bronze trident of Neptune with the date "1971" (the date of the construction of the pillar).

The lower part of the water measuring column goes into the water.

The level of the largest floods in the city is indicated by bronze ribbons encircling the obelisk, with dates stamped on them. The worst was the flood of 1824. Learn more about the water column…

Characteristics of the Blue Bridge in St. Petersburg

The total area of the bridge is 2,294 square meters. The area of the sidewalks of the bridge is 143 square meters. Part of the bridge is used for the passage of vehicles, part for the movement of pedestrians, and part - as a parking lot.

Simple in architectural design, the Blue Bridge is a single-span structure, a hinged arch made of cast iron and reinforced concrete.

The railings of the bridge are cast-iron, artistic casting, with a pattern that repeats the pattern of the fence of the Moika River embankment. The sidewalks of the bridge are separated from the roadway by simple cast-iron railings.

The history of the Blue Bridge in St. Petersburg

Since 1737, a wooden drawbridge has existed at this point across the Moika River, which received its name from the color of its paint.

Later, the bridge was rebuilt in a three-span with a wooden span on stone supports.

In 1818, according to the project of engineer V. I. Geste, the bridge was rebuilt into a single-span cast-iron arch. The superstructure was a double-hinged arch, with a solid arch structure.

In 1842-1843, in connection with the construction of the nearby Mariinsky Palace and the redevelopment of St. Isaac's Square, the Blue Bridge was extended upstream (towards the Red Bridge) to 97.3 meters. The superstructure was constructed of cast-iron tubing connected by bolts.

Due to cracks formed in the cast-iron boxes of the arch of the bridge, in 1929-1930 the cast-iron arches of the bridge from the lower side were replaced with reinforced concrete ones. The cast-iron part of the bridge, built in 1842, has been preserved to this day.

In 1938, the stone paving on the bridge was replaced with asphalt concrete.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, the bridge was repeatedly reconstructed: its dimensions and design features changed. But, despite this, the overall appearance of the Blue Bridge has not changed, and has survived almost in its original form (since the expansion of the bridge).

Practical information

Upstream of the Moika River from the Blue Bridge is the Red Bridge, below-the Fonarny Bridge.

The nearest metro station (distance of 750 meters) - "Admiralteiskaya".

Near the Blue Bridge and St. Isaac's Square there are such important sights of St. Petersburg as:

- Alexander Garden;

- building of the General Admiralty;

- Senatskaya Square with the monument to Peter I (The Bronze Horseman) and the buildings of the Senate and Synod;

- Palace Square with the Winter Palace (Hermitage), The Alexander Column, the arch, and the General Staff building.

On St. Isaac's Square, near the Blue Bridge, you can stop:

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