Senate and Synod Buildings in Saint Petersburg

The buildings of the Senate and the Synod are an architectural ensemble of historical buildings in the style of late classicism, located in the center of St. Petersburg.

The buildings were erected in the period from 1829 to 1834, on the site of the former house of the merchant Kusovnikova and the house of His Serene Highness Prince Menshikov.

The Senate building was laid out in 1829, and the Synod building in 1830. The construction was led by architect Alexander Staubert and designed by Karl Rossi.

During the history of the building was reconstructed.

The main facades of the buildings overlook the Senate Square.

In the appearance of the complex, the triumphal arch stands out, which serves as a connection between the two buildings and is thrown over Galernaya Street.

The arch has richly decorated stucco decoration, as well as arched windows, columns, and sculptures.

Today, the buildings of the Senate and the Synod are an architectural monument.

The main divisions of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation are located in one wing of the building. In the other (the former building of the Synod) - the Presidential Library named after Boris Yeltsin, which can be visited by anyone free of charge with a guided tour. Library website:

View of the Senate and Synod buildings from the colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral (left). On the right - Alexander Garden. More about the observation deck-the colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral…

Near the complex of buildings there is a huge monument to Peter I, called "The Bronze Horseman". Learn more about the Bronze Horseman…

Practical information

The ensemble of buildings is located in the historical heart of St. Petersburg, surrounded by the Alexander Garden, Konnogvardeysky Boulevard and the embankment of the Bolshaya Neva River-English Embankment.

Address of the historical buildings of the Senate and the Synod: Senate Square, 1-3.

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