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Colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral - the observation deck of St. Petersburg

St. Isaac's Cathedral is the largest and most famous church in St. Petersburg, which is a monument museum, a model of late Russian classicism and one of the most popular attractions of the city on the Neva River.

The popularity of the cathedral, in addition to the history and architecture, is also given by the observation deck located in the area of the dome of the temple - the so-called colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral.

The colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral is located at a height of 43 meters, around the drum of the dome. It consists of 24 columns, each of which is 14 meters high and weighs about 67 tons.

There is a space between the columns and the dome wall. The columns themselves are joined together by horizontal overlaps in such a way that an open space is formed between them and the wall of the dome, enclosed by a fence, which is used as an observation platform.

Anyone can climb to the observation deck of St. Isaac's Cathedral and enjoy the views of St. Petersburg from a bird's-eye view.

Two spiral staircases, consisting of about 200 steps in several spans, lead to the colonnade.

Surface access

The last staircase leading directly to the cathedral's observation deck

The observation deck is circular, 360-degree. There are several binoculars on the site, which can be used for a fee.

The platform offers stunning panoramic views of St. Petersburg, including the historical center and the Neva River.

View of the historical center of St. Petersburg

Spires visible Admiralty and Peter and Paul Cathedral (left). Palace Square with the Winter Palace (now the Hermitage) and Alexander column (in the center)

View of the Neva River and Alexander Garden

View of the opposite bank of the Neva River. The tallest building in the photo (on the left) is the multifunctional complex "Lakhta Center" in which, at an altitude of 360 meters, there is an observation deck with panoramic glazing and a 360-degree viewing angle.

View of the Senate and Synod buildings (now the Presidential Library and the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation)

View of the city and port

View on St. Isaac's Square: St. Isaac's Square, monument to Nicholas I, The Mariinsky Palace, the 5-star Lotte Hotel and the 5-star Astoria Rocco Forte Hotel

View of the center of St. Petersburg

The dome is visible on the left Saviour on the Blood (Church of the Resurrection of Christ), on the right - the dome Kazan Cathedral

Descent from the observation deck

Practical information

Detailed information about St. Isaac's Cathedral (photos, views, history, architecture, interior decoration, visiting conditions, etc.) can be found here →

You can enjoy the views of St. Petersburg from the colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral all year round and individually (without excursion service).

The ascent is paid. The entrance to the colonnade is from the south side of St. Isaac's Cathedral, and the exit is from the north.

Tickets for the colonnade can be purchased at the ticket offices located near the cathedral or purchased in advance-on the official website of the museum.

Ticket prices may vary, and the robot clock may also depend on weather conditions. Therefore, we recommend that you check all the information immediately before visiting the official website.

Website of the cathedral-museum:

St. Isaac's Cathedral is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, near the Palace Square and the Admiralty, at the address: St. Isaac's Square, 4.

All accommodation in Saint Petersburg, including in the city center and near St. Isaac's Cathedral, can be viewed and booked here

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