How to get from Bergamo to Milan (airport and downtown)

Milan is a developed tourist destination, the center of fashion and style in Italy. Every traveler certainly wants to visit such a famous city.

How to get from Bergamo Airport to Milan (from Milan to Bergamo Airport)

Milan has several airports, one of the most popular is the Bergamo Orio al Serio Caravaggio International Airport (Aeroporto Internazionale di Orio al Serio) also known as Milan-Bergamo Airport, located in the Italian region of Lombardy, 50 kilometers from the center of Milan.

The airport is attractive primarily because it serves local and international flights, mainly budget airlines (low-cost carriers): Ryanair, Wizz Air, Blue Air, Pegasus, Pobeda, etc. As a result, you can get from many cities to Milan at very attractive prices. Flights to Milan and Bergamo →

There are three ways to get from Bergamo Airport to the center of Milan


Getting from Bergamo airport to the center of Milan is most convenient and fastest by taxi. You can order a taxi / transfer in advance, even from home. At any time of the day, at the airport, a driver will be waiting for you with a sign where your first and last name will be written. To order a taxi, it is enough to provide your flight data!

All taxis to Milan →


The most convenient way to travel independently in Italy is by car. You can rent a car in advance, even from home, the car will be waiting for you immediately upon arrival at the airport.


The bus is the only public transport that can take you directly from Bergamo Airport to the center of Milan (as well as from the center of Milan to Bergamo Airport).

Buses run daily, there are several carriers, the fare for all is approximately the same and ranges from 10 euros to the center of Milan (central station / Milano Centrale), from 12 euros to Fiera Milano Rho (bus stop, east gate / Fiera Milano Rho) and from 20 euros to Milan Malpensa Airport (Aeroporto di Milano-Malpensa).

A bus ticket can be purchased at the airport ticket offices, which are located on the left side after leaving the arrival area or online in advance. Bus tickets from Bergamo and other cities to Milan →

Bus tickets and transfers from Bergamo Airport to Milan and from Milan to Bergamo can also be viewed here

The buses at Bergamo Airport are located immediately after leaving the airport building, on the right side of the exit.

At the central station in Milan (Milano Centrale), the stop is located on the right (south-eastern) side of the station. There are also ticket sales points.

Photo Milano Centrale

Buses are convenient and comfortable

If you need to spend the night near Bergamo Airport

- capsule hotel ZZZleepandGo BGY, located on the territory of Orio al Serio Airport. The capsule rooms are equipped with air conditioning. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the capsule hotel;

- 4-star NH Orio Al Serio Hotel, located a 15-minute walk from the airport. It offers a sauna, an international restaurant, a fitness center and stylish rooms with free Wi-Fi. The rooms are equipped with: air conditioning, mini-bar and LCD TV with satellite channels. There is an Oriocenter Shopping Center near the hotel.

Or, as an option for accommodation, the Orio al Serio area, located 1.6 kilometers from Bergamo Airport.

How to get from the center of Bergamo to Milan (from Milan to the center of Bergamo)

How to get from Bergamo Airport to the center of Bergamo you can find out here.

From the center of Bergamo to the center of Milan can also be reached by taxi or rented car.

Car rental in Bergamo (all places) →

Public transport


Buses, including Flixbus, run from the center of Bergamo to Milan. Buses to Bergamo depart from the bus station (Stazione degli autobus); in Milan they arrive at the station "Milano Lampugnano" and the stop "Milano San Donato M3". Flixbus bus tickets →


The train, or rather, a commuter train, runs from the center from the Bergamo railway station, which is on Guglielmo Marconi Square, to the center of Milan (there are several stops in Milan, choose the most suitable one for you). There are trains, both direct (on those you can get to two stations in Milan: Milano Centrale and Milan Porta Garibaldi), and with transfers.

Travel time from 48 minutes.

You can find out the exact timetable of the train, as well as stops and ticket prices on the Trenitalia website or on the Rail Europe website.

Tickets can be purchased at the Bergamo railway station - at vending machines or ticket sales points, as well as online.

Photo of Bergamo railway station

All accommodation facilities in Bergamo, including near the airport and in the city center, can be viewed and booked here booking

All accommodation facilities in Milan, including in the city center and more remotely from it, can be viewed and booked here booking

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