Canal Naviglio Grande in Milan - Venice of Milan

The Naviglio Grande or the Grand Canal is one of Milan's canals located in the Naviglio area.

Milan's largest, most beautiful and most visited canal is the Naviglio Grande Canal. And this is one of the most unusual places in Milan, unlike other attractions of the city, a walk along the canal embankments can be an excellent solution for a variety of leisure activities.

Along the canal Grande, promenade, restored historic buildings, preserving its past become and charm, as well as an abundance of cafes, bars and restaurants, there are stalls and shops with Souvenirs, Antiques, and other goods and trinkets.

Once the residents and the city authorities wanted to be part of Milan became the likeness of Venice. However, this idea did not get the desired popularity and in the end never caught on. For what reason is unknown, maybe because Milan is still Milan, not Venice, and Venice does not need a twin. However, despite this, thanks to the created atmosphere, the Grand canal still is compared to the canals of Venice called Milan and Venice.

Along the canal, really nice walk, especially good in the evenings in the warm season, but in winter this walk can also bring a lot of positive emotions.

Although that part of the channel that is most adapted for walking and recreation, unextended, however, there is an interesting small courtyards, neat bridges, and you can take a boat tour.

On the waterfront of the Grand canal is the Church of St. Maria delle Grazie in Naviglio (Chiesa di S. Maria delle Grazie at Naviglio). The first Church dedicated to the Madonna delle de Grazia, was erected on the left Bank of the Naviglio Grande in the 16th century, when in 1556 the chapel was built, in which was depicted the image of the Madonna.

Later the chapel was destroyed, and in its place built a large Baroque Church. Due to a fire in 1719 the Church was badly damaged, then restored again. And in 1849 he was elevated to the rank of parish.

In the late nineteenth century, the Church was destroyed because it became too small for growing companies. Construction of a new Cathedral began in 1901, and on may 1, 1909, the new Church was consecrated by the cardinal Archbishop of Milan Andrea Carlo Ferrari.

Between 1988 and 1996 created a new polychrome window. In 2003, was completed restoration work on the bell tower, internal and external roofs, and the restoration of the apse was completed only in 2009. At the beginning of 2018, the facade of the Church is again restored.

The Naviglio Grande is located in 2 kilometers from Duomo square and Milan Cathedral; 2.4 km from Sempione Park and the Sforza castle and 3 km from the Bohemian streets of Milan - Brera area.

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