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Toledo Street, Naples (Via Toledo) - the main artery of the city

Street Toledo (Via Toledo) is the main artery of Naples, one of the busiest streets in the city. On the street and in close proximity to such, are a tourist route around Naples.

The street was named in honor of the Viceroy don Pedro Alvarez de Toledo, in which it was built (1536).

Along the streets are houses, churches, attractions, several small areas, an abundance of cafes, restaurants, eateries, as well as the most famous passage of Naples hotels and apartments, shops and boutiques, as the world's most famous brands, and less recognizable.

Length of tour is approximately 1.3 miles. Via Toledo stretches from Piazza Trieste and Trento, near the waterfront to Piazza Dante. Part of the street closed to public transportation and is pedestrian.

Square Trieste and Trento, from which originates Toledo street, on the square a remarkable fountain and Baroque Church. Read more about Piazza Trieste and Trento....

Toledo street above Piazza Trieste and Trento

On the right side of the street is one of the inputs/outputs in the most recognizable passage of the Naples - Galleria Umberto I. the Galleria was built between 1887 - 1891 years of the project Emanuele Rocco, who used modern architectural elements.

The interior space of the gallery has four corridors (of the wing), along which shops, cafes and restaurants, an information centre, a hotel and apartments. Read more about Galleria Umberto I...

Almost opposite the Gallery, on the opposite side of Toledo, on the Piazzetta Duca D'aosta is a funicular (Augusteo station), which takes passengers to the top of the Vomero hill, is remarkable for the Castel Sant Elmo, the Museum of San Martino and Villa Floridiana Park and a viewing platform near the Villa.

Toledo Street

Adjacent to Toledo, street Armando Diaz (Via Armando Diaz), at the junction forming a small square, the center of which is decorated with a sculpture of 2012 titled "2 knight of Toledo"

Here are the metro station (Toledo), said to be one of the most beautiful metro stations in Naples, and the small Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie (Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie), built by the fathers Teatini in 1628.

From Piazza Trieste and Trento and from a given point, Toledo street closed to traffic the main public transport and is walking. This part of the street the most lively and popular among tourists in this segment are most of the shops, cafes, coffee shops and restaurants.

Up the street Toledo is the area of the Carita, or Charity square (Piazza Carita), the center of which stands the monument salvo D Arkisto (Monumento a Salvo D'acquisto).

On the contrary - small Catholic Church - parish of San Liborio Alla carità (Parrocchia di San Liborio alla Carita).

Toledo Street

On lateral streets lies a street market

Toledo Street

Square Dante (Piazza Dante) marks the end of the street of Toledo and is one of the most important squares in Naples. The square features a metro station (Dante), and its center is decorated with a monument of Dante Alighieri (Dante Alighieri monument), outdoor July 13, 1871. In addition to Piazza Dante and close to such places several monumental churches.

From the streets of Toledo diverge in different directions, minor streets, one of which is more narrow and unfrequented, while others are as wide and popular.

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