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Castel dell'Ovo, Naples - Medieval Egg Fortress

Castel del Ovo (Castel Dell'ovo) is a medieval fortress, the oldest fortification in Naples.

Castel Dell'ovo also known as castle of the Egg or Egg castle. The unusual name of the castle comes from one of the most fanciful Neapolitan legends. The Roman poet Virgil (Virgilio), which in the middle ages had a reputation as a great sorcerer and predictor of the future, laid the Foundation of a castle, a magic egg, and said: "This egg supports of the castle and if the egg broken, the castle will be destroyed, following which will be followed by a series of catastrophic events in all of Naples". From that moment the fate of the castle, along with the city, was connected with the fate of the eggs. The Chronicles say that in the time of Queen Giovanna I, the castle suffered greatly because of the collapse of the arch which unites the two rocks on which he built, after which the city was growing panic associated with the rumors about the "death" of all of Naples. To prevent chaos, because of the fear of new and greater disasters, the Queen was forced to officially announce that she's replaced the egg and Naples again under protection.

According to another version, the castle was called "the Egg" for its unusual shape.

Castle Dell'ovo stands on two rocks connected by a large arch, which gives its appearance an impressive impregnable appearance.

The castle is located in the historic city center, on the former island of Megaride now a Peninsula in Naples. Island Megarid was the place where Greek colonists coming from Cuma, founded the core of the city in the 6th century BC.

The current appearance of the castle dates back to the Aragonese domination (15th century). During the Italian war, the castle suffered greatly from the French and Spanish troops. After a long period dilapidated, the castle acquired its present form during an extensive renovation, which began in 1975.

In the 19th century around the East wall of the castle there was a small fishing village Borgo Marinaro, which is still preserved and is now part of the city and known for its restaurants and Harbor, adjacent to the castle walls.

The entrance to the castle is the bridge (dam), connecting the island and the castle to the seafront of Naples, the Partenope street (Via Partenope), where the most prestigious hotels of Naples, such as the 5-star Grand hotel Vesuviois a 4-star hotel Royal Continental and Eurostars Excelsior.

Above the arched entrance to the castle you can see the remnants of old arms and guns

The internal appearance of the castle Castel Dell'ovo in Naples

Currently, the castle is a monumental complex of Castel Dell'ovo. Entrance to the castle is free. During the year, in the halls of the castle hold various exhibitions, events to visit, and for a fee, on average, 8 - 10 Euros. Also inside the castle there are several rooms of various types, which can be used for conferences, meetings and business meetings.

Free photo of the castle

In the castle there are several terraces at different levels and a balcony with scenic views of the waterfront, the Bay of Naples and some of the surrounding area.

Loggiato Est the terrace which offers views of the Gulf of Naples. The space is part of the Church of St. Peter, built by the monks of St. Basil, at the present time is destroyed.

Balcony with views of the Marina, Vesuvius and part of the Peninsula not occupied by the castle, where located such as accommodation facilities, apartment Casa Chirico al Borgo Marinaro and RESORT ON BOARD Castel Dell'ovo - Catamarano Miragua, the Transatlantico hotel, the Casa del Porto al Borgo.

Terrace with sea view (former Royal residence).

Guns terrace (terrazza dei cannoni), located in the highest part of the castle.

Just above the terrace of the guns is another terrace.

Practical information

Address Castel Dell'ovoVia Eldorado, 3, 80132 Napoli NA, Italy.

Opening hours Castel Dell'ovo:

in summer, on weekdays from 09:00 to 19:30 - last access at 19:00, public holidays and on Sunday from 09:00 to 14:00 - last access at 13:30;

in winter, on weekdays from 09:00 to 18:30 - last access at 18:00, public holidays and on Sunday from 09:00 to 14:00 - last access at 13:30.

On-site toilet.

Attention! Watch the lock operation, conditions of entry and the cost may vary, please check before visiting. Site.

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